Social Media Managers: Providing Custom Templates and GraphicsSocial Media Managers: Providing Custom Templates and Graphics
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Social Media Managers: Providing Custom Templates and Graphics


For social media managers juggling multiple brand accounts daily, custom templates and graphics are invaluable tools streamlining content creation and establishing cohesive aesthetics. But original custom design requires time or budget many social professionals lack.

This creates a major opportunity to sell done-for-you templates and graphics catering specifically to the needs of time starved social media managers. Whether designing fully editable templates or completely customized static posts, graphics services solve urgent pain points for this audience.

In this guide, we’ll explore tips for creating on-brand templates, post suites, story images and more that social media managers crave – along with strategies for profitably packaging and promoting graphics offerings directly to this niche. Let’s help social pros wow brand followers.

Conduct Customer Research

Start by surveying social media managers directly on their design needs and pain points when creating content.

Template Wants

Gather data on the most requested templates for different platforms and content types – posts, ads, highlight covers, profiles etc.

Brand Style Preferences

Note the visual styles and elements social managers seek for conveying brand personalities – serious and sleek, fun and playful, minimalist, illustrated etc.

Quality Standards

Identify requirements around dimensions, formats, resolution etc. for each platform to ensure templates are production ready.

Pain Points

Understand biggest graphic design friction points like lack of art skills, low budgets, no designer access that solutions must solve.

Budget Realities

Ask directly what managers can realistically invest monthly for outsourced design help to align pricing accordingly.

Go straight to this audience to identify high-value opportunities tailored to their needs.

Offer Customizable Social Media Templates

One lucrative offering for social professionals is creating suites of fully customizable and brandable templates for diverse needs. These offer flexibility and extended utility versus one-off posts. Useful for:

Blog & Link Share Posts

Posts featuring blog headline images and stylized embeds make sharing links visually engaging while consistent.

Product Promotion Posts

Templates featuring product shots, pricing, and uniform copy make promotions on-brand across networks.

Lead Nurturing Sequences

Series of coordinated templates dairy-dripping value educate and convert customers.

Specials and Sales Posts

Templates announcing discounts, coupons, and promos help managers react fast to promotions.

Holiday & Event Posts

Specialized graphic templates help managers commemorate holidays from Valentine’s Day to Earth Day on-brand without starting from scratch.

Profile Images & Layouts

Cohesive profile images, layouts, and configurations keep brand social pages uniform.

Equipping social managers with versatile templates saves valuable production time while providing brand consistency.

Craft Custom Imagery and Graphics

For brands desiring completely custom content, design exclusive static posts, images, and assets like:

Social Post Images

Create batches of platform-specific imagery for rotating feeds – quotes, event announcements, behind-the-scenes, spotlights etc.

Custom Infographics

Develop informational and statistical visuals that brands can uniquely share to establish thought leadership.

Branded Story Graphics

Design coordinating sets of colorful story images managers can upload natively into tools like Instagram Stories.

Promotional Collections

Assemble themed collections of eye-catching visuals like giveaway graphics, holiday posts etc. managers can spread over campaigns.

Animated Videos

Produce short branded video clips delivering information or celebrating events for attention-grabbing impact.

Cover Images

Design overlay header graphics showcasing products, people and brand personality to liven up account profiles.

One-of-a-kind custom images provide brands unique content worth sharing far and wide.

Offer Graphics Support Retainers

Provide ongoing value and guaranteed income by selling monthly graphics support plans with tiered deliverables:

Entry Package

5-10 static social media posts per month. Best for platforms prioritizing permanent content.

Intermediate Package

10-20 mix of static posts and story templates. Adds ephemeral content creation.

Premium Package

20-30 posts, 10-15 stories, plus 5 customized graphics like infographics, videos etc. Provides complete custom content.

Enterprise Package

50+ posts, 20+ stories, 10 premium graphics etc. For large multi-account brands.

Add-On Items

Sell blocks of extra a la carte graphics beyond plan allowances forheavy promotion periods.

Retainer bundles provide predictable recurring revenue while offering loyalty perks and discounts.

Streamline Efficient Graphic Creation

Optimize your creative process to maximize output and profitability. Tactics include:

Create Style Guide Templates

Develop templates, color swatches, font/layout details etc. for each client to facilitate on-brand designs efficiently.

Save Brand Assets Centrally

Have clients provide logo files, product images, headshots etc. in a shared digital asset library for easy access.

Establish Clear Request Workflows

Outline how clients should submit requests, specifications, approvals etc. to coordinate seamlessly.

Set Realistic Turnaround Expectations

Communicate fulfillment timelines clearly so clients plan requests accordingly. Under promise to over deliver.

Re-Purpose and Repurpose

Adapt client graphics and assets for additional templates and post formats to multiply value.

Build Up Multi-Client Asset Libraries

Retain and organize fonts, themes, objects etc. from past clients to mix-and-match for future projects faster.

Streamlining creative systems maximizes output from time invested.

Structure Pricing and Packages Attractively

Optimizing pricing and presentation boosts conversion. Tactics include:

Research Industry Rates

Compare competitor social media design pricing tiers to align with client expectations.

Offer Package Discounts

Offer 10-20% discounts on monthly retainers versus individual project rates to incentivize commitments.

Accept Multiple Payment Methods

Facilitate frictionless payments by accepting cards, bank transfers, mobile wallets, invoicing etc.

Be Transparent About Process

Explain how you develop and deliver clients’ graphics to justify rates. Detail has value.

Showcase Work Prominently

Display best client content samples front-and-center on sales pages to showcase quality that warrants pricing.

Provide Client Testimonials and Reviews

Sprinkle credible social proof throughout sales collateral reinforcing exceptional service claims.

Well-constructed packages and polished presentation help justify premium pricing.

Promote Offers Through Multi-Channel Marketing

Raising awareness for your services among the target social media manager audience takes savvy outreach.

Optimized Web Presence

Create a website and content focused on graphic design for social pros optimized with relevant keywords and highlighted services.

Search Ads

Run Google and Bing ads targeting buyers actively searching for terms like “social media templates”, “custom graphics” etc. to intercept demand.

Email Outreach

Build lists marketing agencies, solopreneurs etc. and send one-to-one personalized inquiries showcasing relevant examples of your work.

Network and Connect Directly

Join LinkedIn groups, Facebook communities etc. frequented by social managers and engage personally to solicit business.

Provide Free Samples

Giveaway free customizable templates, guides, or resources to showcase work and build relationships with prospects.

Referrals and Affiliates

Incentivize existing happy clients to refer your services to peers for discounts and rewards.

Diligent self-promotion is required to sustainably generate new client acquisitions long-term.


Stunning graphics separate social media brands that grab attention from those failing to engage. Yet original custom designs remain out of reach for many managers and agencies.

This creates lucrative opportunities for creatives willing to focus their skills on serving this audience with done-for-you templates and imagery. By combining customer research, efficient processes, attractive packaging and pricing, and targeted outreach, graphic artists can build a sustainable business catering to social media manager needs.

While promoting services takes consistency, the ability to solve urgent problems for an underserved niche unlocks major profit potential. With the right approach, creatives can earn substantial income while helping social managers impress followers.

By providing the visual punch today’s brand building demands, graphic designers become invaluable allies helping busy professionals make lasting impressions.


What are some strategies for conducting customer research to understand the needs of social media managers?

Conducting customer research involves surveying social media managers directly to gather data on template wants, brand style preferences, quality standards, pain points, and budget realities.

What are some examples of fully customizable social media templates that social media managers might find useful?

Fully customizable social media templates can include blog & link share posts, product promotion posts, lead nurturing sequences, specials and sales posts, holiday & event posts, and profile images & layouts.

What types of custom imagery and graphics can be created for brands desiring completely custom content?

Custom imagery and graphics can include social post images, custom infographics, branded story graphics, promotional collections, animated videos, and cover images.

How can social media managers structure pricing and packages attractively for their graphic design services?

Social media managers can structure pricing and packages attractively by offering package discounts, accepting multiple payment methods, being transparent about the process, showcasing work prominently, providing client testimonials and reviews, and offering incentives for referrals and affiliates.

What are some effective strategies for promoting graphic design services for social media managers through multi-channel marketing?

Effective strategies for promoting graphic design services include optimizing web presence with relevant keywords and highlighted services, running search ads targeting relevant keywords, conducting email outreach to relevant prospects, networking and connecting directly with potential clients, providing free samples to showcase work, and incentivizing referrals and affiliates.


By Dani Davis

Dani Davis is the pen name of the writer of this blog with more 15 years of constant experience in Content marketing and informatics product, e-commerce niche.

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