Monetizing Your Virtual Event Through Ticket Sales, Sponsorships and UpsellsMonetizing Your Virtual Event Through Ticket Sales, Sponsorships and Upsells
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Monetizing Your Virtual Event Through Ticket Sales, Sponsorships and Upsells


Hosting profitable virtual events requires diversifying your revenue streams beyond basic ticket sales. By offering compelling sponsorships, strategically pricing tickets, and crafting valuable upsells, you can dramatically amplify your event earnings.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore proven tactics for:

Pricing tickets profitably

Your ticket pricing strategy impacts both revenue and attendance. We’ll look at setting profitable rates.

Packaging tickets creatively

Offering bundled ticket packages boosts sales. We’ll examine VIP, combo, and upgrade options to consider.

Recruiting lucrative sponsorships

Sponsorships can generate substantial income. We’ll detail how to pitch and deliver value to sponsors.

Creating compelling virtual swag

You need digital “swag bag” items that sponsors will pay to provide. We’ll look at virtual swag ideas.

Designing high-converting upsells

Upsells during registration boost revenue per registrant. We’ll explore effective upsell offers.

Promoting offers creatively

Promoting your various offers expands sales. We’ll discuss promotion strategies.

Tracking revenue data

Analytics help optimize monetization. We’ll talk about monitoring key metrics.

Let’s dive into techniques to make your next virtual event highly profitable through strategic monetization.

Price Tickets Profitably

Your ticket pricing strategy impacts both potential revenue and attendee registration volume. Consider these factors when setting rates:

Research Comparable Events

See what similar virtual events in your niche charge for tickets. Competitor pricing provides a reasonable range to start with.

Consider Your Costs

Factor in expenses like tech platforms, speakers, marketing, swag, and staff to determine the minimum pricing you need to break even.

Calculate Desired Profit

Decide the total profit you want to earn from the event. Price tickets to hit your revenue target based on expected attendance.

Assess Perceived Value

The more specialized the content, networking, tools, and takeaways, the more you can justify higher pricing that attendees will perceive as worth the investment.

Offer Early Bird Discounts

Drive urgency by offering discounted pricing to early registrants that increases closer to the event date. Inspires action.

Test Different Price Points

Try pricing your event at different tiers and comparing registration conversion at each level to determine the optimal rate.

Analyze hard costs, market rates, and value delivered when pricing for profitability while still selling out tickets.

Package Tickets Creatively

Offering bundled ticket packages and pricing tiers allows you to earn more per registrant. Options include:

VIP Experience

Bundle a ticket with access to exclusive content sessions, celebrity Q&As, gift bags, and premium support for high-end pricing.

Virtual + In-Person Combo

Allow hybrid participation by bundling virtual access with discounted entry to your future in-person event.

Group Team Rates

Offer discounted group pricing for teams of 5, 10, or 20+ attendees from the same company to incentivize bulk registration.

Networking Add-On

Let attendees purchase add-on access to extras like VIP networking lounges and sessions for more engagement.

Virtual Swag Upgrades

Provide ticket tiers with bonus virtual swag items like ebooks, templates, or downloads. Added perceived value.

Replays + Resources

Bundle continued post-event access to session replays, slides, audio, and other resources into a premium-priced ticket tier.

Pre-Event Training Access

Include access to virtual workshops, Q&As, and trainings leading up to the event to justify surcharge pricing.

Creative bundling maximizes the revenue you extract from each qualified registrant.

Recruit Lucrative Sponsorships

Sponsorships can generate substantial revenue if you offer compelling packages and deliver promised value. Best practices for recruiting sponsors include:

Create a Sponsorship Prospectus

Prepare sales sheets outlining the value and exposure sponsors receive at each tier along with deliverables and pricing. Visually showcase sponsor benefits.

Recruit Past Sponsors First

Email past event sponsors first to renew their packages before recruiting new brands. Keep them top of mind.

Pitch Prospective Sponsors

Research brands selling to your attendee demographic and actively reach out to them with custom partnership proposals. Personal outreach works.

Provide Audience Insights

Share attendee size and demographic data to help prospects gauge the value of getting exposure to your audience. Prove you can deliver their buyers.

Offer Exclusive Opportunities

Provide limited exclusive packages like sole presenting sponsor status or private attendee research access sponsors will pay premium rates to secure.

Promote Early Commitments

Highlight sponsors who sign on earliest across your website and other promotions to incentive early commitments.

Overdeliver on Exposure

Exceed promised ad placements, social media mentions, attendee emails and other impressions to delight sponsors. They’ll gladly sponsor again.

Thoughtfully constructed sponsor packages tailored to audience value attract lucrative deals.

Create Compelling Virtual Swag

You need appealing virtual swag bag items sponsors are eager to provide and attendees are excited to receive. Popular digital swag ideas include:

Discounted Services

Secure discounted or free subscriptions from relevant SaaS tools and apps sponsors offer. High perceived value.

Virtual Gift Cards

Sponsors can contribute e-gift cards attendees redeem for popular online retailers and subscription services.

Online Classes

Sponsors may provide access to their virtual courses, workshops or certifications to expose their offerings.

Templates and Downloads

Sponsors can contribute ebooks, tip sheets, DIY guides, templates, slide decks, checklists and similar educational downloads.

Branded Merch Discounts

Sponsors can offer special coupon codes for discounts on their merchandise or physical products.


Work with sponsors to allow them to make donations to causes or charities provided in attendees’ names. Social good.

Entries and Giveaways

Sponsors can provide prize packages, contest entries, or giveaway products to be raffled off to attendees.

Get creative in providing digital items sponsors value contributing and attendees appreciate receiving to enhance the virtual swag bag.

Design High-Converting Upsells

Upselling additional offerings during registration maximizes revenue from warm leads. Useful upsells include:

Ticket Bundles

Offer bundles like VIP registration or additional attendee passes at discounted rates on the checkout page. Drives larger purchases.

Virtual Swag

Present swag bag upgrades, bonus digital downloads, vip-only gifts as upsell options before attendees finish registering.

Post-Event Access

Upsell continued access to session recordings, slides, text summaries, and Q&As to extend the event’s educational value.

Ticket Donations

Allow attendees to donate extra tickets for students or members of underserved groups. Social incentives work.

T-shirts and Merchandise

If offering event merch, provide attendees the option to add those items at checkout. Immediate gratification drives sales.

Membership Signups

Offer discounted inaugural signups for your membership program, community, or platform if relevant to extend engagement.

Layered Bundles

Create good-better-best bundles that combine access, swag, and merchandise at increasing price points. More perceived value.

Test upsell copy, placement, bundling, and pricing to optimize the additional revenue each registrant provides.

Promote Offers Creatively

You need creative promotional strategies to convert interest into ticket and upgrade purchases. Tactics include:

Create Urgency

Countdown timers, limited spots warnings, and upcoming deadline calls-to-action incentivize registrations and upsells before events sell out.

Spotlight Supporting Sponsors

Thanking and tagging sponsors in promotional posts provides them value while showing other brands the benefits.

Leverage Email Sequences

Follow up booking nurture emails with targeted upsell offers to continue monetizing registrants up until the event occurs.

Promote on Social Media

Run video and image ads on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to promote your event offers to qualified demographics.

Add Retargeting Pixels

Place pixels on your site to track visitors and then re-target them across channels with ads for your event offers to drive re-engagement.

Create FOMO with Updates

Posting announcements about rising registration, speaker additions, and new perks builds FOMO around participating before missing out.

Leverage Affiliate Promoters

Allow influencers and brand ambassadors to share affiliate links for cut of sales. This expands promotional reach.

Multichannel promotion through creative campaigns, social influencers, and lead nurturing persistently converts interest into profitable purchases.

Track Revenue Data

Monitoring sales metrics helps you continuously optimize monetization performance. Be sure to track:

Registration Rate Trends

Watch how pricing impacts conversion rates and at what rate registrations fill up. Indicates ideal pricing.

Average Order Value

Average revenue per purchaser reveals how effective your upsells are at boosting per-sale earnings.

Sponsorship Return on Investment

Evaluate impressions delivered, leads generated, and conversions attributed back to each sponsor to showcase ROI.

Swag Bag Engagement

Assess item clickthroughs, giveaway entries, and digital coupon redemptions to see which swag resonates.

Promotional Channel Efficiency

Measure sales driven by each marketing channel like email, social, affiliate, etc to optimize your promotional mix.

Lifetime Customer Value

Analyze the long-term value of event attendees over time as community members, repeat attendees, referral sources etc.

Key performance indicators reveal what’s working across ticketing, sponsorships, upsells, swag, and promotions to continuously raise revenue.


With strategic ticket pricing, high-value sponsorships, compelling upsells, stellar virtual swag, multi-channel promotions, and data tracking – virtual events can drive major revenue while also delivering immense attendee value.

By diversifying beyond basic admission sales to incorporate other monetization streams, you turn one-time ticket buyers into long-term community members and repeat attendees driving sustainable profits.

So get creative, make compelling offers, over-deliver on value, and start mapping out an event experience so memorable that attendees can’t wait for your next event. You’ll quickly have a thriving online revenue engine.

The potential earnings are out there. Now go engage audiences in new ways, form partnerships that advance your mission, and get ready to host your breakout virtual event!

FAQ: Monetizing Your Virtual Event Through Ticket Sales, Sponsorships, and Upsells


Maximizing revenue from virtual events requires a multifaceted approach beyond ticket sales. This guide explores tactics for pricing tickets profitably, packaging tickets creatively, recruiting lucrative sponsorships, creating compelling virtual swag, designing high-converting upsells, promoting offers creatively, and tracking revenue data.

Q: How can I price tickets profitably for my virtual event?

A: Consider these factors:

  • Research Comparable Events: Look at similar events to set a competitive price range.
  • Consider Costs: Factor in expenses to determine the minimum pricing needed to break even.
  • Calculate Desired Profit: Set ticket prices to hit your revenue target based on expected attendance.
  • Assess Perceived Value: Justify higher pricing with specialized content, networking, and takeaways.
  • Offer Early Bird Discounts: Drive urgency with discounted pricing for early registrants.
  • Test Different Price Points: Experiment with pricing tiers to find the optimal rate.

Q: What are some creative ways to package tickets for my virtual event?

A: Offer bundled ticket packages such as:

  • VIP Experience: Exclusive access to premium content and perks.
  • Virtual + In-Person Combo: Hybrid participation with future event discounts.
  • Group Team Rates: Discounted pricing for bulk registrations from the same company.
  • Networking Add-On: Additional access to VIP networking opportunities.
  • Virtual Swag Upgrades: Bonus digital items to enhance the attendee experience.
  • Replays + Resources: Continued access to post-event materials.
  • Pre-Event Training Access: Exclusive workshops and Q&A sessions.

Q: How can I effectively recruit sponsorships for my virtual event?

A: Use these strategies:

  • Create a Sponsorship Prospectus: Showcase sponsorship benefits and pricing tiers.
  • Recruit Past Sponsors First: Renew partnerships with previous sponsors before seeking new ones.
  • Pitch Prospective Sponsors: Tailor partnership proposals to brands selling to your attendee demographic.
  • Provide Audience Insights: Share attendee data to demonstrate the value of exposure.
  • Offer Exclusive Opportunities: Limited packages like presenting sponsor status for premium rates.
  • Promote Early Commitments: Incentivize early sign-ons with recognition and benefits.
  • Overdeliver on Exposure: Exceed promised impressions to delight sponsors and encourage repeat partnerships.

Q: What are some ideas for creating compelling virtual swag for attendees?

A: Consider offering:

  • Discounted Services: Subscriptions or vouchers for relevant SaaS tools.
  • Virtual Gift Cards: E-gift cards for online retailers or subscription services.
  • Online Classes: Access to virtual courses or workshops.
  • Templates and Downloads: Educational resources like ebooks or templates.
  • Branded Merch Discounts: Special offers on merchandise from sponsors.
  • Donations: Opportunities for sponsors to contribute to charitable causes.
  • Entries and Giveaways: Prize packages or contest entries for attendees.

Q: How can I design high-converting upsells for my virtual event?

A: Implement these strategies:

  • Ticket Bundles: Offer discounted bundles or VIP upgrades during registration.
  • Virtual Swag: Upsell additional digital items or bonus content at checkout.
  • Post-Event Access: Extend access to session recordings or exclusive content.
  • Ticket Donations: Allow attendees to donate extra tickets for a social cause.
  • T-shirts and Merchandise: Add event merchandise as upsell options.
  • Membership Signups: Offer discounted memberships or community access.
  • Layered Bundles: Create tiered packages with increasing value at higher price points.

Q: What are some creative ways to promote offers for my virtual event?

A: Use these tactics:

  • Create Urgency: Countdown timers and limited spots drive immediate action.
  • Spotlight Sponsors: Thank and tag sponsors in promotional posts for added exposure.
  • Leverage Email Sequences: Follow up with targeted upsell offers to registrants.
  • Promote on Social Media: Run ads targeting qualified demographics on platforms like Facebook.
  • Add Retargeting Pixels: Re-engage site visitors with ads for event offers across channels.
  • Create FOMO with Updates: Announce rising registration numbers and new perks to build excitement.
  • Leverage Affiliate Promoters: Allow influencers to share affiliate links for additional promotion.

Q: What revenue data should I track to optimize monetization for my virtual event?

A: Monitor:

  • Registration Rate Trends: Conversion rates and fill rates at different pricing tiers.
  • Average Order Value: Revenue per purchaser, including upsells and bundled purchases.
  • Sponsorship ROI: Impressions delivered, leads generated, and conversions attributed to sponsors.
  • Swag Bag Engagement: Click-through rates and redemption rates for digital items.
  • Promotional Channel Efficiency: Sales driven by each marketing channel to optimize your strategy.
  • Lifetime Customer Value: Long-term value of attendees as repeat customers, community members, or referrers.

By strategically pricing tickets, offering creative packages, recruiting sponsorships, providing compelling virtual swag, designing high-converting upsells, promoting offers effectively, and tracking revenue data, you can maximize profits from your virtual event. Diversifying revenue streams beyond ticket sales ensures sustainable income and long-term success. Start implementing these strategies to create a profitable and memorable virtual event experience for attendees and partners alike!


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