Making Money With Guided Journals and Workbooks
Making Money With Guided Journals and Workbooks
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Making Money With Guided Journals and Workbooks

Interactive journals and workbooks are popular physical products helping people achieve goals, build skills and make positive life changes through prompts, exercises and habit trackers. These guided self-help tools represent proven passive income opportunities for coaches and creators educating niche audiences.

This comprehensive guide covers strategies for ideating, designing, publishing, marketing and selling bestselling journals and workbooks tailored to your unique brand and audience. Let’s dive in!

Ideating Journal and Workbook Topics

Brainstorm ideas matching your brand and audience interests where interactive guidance could provide value.

Goal Setting and Achievement

Help people define aspirations and map out steps to attain them through vision boards, strategic planning frameworks and progress tracking.

Building Healthy Habits

Enable forming habits around sleep, exercise, nutrition, mental health, relationships and creativity through checklists, schedules and rewards systems.

Finding Purpose and Passion

Facilitate identifying fulfilling work, hobbies, volunteering opportunities or lifestyle designs through value elicitation, visioning and goal setting exercises.

Boosting Productivity

Guide establishing routines, efficiency tactics, energy management, prioritization, organization, time blocking and other productivity best practices.

Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Provide prompts for managing overwhelm, relaxing, practicing mindfulness, identifying triggers, expressing gratitude, and developing healthy coping mechanisms.

Healing and Self-Care

Include activities assisting healing from grief, trauma, burnout or major life transitions through journaling, self-care planning, therapy reflections and progress tracking.

Budgeting and Finance Goals

Help users master budgets, get out of debt, save, invest, manage home finances, and accomplish money-related aspirations with worksheet templates and planning tools.

Learning New Skills

Facilitate picking up hobbies, languages, musical instruments or technical abilities through prompts sparking action, practice trackers, tip references and resources.

Defining Your Workbook Structure

Outline the core sections and flow based on your niche topic and audience journey:


Explain your guiding philosophies and how the workbook should be used. Create enthusiasm for the transformation ahead.

Self Assessment

Include questionnaires and activities defining the user’s starting point strengths, challenges, values, goals and circumstances to tailor guidance.

Education and Inspiration

Provide encouraging theories, stories, quotes, research findings and advice to motivate taking positive steps.

Vision Setting

Craft exercises guiding users to imagine their ideal scenarios and set specific goals for the change they envision.

Strategic Planning

Prompt breaking large goals into manageable steps then mapping out realistic timelines, resources and habits needed to progress.

Tracking and Accountability

Supply pages for logging intention setting, habit progression, backsliding, and keeping oneself accountable through accountability partner check-ins.

Tips and Prompts

Share ideas and questions that spark productive thinking applicable day-to-day aligned to the workbook’s core benefits.

Recap and Path Forward

Provide reflection space on growth achieved. Identify what to carry forward beyond the workbook to keep building on momentum.

Design Tips for Engaging Pages

Make pages aesthetically inviting to complete through creative templates and visuals.

Include Inspiring Imagery

Reinforce key messages and spark motivation through relevant photos, illustrations, graphic symbols that reflect workbook themes.

Guide Through Handwritten and Sketched Elements

Mimic workbook pages being filled in using handwriting fonts, doodles, and other elements creating the effect of personalized notetaking.

Use Fun Icons and Graphics

Enhance text-heavy sections with simple accompanying icons, banners, badges, frames and color blocking for increased engagement.

Balance White Space

Don’t overcrowd pages. Allow ample whitespace for user responses. Align text and sections thoughtfully.

Offer Encouraging Quotes

Insert uplifting quotes and affirmations related to growth mindset, persistence and achievement between activities.

Make it Easy to Action

Include checkboxes, space to circle options, room for written responses, dot grid journals for logging, etc built right in prompting active use.

Facilitate Sharing and Accountability

Add designated spaces for accountability partners to sign and leave notes, social media sharing, etc if desired.

Useful Design Software and Resources

Leverage these creation tools for high quality, polished results:

  • Canva – Easy drag and drop graphic design
  • Adobe InDesign – Page layout and typography
  • Adobe Illustrator – Icons, frames and graphic elements
  • Adobe Photoshop – Image editing and effects
  • Creative Market – Fonts, graphics packs, templates
  • Shutterstock – Stock photography
  • PicMonkey – Design templates and graphics capabilities
  • Bannerbear – Cover and spine design

Publisher and Printer Options

Take your completed design files and produce physical copies to sell:

Self-Publishing Platforms

Make manuscripts available through Amazon KDP, IngramSpark, Barnes and Noble Press both digitally and printed. Handle distribution.

Print-On-Demand Services

No upfront printing costs. Orders are printed one-by-one on-demand. Check Printify, Printful, Lulu and others.

Local Copy and Print Shops

For shorter runs, quality local print shops can often produce and bind workbooks cost effectively in small batches. Useful for testing demand.

Offset Printing

For large runs of 1,000+ units, offset printing offers lowest per unit costs but has high setup expenses and requires handling fulfillment and inventory.

Ecommerce Platforms

Upload finished workbooks as products to sell through your online store on platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace. Handle taxes, shipping and payments.

Promoting Workbooks Through Content and Marketing

Drive sales by educating your audience on workbook benefits across channels:

Blog Articles and Videos

Publish in-depth content around key workbook topics and sample activities. Link to purchase pages.

Social Media Promos

Share regular social posts highlighting workbook pages, tips, and success stories while linking to your store.

Launch Announcements

Inform your email list and community when new editions or versions launch. Share inside looks and discounts.

Free Downloads

Offer free companion content expanding on workbook topics like checklists, worksheets and guides. Requires opt-in emails to access.


Host live webinars walking through core workbook activities and techniques. Provide special discount codes redeemable during the live broadcast.

Giveaways and Contests

Run social contests awarding free copies to randomly selected entrants who tag friends, share posts, answer questions, etc. Stimulates buzz.

Affiliate Partnerships

Have niche influencers and bloggers join your affiliate program to promote the workbook to their aligned followers in exchange for commissions on generated sales.

Long-Term Business Development Ideas

Think beyond just the initial workbook to build an ongoing brand and audience:

Membership Community

Launch a paid community site with courses, forums and exclusive content expanding beyond the workbook material to nourish an ongoing membership program.

Live Workshops and Events

Host in-person workshops or live online events guiding users through workbook activities together in a shared experience.

Mobile App Version

Develop a mobile version of key workbook frameworks and activities so users can continue engaging conveniently on their devices.

Physical Planner Products

Apply popular workbook methodologies into formatted planners and journals that followers purchase annually.

Multiple Editions and Updates

Release updated and expanded editions over time and encourage existing users to upgrade to the latest version.

Ongoing Email Courses

Offer a sequenced, extended email course covering the workbook content through a drip campaign nurturing subscribers over time.

The workbook and self-guided journal medium allows you to scale your teaching and philosophies by packaging guidance and activities into a sellable passive income generating product. By focusing first on serving a specific audience with immense value, your publication has major profit potential.

FAQ for “Making Money With Guided Journals and Workbooks”

Why should I consider creating guided journals and workbooks?

Creating guided journals and workbooks can be a lucrative passive income opportunity, especially for coaches and creators looking to educate niche audiences. These interactive self-help tools help people achieve their goals, build skills, and make positive life changes through prompts, exercises, and habit trackers.

What topics are suitable for guided journals and workbooks?

Guided journals and workbooks can cover a wide range of topics, including goal setting and achievement, building healthy habits, finding purpose and passion, boosting productivity, reducing stress and anxiety, healing and self-care, budgeting and finance goals, learning new skills, and more. The key is to match the topic to your brand and audience interests.

How should I structure my guided journal or workbook?

The structure of your guided journal or workbook should be tailored to your niche topic and audience journey. Common sections include introduction, self-assessment, education and inspiration, vision setting, strategic planning, tracking and accountability, tips and prompts, recap and path forward. Each section should flow logically to guide users through their transformation.

What design tips should I keep in mind for engaging pages?

To make your pages aesthetically inviting, consider including inspiring imagery, handwritten and sketched elements, fun icons and graphics, ample white space, encouraging quotes, action-oriented elements like checkboxes, and designated spaces for sharing and accountability. Balance is key to ensuring that your pages are visually appealing and functional.

How can I publish and sell my guided journal or workbook?

You can publish and sell your guided journal or workbook through self-publishing platforms like Amazon KDP, print-on-demand services like Printful, local copy and print shops for shorter runs, offset printing for larger runs, and ecommerce platforms like Shopify. Choose the option that best suits your needs and budget.

How can I promote my guided journal or workbook effectively?

Promote your guided journal or workbook through various channels, including blog articles and videos, social media promos, launch announcements to your email list, free downloads of companion content, webinars, giveaways and contests, affiliate partnerships with influencers, and long-term business development ideas like membership communities and live workshops.

What long-term business development ideas can I explore?

Consider expanding beyond just the initial workbook by launching a membership community, hosting live workshops and events, developing a mobile app version, creating physical planner products, releasing multiple editions and updates, and offering ongoing email courses. These strategies can help you build an ongoing brand and audience.


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