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Podcast Artwork Essentials: Cover Art, Marketing Images and Branding


While podcast success stems from stellar content, don’t underestimate the value of visuals representing your show. Elements like cover art, marketing graphics, logos, and images help sharing and discovery immensely. Podcast artwork visually encapsulates your brand, reinforces show details in listeners’ minds and grabs attention scrolling through their podcast platforms. This guide explores key imagery you need to promote your podcast in the social media age.

Why Podcast Artwork Matters

Strong visuals boost shows through:

  • Grabbing Attention Cover art and social posts help newfound discovery.
  • Reinforcing Details Hard to remember podcast names and hosts – imagery sticks better.
  • Professionalism Polished visuals signal production quality.
  • Fostering Listener Bonding Unique artwork develops affinity and loyalty.
  • Cross-Promotional Use Can reuse images widely for consistency.
  • Reaching New Audiences Clarifies premise non-verbally to hook interest.

Take branding visuals seriously to unlock their promotional power.

Essential Podcast Artwork Types

Key images required:

Cover Art

Shows up prominently on podcast platform directories next to your show to quickly convey the theme and vibe.

Social Media Graphics

Lower-third size images with legible title text boost social media engagement.


A unique graphic identity representing your show visually in any size.

Marketing Banners

Horizontal website headers with vibrant artwork and messaging.

Video Trailers

Teasing trailers on YouTube to cross-promote show and build buzz.

Guest and Collaboration Graphics

Co-branded images recognizing special episodes.

Sizing and Resolution Guidelines

Follow platform requirements:

Apple Podcasts

  • 1400×1400 minimum
  • 3000×3000 maximum
  • JPG or PNG under 2 MB


  • 1440×1440 minimum
  • JPG or PNG


  • 2560×1440 minimum for best quality
  • 16:9 HD resolution

Social Media

  • 1080×1080 ideal square profile picture size
  • 1280×720 minimum for horizontal imagery
  • PNG, GIF or MP4 for motion

Deliver sufficiently high resolution imagery to look crisp when published across platforms and devices.

Design Principles for Great Podcast Artwork

Qualities of strong images:

  • Simplicity
    Bold, intuitive at small resolutions. Avoid clutter.
  • Meaningful Branding
    Reinforce show name, logo, iconography, colors, hosts etc.
  • Recognizable Podcast Category Make genre obvious visually – technology, sports, comedy etc.
  • Emotional Resonance Match or evoke the mood and tone of your show.
  • Text Legibility Titles clearly readable at small thumbnail sizes.
  • Consistent Style Reuse visual styles, filters, illustration approaches across art for cohesive identity.

Keep images focused to make critical details recognizable at first glance.

Sourcing and Creating Artwork

Options for podcast cover art and graphics:

Stock Photos

Affordable starting point. Sites like Photopin, iStock, Shutterstock.

Custom Photography

Unique images audience won’t see reused often.

Original Illustrations and Drawings

DIY or commissioned custom artwork.

Graphic Design Services

Sites like Fiverr and Upwork offer freelancer designers.

Automated Templates

Free easy image generators from hosting sites like Buzzsprout.

Image Editing Software

Apps like Canva or open source GIMP for custom images.

Animation Video Tools

Create eyecatching motion graphics promos through tools like After Effects or Motionleap.

Weigh cost, uniqueness and effort to determine optimal visual sources.

Design Inspiration for Podcasts

Ideas spark creative artwork directions:

  • Host Faces/Caricatures Put you or co-hosts front and center.
  • Lists/ Headlines Mimic a magazine cover style.
  • Quotes or Testimonials Highlight rave review snippets.
  • Metaphors Literally illustrate show themes – books for a reading podcast etc.
  • Symbolic Icons Microphone, podcast waves, megaphone etc.
  • Inside Jokes Leverage humor and personal touches your audience recognizes.
  • Emotive Expressions Convey excitement, intrigue, laughter.
  • Color Palettes Vibrant colors suited to your vibe.

Reflect carefully on what image would intrigue your target listeners or convey “This show is for me!”

Promoting with Artwork

Once you’ve created visual assets, make the most of them:

  • Video Trailer Premiere a video ad on social media leveraging bold artwork, key branding, dynamic motion and music.
  • Carousels Sequence images showcasing logo, hosts, cover art into engaging social galleries.
  • Animate for Social Animate subtle movements on looping GIFs to stand out in feeds.
  • Add Overlays Overlaid text and graphics help tell a richer visual story.
  • Merchandise Print artwork on t-shirts, stickers, and other swag.
  • Include in Emails Newsletter headers, images recapping episodes, quotes on share graphics.
  • Guest Portraits Co-branded collaborator promo graphics.

Repurpose artfully crafted podcaster imagery widely.

Brand Style Guide Examples

Consistent visual identities require documentation:

Logo Usage Guidelines

  • Minimum size
  • Clear space/padding
  • Color variations like greyscale
  • Unacceptable alterations like stretching or effects

Color Palettes

  • Primary and secondary colors
  • RGB codes, hex values, CMYK specifics
  • Proper usage like backgrounds vs accents

Font Styles

  • Typography details like names, sizes, colors
  • Letter spacing, line height specifics
  • When and how fonts should be used

Composition Rules

  • Visual style like minimalist, maximalist etc
  • Photo editing preferences like filters
  • Element positioning guidances like bottom-third overlays

Formalizing branding for internal and external partners maintains integrity as visibility grows.

Suggested Image Dimensions

Standard sizes for essential graphics:

  • iTunes Cover Art – 3000×3000 px minimum
  • Social Media Cover Photo – 1080×1080 px
  • Guest Portrait – 800×800 px
  • YouTube Thumbnail – 1280×720 px minimum
  • Email Header – 600×200 px
  • Website Banner – 1920×500 px

Deliver sufficiently high-resolution images that can scale down cleanly but avoid oversized files slowing loading.

Avoiding Amateur Artwork Pitfalls

Steer clear of issues undermining quality:

  • Stock Art Cliches Predictable overused graphics
  • Outdated Visual Tropes Comic sans, word art, weird filters
  • Mismatch with Brand
    Disconnect between imagery and identity
  • Unreadable Typography
    Font sizes or colors too faint at small sizes
  • Visual Clutter Trying to cram too much detail distracts
  • Visually Misleading Mismatch between image expectations and actual content
  • Inconsistent Styles Varying filters, colors and textures from image to image

Great artwork requires restraining creativity with practical considerations around resolution, reproducibility and branding.


Despite podcasting remaining an audio medium, compelling cover artwork, logos and supporting visual content greatly amplify shows through memorable branding and valuable social promotion. Photographs, illustrations, graphic elements and smart text overlay together craft images audiences quickly grasp and remember. Consistently reinforce your show’s unique identity through recurring visual style across episodes and initiatives. With imagery tailored specifically to your show’s tone and strengths, you provide visual hooks likely to grab the right listeners.

By Dani Davis

Dani Davis is the pen name of the writer of this blog with more 15 years of constant experience in Content marketing and informatics product, e-commerce niche.

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