Repurposing Virtual Event Content: Make Your Hard Work Go Even Further
Repurposing Virtual Event Content: Make Your Hard Work Go Even Further
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Repurposing Virtual Event Content: Make Your Hard Work Go Even Further


The work that goes into planning excellent virtual events – from presentations, to downloads, networking activities and more – generates content with immense potential for repurposing.

Rather than letting your hard efforts go to waste after events conclude, a content repurposing strategy can multiply the value of assets while attracting new audiences and revenue streams.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore proven techniques for:

Repackaging presentations sustainably

Pre-recorded presentations can be sliced into smaller segments or series for new products. We’ll look at repurposing tactics.

Turning gatherings into media libraries

Full event videos, podcast episodes, and articles extend learning. We’ll detail compiling event content into shareable formats.

Creating evergreen virtual events

Archived virtual events provide lead generation and education for new audiences. We’ll discuss maintaining accessible archives.

Building communities with alumni content

Exclusive content for alumni keeps attendees engaged after events conclude. We’ll examine membership models and access techniques.

Generating ancillary income with licensing

Third-party licensing earns passive event income. We’ll explore licensing content for books, courses, apps and more.

Promoting repurposed assets profitably

Driving visibility for repurposed content is key for maximizing its value. We’ll detail marketing and promotion strategies.

Let’s explore how to make your virtual event content work overtime through thoughtful repurposing.

Repackage Presentations Sustainably

Pre-recorded presentations can be sliced into smaller segments or grouped into new series to multiply their applications. Tactics include:

Convert Into Short Tutorials

Edit key sections of presentations into quick 3-5 minute tutorial videos on specific tactics. Easy to digest value.

Split by Topic

Divide full presentations focused on a broad theme into multiple videos each providing a focused lesson on individual subtopics. More potential for targeting distribution.

Build a Webinar Series

Stretch out larger presentations into a cohesive sequence of shorter webinars released over time rather than cramming into one long session. Creates ongoing value.

Relaunch as a Course

Combine presentation recordings with additional lessons and materials into more comprehensive virtual courses around common themes.

Revive Older Material

Refresh and republish valuable presentations from years past that deserve renewed visibility by updating facts and examples. New life.

Create Compilations

Assemble recordings from multiple presenters at an event into topical compilation videos around popular themes based on audience engagement analytics.

Update Annually

Make recordings evergreen by re-filming and updating data, examples, and trends on an annual basis. Appeal to new yearly audiences.

Slicing, dicing, and repackaging presentation content multiplies its applications and shelf life.

Turn Gatherings Into Media Libraries

Capture events in diverse formats to produce a valuable multimedia library for your brand. Options include:

Record Full Event Videos

Document the complete event experience including sessions, networking activities, special events and programming. Provides total access.

Publish Individual Session Recordings

Break event video into individual MP4 recordings of each session, keynote, and session. Enables targeted viewing.

Create Episode Series

Edit recordings into semi-conversational podcast-like episode segments that cover event highlights. Audio-only option.

Transcribe Recordings

Use services like Descript to transcribe recordings then edit transcripts into articles and blog posts for text-based consumption. Increases search visibility.

Curate Social Media Clips

Pull out and edit excerpts into quick snippet videos perfect for driving engagement on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube Shorts. Great for promotion.

Produce Event Summary Videos

Create 5-15 minute highlight videos recapping overall event experience – especially useful for multi-day events. Highlights key moments.

Offer PDF Downloads

Slides, text summaries, keynote speeches and more provide event value in document form.

Repackaging gatherings into diverse media libraries extends educational reach while also creating valuable lead generation assets.

Create Evergreen Virtual Events

Maintaining easily accessible archives of your past virtual events provides continued lead generation, education opportunities, and brand visibility over time. Tactics include:

Promote On-Demand Access

Feature archived events prominently on your website with clear calls-to-action for visitors to view recordings on-demand now. Removes time urgency.

Keep Registration Forms Active

Allow website visitors to still complete registration/contact forms to access archived events. Continues capturing lead data.

Maintain Email Nurturing

When site visitors register for archived events, automatically enroll them in segmented email nurturing focused on related offers. Ongoing value.

Update with New Content

Periodically add fresh presentations, bonus content, and updated assets into older virtual event archives. Encourages return visits and maintains freshness.

Provide Evergreen Pricing

Rather than expiring access, offer perpetual pricing for on-demand access to archive events in your store. Maximizes revenue potential.

Feature Alumni Testimonials

Sprinkle positive feedback from past attendees into archived event pages. Social proof builds credibility.

With perpetual access, updated content, and ongoing promotion – one-time virtual events provide value indefinitely.

Build Communities with Alumni Content

Providing exclusive bonus content to past attendees fosters ongoing community while incentivizing future participation. Valuable tactics include:

Facilitate Private Reunions

Organize private reunions on event anniversary dates so alumni can network and reminisce. Builds lasting relationships.

Share Virtual Swag

Offer alumni-only virtual swag like digital tool kits, templates, ebooks and access as added value. VIP treatment.

Invite Alumni Back as Experts

Feature successful alumni as speakers, panelists, and teachers at future events. Gives them a platform while providing the next generation highly relevant advice.

Create Member Forums

Launch online alumni forums for community members to continue conversations, provide support, and collaborate long after events end.

Send Alumni-Only Emails

Periodically reach out to alumni with exclusive content and offers that increase in value based on their past participation and engagement.

Host Alumni Cohort Masterminds

Facilitate intimate mastermind peer groups for alumni from specific events to connect and grow together. Forums for ongoing relationships.

Grant Alumni Event Access

Provide alumni discounts or comped access to new events to demonstrate loyalty and give them more value in return for their continued community involvement.

VIP alumni experiences transform one-time attendees into brand devotees generating repeat engagement.

Generate Ancillary Income with Licensing

You can also generate passive virtual event income by licensing your content to partners and publishers. Tactics include:

Sell Presentation Recordings

Offer publishers and learning platforms full presentation MP4s to license for a fee. Especially valuable if featuring known experts and celebrities.

License Event Footage

Allow partners to license short clips and b-roll footage from your events for use in their own marketing, courses, and documentaries. Creates diverse exposure.

Provide Transcripts and Slide Decks

Transcripts and slide decks from impactful talks make excellent additions to books and courses if licensed to publishers. Additional income from existing assets.

Syndicate Articles

Publish event session write-ups on your own blog or newsletter then license articles to trade publications and websites. Great for lead generation.

Offer Free Previews

Share snippets and previews that partners can embed to promote your licensed content while tempting audiences with additional value behind the paywall.

Create Sponsor Partnerships

Offer exclusive archived content access or licensing opportunities to sponsors in return for sponsorship dollars. Bundles value.

Negotiate Annual Access

Rather than one-off licenses, negotiate ongoing annual access fees enabling partners continuous use of new content year after year. Recurring revenue.

Licensing expands income potential from existing content while associations with recognizable brands increase authority.

Promote Repurposed Assets Profitably

Driving visibility for repurposed virtual event content is key for maximizing its marketing and monetary value. Useful tactics include:

Optimize for Search Visibility

Update SEO titles, descriptions, tags, and page content on archives and related media to help them rank prominently in search results.

Capture Lead Data

Require viewers to provide contact info like email addresses to access restricted archived content. Grows your marketing database.

Promote Archives via Paid Ads

Run paid campaigns promoting archived event access using video and social ads targeted to audiences interested in the content.

Highlight Related Content

Embed links to related media like podcast episodes in blog posts and vice versa to maximize cross-promotional discovery.

Update Social Media Bios

Keep social media bios updated with links to relevant media libraries and archives so followers can easily navigate to them.

Repurpose Content Snippets

Re-share and re-promote small segments of previously recorded content on social media and in email newsletters. Repeated exposures over time.

Add Retargeting Pixels

Place remarketing pixels on key pages so you can re-engage past visitors through targeted social and display ads.

Promoting archives and repurposed content using SEO, ads, email, and social media maximizes discovery by both existing and net-new audiences.


Letting your hard work planning amazing virtual events go to waste after events wrap is a missed opportunity. With the right repurposing, you can make your content work for you indefinitely.

By editing presentations into new formats, compiling media libraries, maintaining accessible archives, providing alumni perks, licensing content, and relentlessly promoting assets – you can provide tremendous ongoing value while also generating ancillary revenue streams.

The reach, influence, and return on investment of your virtual events grows exponentially when leveraging repurposed content effectively.

So get ready to become both an event producer and savvy media company. It’s time to start multiplying the impact of your virtual experiences through creative repurposing!


Q: What is content repurposing for virtual events?

A: Content repurposing for virtual events involves taking the various assets generated during the event, such as presentations, videos, articles, and networking activities, and repackaging them into new formats to extend their lifespan and value.

Q: Why is content repurposing important for virtual events?

A: Content repurposing is important for virtual events because it allows you to maximize the value of the content you’ve created. Instead of letting it go to waste after the event concludes, repurposing content enables you to reach new audiences, generate additional revenue streams, and provide ongoing value to your community.

Q: What are some examples of content repurposing for virtual events?

A: Examples of content repurposing for virtual events include:

  • Converting presentations into short tutorial videos
  • Turning event recordings into podcast episodes
  • Creating webinar series from larger presentations
  • Compiling session recordings into media libraries
  • Offering alumni-exclusive content for community building
  • Licensing event footage and transcripts to partners
  • Promoting repurposed content through SEO, ads, and social media

Q: How can I repurpose content from my virtual event effectively?

A: To repurpose content from your virtual event effectively, consider the following tips:

  • Identify the most valuable assets to repurpose
  • Tailor the repurposed content to different platforms and audiences
  • Maintain consistency in branding and messaging across repurposed content
  • Track metrics to measure the success of repurposed content
  • Continuously update and refresh repurposed content to keep it relevant

Q: What are the benefits of content repurposing for virtual events?

A: The benefits of content repurposing for virtual events include:

  • Extending the lifespan and value of event content
  • Reaching new audiences through different formats and platforms
  • Generating additional revenue streams through licensing and partnerships
  • Building a sense of community and engagement among event attendees
  • Establishing your brand as a thought leader in your industry


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