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How Can You Design Eye-Catching Pinterest Pin Templates to Promote Products?

Pinterest offers a visual platform to inspire audiences and promote products. However, a promotional pin’s success hinges on its design. Eye-catching custom templates grab attention and convey brand stories creatively.

This guide will explore Pinterest pin templates that convert along with design strategies to make your pins stand out.

Overview of Pinterest and Promotional Pins

Pinterest is a visual discovery engine where users search for and share inspirational images and videos segmented into themed boards. The platform reaches over 400 million monthly active users.

Businesses take advantage of Pinterest’s engaged user base by creating Promoted Pins – targeted ads within feeds. However, organic pins also represent opportunities for organic promotion and traffic.

Visual content shared on Pinterest must be adapted into vertical Pin formats viewable in feeds. Companies should design custom templates for pins highlighting products rather than just uploading product images directly.

Promotional pin templates that creatively showcase products in ways aligning to Pinterest’s aesthetic and user behavior will perform better. First let’s examine tactical elements for compelling pins.

Key Ingredients in High-Converting Promotional Pins

Before exploring pin templates, understanding the core tactical elements of a quality pin is useful:

High-Resolution Images

Pins appear small in feeds, so crisp images are essential. Use original uncompressed images over 2000 pixels wide saved at JPG quality 80 or higher.

Text Overlays

Include a short title plus concise descriptive text positioned thoughtfully around key image areas. Avoid covering main subject.

Logos and Watermarks

Subtle branding like logos, username, or website name identifies the source. Watermarks deter repinning. But don’t obstruct image.

Link Back to Site

Enable the linked website option when pinning images. This directs traffic from repins. Use a relevant page, not just homepage.

Vertical Orientation

Pins are portrait style. Most horizontal landscape images won’t fill the pin frame fully unless cropped. Shoot photos accordingly.

Appealing Color Palettes

Vibrant pins perform best, but avoid oversaturation. Use complementary or contrasting color schemes that feel cohesive.

Uncluttered Composition

Leading subjects should have visual prominence in clean compositions. Avoid busy backgrounds competing with focus areas.

Consistent Styling

Maintain a cohesive visual brand style across pins using fonts, filters, palettes, and image treatments tailored to your niche.

Engaging Captions

The pin title and description spark curiosity to entice clicks. Ask questions and highlight benefits.

Targeted Keywords

Incorporate keywords in text that Pinterest users search related to your products. Optimize for SEO.

With these core pin elements in mind, let’s explore creative templates to elevate your pins above basic product images.

Product Pin Templates

Since pins are ads, simply showing catalog product shots fails to capture attention amidst recipe photos and lifestyle imagery. Try these template ideas:

Mockup in Context

Style products attractively in real-world settings and themes relevant to the product experience. Position pens on an artful journal or display towels in a soothing bathroom vignette.

Shoppable Room Scenes

Photograph products in a cohesive home or office setting following a style like modern, industrial, or bohemian to inspire and connect back to your brand world.

Flat Lay Product Style

Flat lay shots are an Instagram favorite now popular on Pinterest too. Arrange products in an artsy overlapping still life angled from above on a solid background. Add props.

Infographic Pins

Visually compare product features, highlight specifications, or map out decision paths through infographic-style pins mixing graphics, icons, text, charts, and visual callouts.

DIY / How-To Pins

Show your product in action through a quick DIY recipe pin or visual tutorial outlining how to use the product step-by-step to boost utility.

Quote Pins

Overly inspirational or motivating quotes speaking to your brand mission layered over product photos make great lifestyle pins. Keep language authentic.

Announcement Pins

Don’t just advertise products. Share company news and announcements related to the product launch like special collaborations or new funding milestones.

Behind-the-Scenes Pins

Offer an insider look into product design, manufacturing, testing, and company culture through documentary-style photography. Show authentic behind-the-scenes process.

Comparison Pins

Compare your product with competitors or before/after versions through graphics with callout text blocks, charts, icons, and annotation lines contrasting key differences and benefits.

Interactive Pins

Pinterest now supports shoppable interactive pins like quizzes and configurators where users can customize options which drive traffic to adapted product pages.

Video Pins

Snack-sized videos demoing products add motion and transparency. Show quick recipes, how-tos, and brand stories. Add text and logos overlays to technical diagrams or footage.

Repinning competitors may feel like validation. But views don’t equal conversions. Craft pin templates that strategically highlight your products versus barebones e-commerce images. Let creativity differentiate your pins.

Design Principles for Engaging Pins

Beyond templates, applying core design principles creates overall aesthetic and functional impact:

Lead the Eye

Strategically guide the viewer’s gaze using principles like the rule of thirds, visual hierarchy, and diagonal lines pointing to key subjects. Create depth and layers.

Showcase Benefits

Communicate product benefits clearly like before/after contrasts, tutorial animations, Using in lifestyle context illustrates value. Don’t rely on features alone. Solve pain points visually.

Align Brand Personality

Maintain consistent mood, tone, and style tailored to your brand across pins even when using different content forms like quotes or flat lay photography.

Try Trending Aesthetics

Monitor visual social media trends like Y2K, indie, cyberpunk, cottagecore, or surrealism. Produce limited edition pins adapting signature elements like colors, textures, and compositions.

Optimize Typography

Text legibility is key on small pins. Use ample spacing between distinctive fonts that render clearly as graphics in feeds. numbers, and Creatively integrate inspiring quotes, statistics, words.

Use Authentic Stock Photos

Stock photos look generic. Capture branded lifestyle images showcasing real diversity. Or use platforms like Storyblocks offering high-quality, on-brand stock.

Make it Shoppable

Link pins to shoppable product pages, add pricing info, include discount codes, or enable Pinterest checkout capabilities for streamlined conversion.

Pin Series

Create a series of thematic pins that build on each other. Cross-link Pins through consistent hashtags or captions driving to a linked collection of Pins or site.

Balance Promotion With Value

Don’t make Pins solely about pushing products. Offer tangible advice, tips and inspiration that engages users, while tying in products contextually.

Test and Analyze Performance

Run A/B split tests with pin content variations analyzing stats to determine highest-converting visuals, products, captions, and design styles worth expanding.

By blending visual inspiration with strategic product promotion, your pins become bookmarks saving ideas rather than ads avoided. Pinterest ultimately rewards utility through great design.

Optimizing Pins for Maximum Results

In addition to great design, pin optimization expands reach and conversion:

Include Targeted Keywords

Weave in 3-5 strong keywords in pin text that users search when looking for related products. This boosts discovery in Pinterest search.

Write Compelling Captions

Pose questions, incite curiosity, and highlight benefits in space-optimized captions of under 125 characters that compel profile visits and site clicks.

Cross-Promote with Links

Hyperlink text to direct repins to amplified content like blog posts, video overviews, and landing pages for multi-channel reinforcement.

Promote Pins Off-Platform

Amplify reach by sharing pins on all social channels, email newsletters, and embedding on websites and ads. Link back to profile.

Craft Engaging Pin Descriptions

Expand on captions in 150-character descriptions to build on keywords, set context, share tips, tailor to demographics, localize text, and add CTAs.

Optimize Account and Boards

Curate boards by interest graph and buyer groups. Populate with eye-catching cover images. Perfect profile branding. Engage followers.

Schedule Pin Posting

Space out pins using free scheduling tools to sustain steady exposure. Vary timing to determine peak periods for your audience across days and hours.

Enable Analytics

Install tracking pixels like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel on site to trace pin clicks to conversions. Report on ROI.

Run Pinterest Ads

Amplify best-performing organic pins using Pinterest’s powerful targeted Promoted Pin ads personalized to customer segments based on your goals.

Tag and Mention Influencers

Connect with influencers in your industry and tag or mention in relevant pins. Cross-promotion and high-quality co-created pins will mutually benefit brands.

Well-designed templates support your products visually, while pin optimization expands exposure and traffic. But ultimately you need conversion tracking to complete the picture.

Tracking Pin Performance

Analyze Pinterest metrics to refine your approach:


This reveals how often your pins are shown to users as they browse – critical for growing awareness. Benchmark and aim to increase impressions through optimization.


Clicks show real interest in your content. Monitor click-through-rate from impressions to gauge whether your current design and messaging resonates.

Closeup Rate

When users click to expand you pin preview, this closeup rate measures ability to generate deeper interest in your content. Higher percentages are better.

Link Clicks

Critical for driving traffic, this shows how many clicked the site link in your pin rather than just repinning the image. Lower numbers demand stronger CTAs.


Repins extend reach virally. But also track whether repins come from your own profile which inflates metrics versus organic repins from others.


Saves bookmark pins to boards so users can re-find them later. A high save rate shows captured interest. Target and engage saved pin audiences.

Embedded Pins

When your pins get embedded on third-party sites like blogs, each view counts. Seek strategic embedded pin placements to grow numbers.


Install ecommerce tracking pixels to connect pin clicks to purchases, lead sign-ups, downloads, and other conversions. Uncover value.

Regularly assess metrics for both individual pins and overall account, and continuously evolve strategies based on performance and competitive benchmarking. Pinterest can drive impressive ROI when fully optimized.

Key Takeaways

Creative templates and design principles separate great promotional pins from flat product images. Key tips include:

  • Use high-res images, overlays, logos, vertical alignment, cohesive coloring, clean compositions, captions, and keywords in pins.
  • Try templates like mockups, scenes, flat lays, infographics, video pins, quotes, and behind-the-scenes concepts to inspire.
  • Lead the eye, showcase benefits, align branding, follow trends strategically, optimize text, use quality images, make pins shoppable, and test performance.
  • Include keywords, compelling captions, cross-links, off-platform promotion, descriptive text, curated boards, and scheduling for pin optimization.
  • Analyze impressions, clicks, closeups, repins, saves, embeds, and conversions to refine approaches over time.

Pinterest ultimately rewards visual utility – pins should ignite curiosity and ideas as bookmarks, not feel like disruptive ads. Immerse products within creative templates and tell visual stories tailored to your brand. Great design flows naturally into amplification, engagement, and conversions. Turn to Pinterest’s immense influence as a visual product discovery engine by crafting pins users genuinely want to collect and share.

By Dani Davis

Dani Davis is the pen name of the writer of this blog with more 15 years of constant experience in Content marketing and informatics product, e-commerce niche.

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