Create and Sell Social Media Templates For Influencers and Brands
Create and Sell Social Media Templates For Influencers and Brands
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Create and Sell Social Media Templates For Influencers and Brands

Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives, with platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter connecting people from all over the world. For influencers and brands, having a strong presence on social media is crucial for reaching their target audience and promoting their products or services. One effective way to enhance their online presence is by utilizing social media templates that are specifically designed for influencers and brands. 

Social media is one of the most powerful digital marketing channels today. But constantly creating fresh, high-converting content can be challenging and time consuming. This presents a major opportunity for designers to create done-for-you social media templates that influencers and brands can license to level up their content.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover how to identify in-demand social media content formats, design beautiful and functional templates, determine licensing models, find ideal customers, market your templates, and build a passively profitable template shop as a solopreneur.

Let’s dive in to maximizing your reach and monetizing your skills as a social media template designer!

High Value Social Media Template Types

The first step is understanding which specific templates are most in-demand on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Consider designing templates across these popular categories:

Instagram and Facebook Stories

Eye-catching templates for Stories with structured overlays, stylish fonts, customizable elements and quality graphics that brands can quickly edit and post.

Instagram and Facebook Posts

Templates sized for single image and multi-image posts that influence can populate with their own imagery and captions.

YouTube Thumbnails and Graphics

Customizable templates for YouTube video thumbnails, channel art, and end screens with interchangeable text and branding.

YouTube Intro and Outro Animations

Assigned animations and motion graphics that YouTubers can use to introduce and conclude videos seamlessly.

TikTok Visual Effects and Elements

Creative visual effects, graphic overlays, and specialized assets like spark animations and confetti that elevate TikTok production value.

Twitter Headers and Posts

Header banner templates plus post templates ideal for quote tweets, threads, reactions, and other Twitter content formats.

LinkedIn Banners and Posts

Banner covers and post templates optimized for company page branding along with eye-catching content formats.

Pinterest Pins and Graphics

Visual templates for Pinterest posts, section headers, and profile assets customized with changeable images and text.

Researching top-performing content across social platforms provides endless inspiration for the types of templates that will be most useful and commercially lucrative for you to create.

Design Principles For Top Selling Templates

When designing your social media templates, keep these commercial design principles in mind:

Visually striking aesthetic

Use consistent fonts, color schemes, graphic styles, and spacing that make your templates stand out while still feeling cohesive.

On brand flexibility

Enable customization of images, logos, text, colors and other elements so brands can adapt templates for their visual identity.

Quality over quantity

Focus your time on developing a smaller number of meticulously polished templates rather than dozens of mediocre options. Quality attracts buyers.

Maximize versatility

Craft templates that work for diverse occasions – holidays, events, offers, announcements, etc – and industries to appeal to a wider customer base.

Multi-format flexibility

Develop templates that can be resized and repurposed easily for different platforms and contexts that customers may use them.


Study trends on leading platforms and with top brands to incorporate popular fonts, layouts, animations and visual styles.


Use emotional imagery, striking graphics, and smart copy to capture attention instantly amid endless feeds. Tease content without giving everything away.

Clear branding opportunities

Provide defined spaces for logos, branding, CTAs and contact info so brands can instill their identities clearly.

Optimizing social media templates for visual impact, creative quality, customization, versatility and alignment with platform trends will maximize commercial appeal.

Choosing the Right Tools For Designing Templates

Leveraging the right design tools is table stakes for producing professional grade templates efficiently. Here are top options:

Creative software

Programs like Adobe Creative Cloud, Canva Pro and Affinity enable creating stunning graphics and visual effects for eye-catching templates.

Animation tools

Tools like Adobe AfterEffects and Animaker empower including compelling motion effects for intros, outros and transitions.

Mockup generators

Resources like Placeit, Mockup World and Creative Mockups allow previewing templates realistically on device screens through mockups.

Photo editors

Touch up and optimize photos and graphics embedded in your templates using Photoshop, GIMP or Pixlr for consistent style.

Icon libraries

Access extensive libraries of stylish icons and vector graphics through Creative Market, Iconfinder or Noun Project to enhance templates.

Font resources

Sources like Google Fonts, Adobe Fonts and Creative Market provide diverse font options for beautiful typography.

Stock media

Incorporate stock photos, videos clips and illustrations from affordable marketplaces like Shutterstock, Pixabay, Pexels and Unsplash.

Prototype publishing

Tools like InVision and Marvel enable sharing an interactive clickable demo of your templates online for customer review.

Leveraging top-notch design tools accelerates creating sleek, professional templates in less time. The upfront tool investment pays for itself through productivity.

Structuring Your Social Media Template Shop

Carefully planning the structure and packaging for your template shop or storefront maximizes its commercial appeal:

Group into bundles

Bundle related templates together into packages around broader themes like “Instagram Stories Templates” or “YouTube Channel Branding Templates”.

Categorize intelligently

Curate clear template categories and subcategories based on social platform, post type, industry specificity, occasion and design style to aid discovery.

Offer limited free samples

Provide select complimentary templates as free samples to attract prospects who can preview quality before purchasing.

Curate print-ready files

Include fully layered, high resolution source files for top quality final printing and production along with customization guidelines.

Provide instant digital delivery

Enable instant delivery through digital product platforms for immediate gratification after purchase rather than shipping delays.

Highlight commercial use rights

Specify the level of license being granted for commercial use, resale, modification and sharing for each template pack.

Showcase visual style

Display visual thumbnail galleries, sample images and videos showing each template in use across different contexts and brands for easy evaluation.

Share positive testimonials

Collect and proudly display positive customer reviews, testimonials and ratings affirming your templates’ quality, ease of use and value.

Thoughtfully structuring your template shop for clarity, quality assurance and compelling presentation cultivates buyer confidence and perceived value.

Licensing Models For Selling Templates

Examining various licensing models and associated pricing strategies will help maximize your profits:

Individual a la carte

Sell each template individually at a fixed rate allowing buyers to purchase only the exact assets they need.

Bundled subscriptions

Offer monthly or annual access to your entire library for a subscription fee. Higher perceived value than individual purchases.

Multi-template packs

Curate thematic packs with 5+ related templates at a discounted bundle price compared to individual purchases.

Split limited/unlimited licenses

Sell limited licenses allowing a set number of uses per template, or unrestricted unlimited licenses for higher fees.

Split commercial and personal use

Provide separate license tiers for commercial and personal use. Commercial fees are higher.

Custom work upsells

Upsell fully custom templates designed from scratch for a buyer’s brand needs rather than pre-made templates.

Exclusive access

Enable premium buyers priority access to new templates before general release in exchange for higher monthly payments.

Exploring a mix of bundling strategies, limited vs unlimited use rights, custom work, exclusivity and more gives you diverse monetization avenues.

Marketing Your Social Media Templates

Promoting your templates effectively is critical for getting them in front of potential influencer and brand buyers:

SEO optimize your shop

Include relevant keywords in your template shop pages so you rank high for searches like “Instagram story templates”, “YouTube intro templates” etc.

Run paid advertising

Run Google, Youtube and Facebook ads targeted to your ideal customer profiles using interest and lookalike audiences.

Send direct pitches

Proactively pitch your templates through personalized emails to relevant YouTubers, influencers and brands who would find them useful.

Partner with influencers

Offer free templates to select influencers in exchange for them featuring and endorsing your templates to their audiences.

Share promotions and giveaways

Offer promotional discounts, bundle deals and freebies to incentivize customer signups and referrals. Publicize on social media.

Showcase on freelancing sites

List your customizable templates as services you provide on popular freelance marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork.

Guest blog

Publish guest posts on design, influencer marketing and social media blogs focused on how your templates help solve content problems.

Exhibit visuals on social

Post beautiful mockups of your templates on your social profiles alongside discounts to attract potential buyers browsing.

Executing an intentional promotional strategy maximizes your shop visibility and positions your templates attractively to prospective purchasers worldwide.

Validating Your Templates With Early Feedback

Before fully launching your template shop, it’s wise to test and refine the templates based on initial user feedback:

Conduct free giveaways

Offer your templates for free to a limited set of prospects in exchange for feedback. Reduces risk before you monetize.

Partner with microinfluencers

Smaller influencers will be eager for quality templates. Provide them access in exchange for feedback on what they like and suggestions.

Join Facebook community groups

Share your templates in relevant social media groups for designers, influencers and entrepreneurs. Request constructive critiques.

Run pre-order campaigns

Offer your templates through pre-orders at a discount before general release. This validates commercial demand upfront.

Survey prospective customers

Speak directly to your ideal buyer personas through surveys, interviews and focus groups soliciting their template needs and pricing sensitivity.

Solicit UX testing

Have a set of prospects actually use your templates for their channels and content. Identify points of friction.

Offer exclusive access

Give VIP early adopters special access to shape your templates in exchange for referrals, case studies, and reviews.

Review analytics

Inspect website analytics on template downloads, purchases, and usage data to pinpoint popular versus underperforming offerings.

Proactively seeking validation and feedback minimizes risk of developing templates that miss the mark for your actual buyers. Iterate before scaling up.

Expanding Your Template Business Over Time

Once you achieve initial template shop success, several growth opportunities can build it into a much larger business:

Diversify into related design services

Offer additional services like fully custom graphics, video editing, content writing/editing, influencer consulting and management.

Launch a YouTube channel

Produce a channel with tutorials on customizing your templates along with broader instruction on design, branding and content creation. Upsell other offerings.

Develop print merchandise

Let customers order print products like apparel, signage, and collateral featuring their designed templates through integrations with print-on-demand services.

Grow through strategic partnerships

Pursue mutually beneficial partnerships with complementary brands and influencers to cross-promote each others offerings and services.

Release new exclusives regularly

Routinely develop and launch new exclusive templates, style packs and bundles to incentivize ongoing purchases from repeat customers over time.

Expand to emerging platforms

Continually expand into designing templates for emerging social apps and sites gaining popularity like BeReal, Clubhouse, Discord etc. Claim early territory.

Offer services marketplace

Onboard select pre-vetted freelancers to provide related services like content writing and management under your brand, taking a cut of sales.

Building a full-fledged social media template shop entails expanding thoughtfully across channels, partnerships, associated services, print products and new platforms over time.

Best Practices For Designing Profitable Templates

Let’s recap the top tips for creating a sustainable business selling social media templates as a solopreneur:

  • Deeply research which template types see strong demand across top sites and from influencers. Continuously refine your niche.
  • Design high quality aesthetically pleasing templates focused on versatility and customization rather than volume. Quality over quantity.
  • Leverage top notch creative software and tools to enhance templates and accelerate workflows. Invest in your process.
  • Thoughtfully group templates into thematic bundles, provide licensing tiers, and assure easy digital delivery for frictionless purchase.
  • Promote persistently through SEO optimization, targeted ads, outreach, affiliates and social media content to maximize visibility.
  • Seek constant feedback from early users and continue refining the ideal templates for your niche rather than rigidly sticking to initial offerings.
  • Expand revenue over time through complementary services, print integrations, new platforms, partnerships and prestigious exclusives.

The social media template opportunity is massive as brands and influencers race to produce high volumes of content. By providing stellar templates that solve production bottlenecks, you can build a highly monetizable design-centric business.

Hopefully this guide provided an actionable playbook to identify the best templates to design, optimally create and package them, market your offerings, and grow a template shop sustainably over time. Wishing you huge success!

What are social media templates and why are they important for influencers and brands?

Social media templates are pre-designed graphics or layouts that can be used to create visually appealing posts and content on various social media platforms. They provide a framework for influencers and brands to showcase their content in a consistent and professional manner.

Benefits of using social media templates

Using social media templates offers several benefits for influencers and brands. Firstly, they save time and effort by providing pre-designed layouts that can be customized according to specific needs. This allows influencers and brands to focus on creating high-quality content rather than spending hours designing individual posts.

Secondly, social media templates help with brand consistency. By using templates with consistent design elements, influencers and brands can maintain a cohesive visual identity across all their social media platforms, which further strengthens their brand recognition and resonance.

Lastly, social media templates allow influencers and brands to create visually appealing content, even if they don’t have a background in graphic design. Templates help in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of posts, making them more captivating to the audience.

How to create and customize social media templates using Canva?

Canva is a popular online graphic design tool that offers a wide range of templates for various purposes, including social media. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating and customizing social media templates using Canva:

Step-by-step guide to creating social media templates in Canva

1. Sign up for a Canva account and log in.

2. Choose a social media template category, such as Instagram posts, Facebook covers, or Pinterest graphics.

3. Browse through the available templates and select one that suits your needs.

4. Customize the template by changing the text, colors, images, and fonts according to your preferences.

5. Once you are satisfied with the design, save it in your Canva account and download it as a high-resolution image.

Customizing Canva templates for influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a trending opportunity for both brands and influencers to collaborate and promote products or services. Canva templates can be customized to reflect the branding and messaging of these partnerships. By including the logos, colors, and fonts of both the brand and the influencer, the templates can effectively represent the collaborative effort.

Utilizing Canva’s features to design compelling social media templates

Canva offers a range of features that can be used to design compelling social media templates. This includes the ability to add filters, overlays, and effects to images, as well as the option to incorporate elements like icons, shapes, and illustrations. By experimenting with these features, influencers and brands can create visually stunning templates that stand out on social media platforms.

Where to find free or affordable social media template options?

For influencers and brands on a budget, there are various platforms that offer free or affordable social media template resources:

Top platforms offering free social media template resources

1. Canva: Canva offers a wide range of free social media templates that can be customized to suit individual needs.

2. Pixabay: Pixabay provides an extensive collection of free stock images and illustrations that can be used in social media templates.

3. Freepik: Freepik offers free vectors, photos, PSD, and icons that can be used for creating social media templates.

4. Behance: Behance is a platform where designers showcase their work. Many designers offer free social media templates for others to use.

Affordable social media template options for influencers and brands

1. Creative Market: Creative Market offers a wide range of affordable social media templates created by professional designers.

2. Envato Elements: Envato Elements is a subscription-based platform that provides access to thousands of social media templates at a reasonable price.

3. TemplateMonster: TemplateMonster offers a variety of affordable social media templates that can be customized to fit specific branding needs.

Using template marketplaces to find unique and customizable designs

Template marketplaces like Etsy and DesignBundles offer a vast selection of unique and customizable social media templates created by independent designers. These templates can be tailored to suit the branding and requirements of influencers and brands, providing them with exclusive and eye-catching designs.

How can social media templates help with influencer marketing strategies?

Influencer marketing is a powerful strategy for brands to reach their target audience and increase brand awareness. Social media templates can play a significant role in strengthening influencer marketing strategies:

Effectively promoting partnerships and collaborations through templates

When influencers collaborate with brands, they can showcase these partnerships effectively through the use of templates. By customizing templates to include both the brand and the influencer’s logo, colors, and messaging, the collaboration can be visually represented to grab the attention of their followers.

Creating an influencer media kit using social media templates

An influencer media kit is a document that showcases an influencer’s audience demographics, social media stats, and previous collaborations. By utilizing social media templates, influencers can create visually appealing media kits that highlight their unique brand personality, making them more attractive to potential brand collaborations.

Showcasing social media posts and content using influencer templates

Influencers can use social media templates to maintain a consistent and visually appealing feed on platforms like Instagram. By using a set of templates that align with their brand identity, influencers can create a cohesive and captivating aesthetic that appeals to their audience.

Benefits of using social media templates for content creation and branding

Using social media templates for content creation and branding offers several benefits for influencers and brands:

Optimizing content creation process with pre-designed templates

Templates provide a framework for creating content, making the process more efficient and streamlined. By utilizing pre-designed templates, influencers and brands can save time and effort in designing individual posts or graphics, allowing them to focus more on creating high-quality content.

Strengthening brand identity and resonance with consistent templates

Consistency is key when it comes to building a strong brand identity. By using templates with consistent design elements, influencers and brands can create a cohesive and recognizable visual aesthetic that resonates with their target audience. This strengthens brand identity and helps in building brand loyalty among followers and customers.

Meeting platform-specific requirements with social media templates

Each social media platform has its own set of requirements and guidelines for images and graphics. Social media templates can be tailored to meet these platform-specific requirements, ensuring that the posts and content created by influencers and brands comply with the platform’s guidelines.

In conclusion, social media templates provide a valuable tool for influencers and brands to create visually appealing and consistent content on various social media platforms. By utilizing platforms like Canva and exploring free or affordable template options, influencers and brands can enhance their online presence, strengthen their brand identity, and effectively implement their influencer marketing strategies.

FAQ for Creating and Selling Social Media Templates For Influencers and Brands

What are social media templates and why are they important for influencers and brands?

Social media templates are pre-designed graphics or layouts that streamline the process of creating visually appealing posts and content across various platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. They are crucial for influencers and brands because they save time, maintain brand consistency, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of their social media presence.

Benefits of using social media templates

Using social media templates offers several advantages:

  • Time-saving: Templates eliminate the need to create posts from scratch, allowing influencers and brands to focus on content quality.
  • Consistency: Templates help maintain a cohesive visual identity, reinforcing brand recognition and audience engagement.
  • Aesthetic enhancement: Even without graphic design expertise, templates enable the creation of professional-looking content that captivates audiences.

How to create and customize social media templates using Canva?

Canva is a user-friendly online tool for designing social media templates:

  1. Sign up for Canva and log in.
  2. Choose a template category (e.g., Instagram posts).
  3. Select a template and customize it by changing text, colors, images, and fonts.
  4. Save your design and download it in high resolution for use across social platforms.

Customizing Canva templates for influencer marketing

Canva templates can be tailored to reflect the branding and messaging of influencer collaborations by incorporating logos, colors, and fonts from both the influencer and brand, thereby showcasing a unified partnership.

Utilizing Canva’s features to design compelling social media templates

Canva’s features include filters, overlays, effects, icons, shapes, and illustrations, which collectively enhance template designs and ensure they stand out on social media feeds.

Where to find free or affordable social media template options?

For budget-conscious influencers and brands, platforms offering free or affordable social media template resources include:

  • Canva: Provides a wide range of free templates.
  • Pixabay: Offers free stock images and illustrations.
  • Freepik: Features free vectors, PSD, and icons.
  • Behance: Showcases free templates from various designers.

Affordable social media template options for influencers and brands

Platforms like Creative Market, Envato Elements, and TemplateMonster offer affordable social media templates that can be customized to suit specific branding requirements.

Using template marketplaces to find unique and customizable designs

Template marketplaces such as Etsy and DesignBundles provide a plethora of customizable social media templates created by independent designers, enabling influencers and brands to access exclusive and visually appealing designs.

How can social media templates help with influencer marketing strategies?

Social media templates bolster influencer marketing efforts by:

  • Effectively promoting partnerships: Templates visually represent brand-influencer collaborations, engaging followers effectively.
  • Creating influencer media kits: Templates facilitate the creation of media kits that showcase an influencer’s brand personality and collaborations.
  • Showcasing social media posts: Templates maintain a consistent and visually appealing feed, reinforcing brand identity and audience engagement.

Benefits of using social media templates for content creation and branding

Social media templates optimize content creation by:

  • Streamlining the process: Templates expedite content creation, allowing influencers and brands to focus on quality.
  • Enhancing brand identity: Consistent design elements strengthen brand recognition and loyalty.
  • Meeting platform requirements: Templates adhere to platform-specific guidelines, ensuring posts comply with standards.


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