Post-Event Follow Up: Don't Leave Value on the Table After Your Virtual Event EndsPost-Event Follow Up: Don't Leave Value on the Table After Your Virtual Event Ends
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Post-Event Follow Up: Don’t Leave Value on the Table After Your Virtual Event Ends


The effort you put into planning and executing an amazing virtual event also provides the foundation for delivering immense post-event value. Following up purposefully gives attendees comprehensive recaps, cements takeaways, continues conversations, and lays the groundwork for future involvement.

In this guide, we’ll explore proven post-event follow up strategies including:

Sending summary emails and highlights

Prompt recaps sustain momentum. We’ll look at recap email best practices to solidify key lessons.

Facilitating ongoing networking

Virtual networking can continue post-event by enabling connections initiated to blossom. We’ll detail effective follow up approaches.

Offering extended mentoring and support

Guiding attendees to implement what they learned demonstrates commitment. We’ll examine providing personalized assistance.

Curating memorable takeaway assets

Detailed notes, links, and reminders aid recall. We’ll look at valuable follow up resources to share.

Creating FOMO with event highlights

Post-event promotion brings latecomers onboard. We’ll discuss ways to showcase event success and learnings.

Following up with partners individually

Sponsors and speakers deserve special thanks and recaps. We’ll explore VIP follow up tactics.

Let’s dive into post-event best practices that continue conversations, drive engagement, and extend your event’s value.

Send Summary Emails and Highlights

Sending timely recap emails sustains your event’s momentum by summarizing key moments and lessons. Tactics for great post-event emails include:

Quickly Share Initial Recap

Send a high-level email thanking attendees and recapping key highlights and achievements within 24 hours so momentum and memories are fresh. Links to content.

Provide Comprehensive Summaries

Follow up the next week with a more comprehensive email recapping sessions, key takeaways, and ways to continue the learning. Detailed value.

Link to Playbacks and Content

Embed links to session playback recordings, slides, worksheets, webinar replays, and other gated content so attendees conveniently access all resources in one place.

Include Speaker Videos

Record and embed quick thank you videos from event organizers, speakers, and VIPs thanking attendees for participating. Personal touch.

Offer Next Step Recommendations

Provide clear guidance on actions attendees can take now based on the event’s lessons and call out relevant resources. Smooth post-event transitions.

Keep Momentum With Teasers

Announce upcoming online discussions, alumni events, new content releases and other next engagement opportunities. Create anticipation.

Prompt recaps keep your event top of mind while ensuring attendees implement key lessons over the long-term.

Facilitate Ongoing Networking

Helping event connections blossom into lasting relationships provides immense value. Useful networking follow up tactics include:

Share Post-Event Introductions

Use matchmaking technology to connect attendees for 1:1 video chats based on shared interests, goals, and conversations after your event ends. Extends conversations.

Create Facebook Groups

Launch private Facebook groups for attendees to continue discussions and interact. Appoint moderators to facilitate ongoing engagement.

Schedule Virtual Reunions

Host scheduled alumni mixer events on Zoom at major milestones post-event like 30/60/90 days out for attendees to reconvene. Builds community.

Enable Direct Outreach

Allow attendees to message each other directly through the event platform or app. Opt-in required. Make valuable connections easy to continue privately.

Send Networking Surveys

Poll attendees on who they most want to connect with post-event from fellow participants. Introduce mutual connections.

Highlight Related Attendees

In follow-up emails, showcase 2-3 fellow attendees with similar interests or goals for each person. Facilitates introductions.

Share Opt-In Email Lists

With permission, provide fellow attendees each other’s email addresses to connect offline. Powerful for niche groups.

intelligently facilitating post-event introductions and networking opportunities maximizes the value of connections initiated.

Offer Extended Mentoring and Support

Helping attendees implement what they learned during your event shows commitment to their success. Consider:

Arrange Access to Speakers

Offer exclusive post-event opportunities like small group Q&As for attendees to schedule time with experts and speakers for personalized guidance.

Provide Individual Coaching

Make coaches or educators available to schedule private video consultations helping attendees establish plans and addressing specific struggles with applying lessons.

Create Guided Action Plans

Provide templates for attendees to reflect and create 1/3/6 month goal-setting and implementation plans applying event teachings. Guide them through key milestones.

Host Office Hours

Keep the conversation going by hosting open virtual office hour events at major milestones post-event for drop-in discussions and communication.

Check In via Email

Follow up individually via email at the 30/60/90 day marks asking how attendees are applying learnings and offer help overcoming obstacles. Shows you care.

Share Examples of Success

When attendees share wins from applying lessons, spotlight their stories with permission to inspire peers while recognizing their commitment.

Remix Content into Refreshers

Repurpose key event content into refreshers like microlearning videos, infographics, and quick read slide summaries that remind attendees of valuable insights over time.

Providing ongoing mentoring and accountability helps attendees achieve breakthrough results.

Curate Memorable Takeaway Assets

Post-event, share resources that help attendees recall and implement key lessons. Impactful takeaways include:

Record Full Event Videos

Professionally edited videos let attendees re-experience presentations, activities, and key moments. Perfect memory joggers.

Create Participant Playbooks

Downloadable playbooks help attendees recall key frameworks, templates, tools, and tactics from the event for ongoing reference.

Provide Access to Speaker Slides

Speaker slide decks provide helpful visual reminders of data, concepts, and frameworks to look back on.

Send Physical Event Swag

Deliver event t-shirts, signage, notebooks, and swag after events end so attendees have tangible memorabilia.

Share Musical Playlists

Curation event music into Spotify playlists lets attendees relive key moments while also enjoying music relevant to the experience and their interests.

Produce Episode Series

Creating serialized audio and video recap episodes provides bite-sized value attendees can consume piece-by-piece over time.

Appoint Alumni Ambassadors

Well-connected alumni can provide tips, advice, and mentorship to new attendees in future years. Leverage their wisdom.

Detailed recaps across formats keep your event’s teachings top of mind long after it ends.

Create FOMO with Post-Event Highlights

Post-event promotion provides another opportunity to attract interest for next year’s event by showcasing attendee testimonials, achievements, and event highlights. Tactics include:

Share Attendee Success Stories

Collect and promote testimonials from past attendees about breakthroughs, business growth, partnerships, and transformations generated by attending with permission. Creates serious FOMO for sitting out.

Showcase Event Moments

Share high-quality photos, videos, recaps, and quotes highlighting meaningful aspects like powerful speeches, engaged networking, or emotional award ceremonies.

Promote with Lookback Posts

Schedule social media posts that look back highlighting achievements, milestones, and key moments from past years’ events. Generates nostalgia while piquing interest.

Spotlight Alumni Achievements

With permission, keep promoting updates when past attendees or speakers accomplish milestones like launching businesses, publishing works, or earning promotions. Reinforces value.

Send Anniversary Recap Emails

Reach back out to alumni on the 1st anniversary of their attendance with highlights and memories from the event. Warmly reconnects.

Create FOMO with Limited-Time Offers

Promote special pricing, bonuses, or access if alumni or new prospects register for the next event by a certain deadline. Drives conversions with urgency.

Gather Testimonials

Reaching out specifically asking satisfied alumni for testimonials gives you fresh case studies, reviews, and quotes to feature on registration pages for new events. Increases trust.

Promoting achievements gained with your event’s help turns attendees into influencers advocating your future events.

Follow Up With Partners Individually

Sponsors, vendors, and speakers deserve personal post-event follow up conveying gratitude and recapping success. Be sure to:

Send Individual Thank You’s

Tailored thank you emails to each sponsor, vendor, and speaker greatly exceeds expectations while making them feel appreciated.

Verify Deliverables

Confirm all promised event deliverables like logo placements, attendee contact lists, impressions provided, and bonuses were fulfilled so partners feel satisfied. Address any gaps.

Share Event Metrics

Provide partners with detailed event metrics like demographics, attendance, engagement analytics, click through rates, and survey data so they can quantify their event ROI.

Ask for Feedback

Solicit sponsor, vendor, and speaker opinions on how the event went and areas for improvement so you can optimize partner experiences.

Review Contracts

Discuss timelines and parameters for executing any next event partnerships or follow up agreements already outlined in contracts while enthusiasm is still high.

Brainstorm New Opportunities

Discuss ideas for expanding partnerships through licensing content, developing joint products, or collaborating on other events. Strengthen relationships.

Feature Appreciation Spotlights

Publically recognize stand-out sponsors, vendors, and speakers by highlighting their contributions across website, email, and social channels. Gratitude and PR motivates their re-engagement.

Thoughtful VIP follow up transforms one-time partners into loyal supporters that have your back year after year.


Your responsibility doesn’t end once virtual events conclude. By investing time in comprehensive post-event follow up, you can deliver immense added value through recaps, continued networking, ongoing learning opportunities, sharable takeaways, and attendee highlights.

Purposeful follow up transforms fleeting event moments into lifelong relationships, learnings, and promotions that pay dividends for future events and communities.

The work doesn’t stop once you log off. Follow up is your opportunity to drive lasting impact that enriches lives, furthers careers, and forges partnerships. Seize it.

So start drafting those thank you notes, scheduling alumni groups, and praising achievements. When executed smoothly, your post-event follow up will be even more rewarding than the events themselves.

FAQ for Post-Event Follow Up: Don’t Leave Value on the Table After Your Virtual Event Ends

Q1: Why is post-event follow-up important?

A1: Post-event follow-up is crucial for several reasons:

  • Solidify Relationships: It helps maintain connections made during the event.
  • Extend Value: It ensures that the lessons learned during the event continue to benefit attendees.
  • Drive Engagement: Follow-up activities keep participants engaged with your organization or community.
  • Promote Future Events: It serves as an opportunity to generate interest in future events.

Q2: What are some key strategies for post-event follow-up?

A2: Some essential strategies include:

  • Sending Summary Emails: Recap key highlights and takeaways from the event.
  • Facilitating Networking: Encourage continued interaction among attendees.
  • Offering Mentoring and Support: Provide personalized assistance to help attendees implement what they’ve learned.
  • Curating Takeaway Assets: Share resources to reinforce key lessons.
  • Creating FOMO: Showcase event highlights to generate interest in future events.
  • Following Up with Partners: Express gratitude and ensure satisfaction among sponsors, vendors, and speakers.

Q3: How soon should summary emails be sent after the event?

A3: It’s recommended to send a high-level recap email within 24 hours to capitalize on the momentum and memories while they’re fresh. Follow up with a more comprehensive email the following week for a detailed review of sessions and key takeaways.

Q4: How can I facilitate ongoing networking post-event?

A4: Some effective tactics include:

  • Post-Event Introductions: Use matchmaking technology to connect attendees based on shared interests.
  • Facebook Groups: Create private groups for attendees to continue discussions.
  • Virtual Reunions: Host scheduled alumni mixer events on platforms like Zoom.
  • Direct Outreach: Allow attendees to message each other directly through the event platform.

Q5: What are some ways to offer extended mentoring and support?

A5: Consider providing access to speakers for exclusive Q&A sessions, offering individual coaching sessions, creating guided action plans, hosting office hours, and sharing success stories from attendees.

Q6: How can I create FOMO with post-event highlights?

A6: To create FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), share attendee success stories, showcase event moments through photos and videos, promote with lookback posts, spotlight alumni achievements, offer limited-time offers for future events, gather testimonials, and feature appreciation spotlights for partners.

Q7: What should be included in the individual thank you emails to sponsors, vendors, and speakers?

A7: Tailored thank-you emails should express gratitude for their participation, confirm fulfillment of promised deliverables, provide detailed event metrics, solicit feedback for improvement, discuss future partnership opportunities outlined in contracts, and publicly recognize their contributions.

Q8: How can I measure the success of post-event follow-up efforts?

A8: Success can be measured through various metrics such as attendee engagement in post-event activities, feedback received from participants and partners, conversions from follow-up promotions to future events, and the overall impact on attendee satisfaction and retention.

Q9: Are there any tools or platforms recommended for implementing post-event follow-up strategies?

A9: Depending on your specific needs, you may consider using email marketing platforms for sending recap emails, networking platforms for facilitating ongoing interactions, scheduling tools for organizing virtual reunions, survey tools for collecting feedback, and CRM systems for managing relationships with sponsors, vendors, and speakers.


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