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Syndicating Content for Maximum Visibility: Distribution Channels


In today’s crowded digital landscape, distributing your content to the widest possible audience requires true omnichannel distribution. By syndicating material across both your owned channels and external platforms, you can maximize visibility and engagement.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore proven strategies and tools for syndicating content through:

Your owned websites and accounts

Cross-posting across your properties multiplies exposure. We’ll look at automating through tools like SyndicationTO.

Social media networks

Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn provide reach. We’ll detail best practices for syndicating content socially.

Online communities

Active forums expand your audience. We’ll examine tools like Discord and Reddit.

Aggregator platforms

Platforms like Medium distribute curated stories to engaged readers. We’ll dive into maximizing aggregator reach.

Industry publications

Relevant industry websites acquire targeted audiences. We’ll discuss valuable partnership strategies.

Multimedia platforms

Podcast listens and video views add up. We’ll explore syndicating multimedia content.

Let’s explore how to tap into the largest possible audience for your content by syndicating it across diversified channels.

Syndicate Content Across Your Owned Properties

Start by ensuring each piece of content gets maximum exposure across your owned sites and accounts.

Cross-Post on All Your Sites

Manually or automatically post content simultaneously across your main site, regional sites, and microsites using tools like SyndicationTO. More exposure from properties you control.

Re-Share Previously Published Content

Repurpose evergreen content by resharing across sites and re-promoting on social media feeds. Revives content for new audiences.

Adapt Content into New Formats

Turn written posts into videos, podcasts into infographics, and webinars into ebooks. Repackaging for each platform expands reach.

Promote Content in Company Newsletters

excerpt and redistribute content in internal newsletters, customer emails, and alumni updates. Leverages existing distribution channels.

Provide Value, Not Just Promotion

Rather than blatant ads, share content your audiences will find interesting or educational. Trusted value earns engagement.

Maximize the visibility potential of each piece of content across all of the properties you own before syndicating externally.

Syndicate Content on Social Media Networks

Billions of users make social platforms ideal for amplifying your reach. Best practices for social syndication include:

Post on All Relevant Platforms

Share content across networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok. Match content types to platform strengths. Videos on YouTube. Articles on LinkedIn.

Make Posts Native

Adapt posts into native on-platform content rather than simply cross-posting links. Embedded videos, carousels, and tailored messaging feel more immersive.

Target Influencers and Groups

@mention and #hashtag relevant influencers and social groups when posting to tap into their followers. Smart outreach for exposure.

Pay to Boost Visibility

Allocate a portion of budgets to paid promotion like Facebook ads to ensure social content gets seen beyond just your existing followers.

Post at Optimal Times

Using social media management tools, schedule syndicated posts for the best days and times customized to each platform and geography based on past performance data.

Join Social Conversations

Contribute your syndicated content to trending social discussions where the perspectives provide value. Being part of the conversation expands reach.

Posting natively across every relevant social network in targeted ways that catch fire exponentially expands your potential audience.

Reach New Audiences Through Online Communities

Hosted communities built around shared interests or industries provide targeted new channels for syndicating content. Useful platforms include:


Post your content in relevant Reddit subgroups. Headlines and angles should align to community rules and cultures. Highly-engaged niche audiences.


Contribute posts as responses to top questions related to your content themes. Position your expertise while tapping into people looking for answers.

LinkedIn Groups

Share articles natively in your LinkedIn Groups feed. Sparking interesting member discussions on your posts boosts engagement.


Find Discord chat servers related to your industry, topics, and products. Share links contextually in active conversations where your expertise contributes.

Slack Communities

Post your content in #general and topical channels on Slack Groups matching your niche. Provide value to the groups, don’t over self-promote.

Facebook Groups

Native posts (not just links) in relevant industry, interest, and region-specific Facebook Groups reach niche audiences eager to engage with expertise and advice.

Online forums containing people passionate about topics related to your content amplify relevant reach if approached natively.

Tap Into Content Aggregator Platforms

Aggregators like Medium give content creators expanded distribution in exchange for a portion of their earnings. Benefits include:

Established Audiences

Mature sites have cultivated millions of engaged followers for years who may discover your posts.

Content Feeds

Followers subscribe based on interests, not specific creators. Your content appears in feeds for many new users already looking for your topics.

Built-In Promotion

Platforms algorithmically recommend and promote popular posts. You may benefit from placement in featured content modules.


Established domain authority of mature platforms lends an implied credibility boost to syndicated posts.

Multimedia Options

Some aggregators like Tumblr support multimedia formats like longform, videos, and audio. Broadens content types you can syndicate.

Backlink Benefits

Links back to aggregator posts from your other promotion provide SEO value.

Before wholesale syndicating everything, evaluate if specific aggregators truly reach new audiences aligned with your content.

Partner With Industry Publications

Trade websites, magazines, blogs, and news sites focused on your topics are prime targets for syndication partnerships. Tactics to pitch partners include:

Propose Guest Posting

Offer to create exclusive posts for their audience and provide co-branded bylines. A big draw for additional expert content.

Adapt Posts Into Short Tips

Repackage tips and how-to’s from longform posts into quick listicles with aggregated advice their audience will value. Native syndication formats.

Submit Relevant Data Insights

If you produce reports and original research, pitch contributing portions as articles, infographics, or slide decks. Position your expertise.

Offer to License Select Content

Propose publishers pay a licensing fee to republish certain proprietary content like interviews with major names in your industry. Especially lucrative for premium material.

Swap Cross-Promotional Opportunities

Agree to syndicate their content if they’ll also publish and share some of your posts natively. Win-win for expanding mutual reach.

Strategic partnerships elevate your authority as an industry expert while tapping into their audiences contextually.

Syndicate Multimedia Content

Video, audio, and podcast content present additional syndication and passive monetization opportunities through:

Multi-Channel Uploads

Post videos natively on YouTube, TikTok, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and niche video sites relevant to your content type and target demographics. More potential passive monetization.

Social Sharing

Share multimedia broadly across your social media properties with captions and show notes driving viewers to full content on core channel. Taps wider audiences.

Pitch to Aggregators

News aggregators like Buzzfeed drive massive traffic for buzzy videos. Research to identify multimedia curators with audiences matching your content style.

Clip Sharing

Promote smaller excerpt clips across social media to raise interest in full versions.

Enable Embedding

Allow websites and publishers to embed your full multimedia pieces using iframe code. Make sharing and integration easy to expand reach.

Multiplying video, audio, and podcast syndication touchpoints equals multiplied viewership, engagement, and potential subsidiary revenue streams.


Rather than siloing hard work creating standout content to just one website, smart syndication across owned properties, social networks, online communities, aggregators, publications, and multimedia platforms can significantly amplify your audience scope.

The larger and more targeted the reach, the greater the engagement, lead gen, and monetization potential of each piece of content.

Ready to turn every insightful article, compelling video, and buzzy podcast episode into an omnichannel distribution powerhouse? The tools are waiting at your fingertips. Get syndicating!

By Dani Davis

Dani Davis is the pen name of the writer of this blog with more 15 years of constant experience in Content marketing and informatics product, e-commerce niche.

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