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Selling Social Media Post Packs and Stories on Etsy


Creative social media post templates, packs, and editable stories represent hot commodities on digital marketplaces like Etsy as entrepreneurs, influencers, and marketers seek eye-catching assets.

This guide covers tips for designers to optimize listings selling social post graphics, stories, and templates on platforms like Etsy. Follow these best practices to drive more visibility and sales.

With the right SEO and marketing strategies targeted to the needs of busy social media managers, post template shops can build surprisingly lucrative passive income channels. Read on to learn how to tap into this in-demand creative micro-niche.

Research Bestselling Social Post Pack Niches

Analyze current top sellers in the Graphic & Web Templates categories for proven popular social media pack niches driving steady sales.

Some commonly in-demand niches include:

  • Holiday and seasonal posts/stories
  • Lifestyle niche packs (fitness, fashion, cooking etc.)
  • Business and marketing focused bundles
  • Quotes and motivational collections
  • Design aesthetic packs (boho, minimalist, vintage etc.)
  • Craft and DIY post ideas and tutorials
  • Celebrities, fandoms, pop culture themes

Note both oversaturated niches with high competition as well as wide open voids for focusing your own shop’s offerings.

Curate Posts Around Specific Themes and Buyer Needs

The most compelling social media packs target very specific recurring needs and themes. Popular examples include:

  • 30-day fitness challenge posts
  • Small shop weekly promo templates
  • Instagram birthday templates
  • Inspirational morning routine stories
  • Bridal shower Instagram captions
  • Nonprofit donor appreciation posts
  • Daycare monthly newsletter graphics
  • Yoga studio Facebook templates

Matching social posts tightly to audience needs and use cases drives buyers looking to fill highly specific recurring content gaps.

Structure Bundles and Collections Strategically

Carefully bundle and theme posts for maximum perceived value motivating purchase. Useful frameworks include:

  • Month-long packages (30+ templates)
  • Weekly bundles (7-10 templates)
  • Weekday/weekend sets (ex. 10 Friday posts)
  • Day/night packs (ex. 20 Sunday morning stories)
  • Monthly collections (ex. July 4th posts)
  • Theme packs (ex. 15 nature posts)
  • Holiday bundles (ex. 12 Easter templates)

Smartorganization demonstrates thoroughness while offering flexibility to mix-and-match.

Design Eye-Catching Mockup Previews

Visually showcase your social graphics by mocking them up as they would appear natively in social platforms.

Use mockups like:

  • Instagram posts displayed on mobile screens
  • Facebook ads in desktop browser previews
  • Pinterest pins on sample boards
  • LinkedIn banners displayed on company pages
  • YouTube thumbnail overlays on simulated video players
  • TikTok clips framed in the mobile app

Full mockup previews establish authenticity and context for buyers evaluating listings.

Write SEO-Optimized Titles and Tags

Optimize listings for search discovery using tactics like:

  • Pack niche keywords into concise descriptive titles
  • Include formats like “Instagram Stories”, “YouTube Thumbnails” etc.
  • Note number of items like “60x Pinterest Templates”
  • Add themes like holidays, hobbies and industries
  • Tag technical details like color schemes, image styles etc.

Keyword-rich titles and tags steer right audiences to listings when searching Etsy.

Write Useful Detailed Descriptions

Expand on titles with descriptions helping buyers understand what they’re buying including:

  • Specific social platforms the graphics can be uploaded to and used within
  • The exact number of posts, stories etc. included
  • Any included file formats like JPG, PNG, EPS etc.
  • Rights granted for using and modifying templates
  • Suggested types of businesses or purposes the templates suit
  • Noting if you take custom requests and modifications

Complete details provide confidence allowing buyers to make informed purchase decisions.

Price Bundles Appropriately For Volume Value

Factor number of unique high-quality templates included into sensible pricing:

  • Smaller weekly sets around 5-15 templates: $5-$15
  • Month-long 30+ template packs: $15-$30
  • 100+ template bundles or special collections: $30-$50
  • Custom one-off requests: $5+ each depending on complexity

Show quantity discounts encouraging buyers to spend more for greater overall value.

Feature Helpful Listing Photos

Use images that inform buyers, build confidence, and visually sell templates. Useful shots include:

  • Full mockups showing templates in realistic context
  • Samplings of the collection aesthetic and style
  • Specific unique templates highlighting quality
  • Device mockups indicating usability across platforms
  • Custom bundles displayed together
  • Workflow visuals showing editing and usage

Creative images surpass pure social mockups showcasing your templates’ full value.

Leverage your own social media presence to drive Etsy traffic by:

  • Sharing shop links and discount codes on your platforms
  • Posting new template previews driving buyers to shop
  • Running giveaways and contests rewarding followers
  • Collaborating on bundles cross-promoting with peers
  • Hashtagging related to your template niches
  • Advertising custom bundles available for order
  • Offering affiliate discounts rewarding referrals

Social media provides free/low-cost supplemental promotion expanding Etsy reach.

Curate Thematic Collections Around Major Holidays

Tap seasonal demand spikes for post ideas around major holidays like:

  • New Year’s Eve and Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • July 4th
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Hanukkah
  • Christmas

Time limited-edition holiday drops for maximum visibility when search interest peaks leading up to each event.

Expand Offerings to Video and Story Formats

Expand beyond static image posts to provide:

  • Custom Instagram/TikTok story and reel templates
  • Editable YouTube video intros/outros and end screens
  • Animated graphics and transitions for eye-catching motion

Moving templates require greater production effort but command premium pricing from video-heavy platforms.

Offer Bulk Licensing Options to Business Customers

Many social media managers at agencies and brands prefer bulk template licenses allowing wider commercial use. Accommodate business buyers through:

  • Scaled discounts on 20, 50, 100+ pack purchases
  • Bulk licenses allowing company-wide sharing of templates
  • Bundles combining different niche packs
  • Custom branded template sets created on demand
  • Split payment installments for large orders

Larger custom orders offset reduced pricing through volume and guaranteed future business.

Cater to International Markets with Localized Offerings

Adapt global digital templates specifically for other countries’ major holidays and events like:

  • Canada Day templates (Canada)
  • Fête nationale posts (France)
  • Rosh Hashanah bundles (Jewish communities)
  • Eid collections (Muslim communities)
  • Chinese New Year templates (China, Singapore etc.)
  • Oktoberfest graphics (Germany)
  • Quinceañera posts (Latin America)

Localizing even basic templates demonstrates cultural knowledge valued by international shoppers.


On-trend social media posts represent micro-businesses with major monetization potential for creative designers on digital marketplaces. By thoroughly optimizing listings for visibility across buyer searches, expanding offerings across platforms and holidays, and accommodating bulk business customer needs, Etsy post pack shops generate surprisingly robust passive income.

With the right recipe combining SEO research, customization, and savvy marketing, fresh templates and posts turn into hands-off sales. Establish your shop as the go-to provider for every social manager’s recurring content needs.

By Dani Davis

Dani Davis is the pen name of the writer of this blog with more 15 years of constant experience in Content marketing and informatics product, e-commerce niche.

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