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The Best Digital Products for Generating Passive Revenue

One of the most accessible ways to earn substantial passive income involves selling digital products and assets online.

Digital goods face low barriers to entry given minimal overhead, inventory and startup costs. Information-based products also leverage skills anyone can cultivate like creating educational content vs physical trades.

This comprehensive guide will provide an overview of the top-earning and most popular digital products able to generate meaningful recurring passive income.

Follow this blueprint to identify promising digital product business models you can launch to secure your financial future:

Why Earn With Digital Products?

Digital products provide major advantages over physical goods:

Higher Margins

No manufacturing or shipping costs mean you keep more profit from each sale. Digital products boast margins over 90%.


Automated delivery allows you to sell products to unlimited customers without incremental effort per sale. Income scales exponentially.

Evergreen Sales

Digital products like books, courses and software continue earning for months or years after initial creation. Build once, profit indefinitely.

Global Market Reach

You can sell information products to anyone worldwide with an internet connection. Geographic barriers disappear.

Low Startup Costs

Begin selling digital goods for little more than a laptop and internet connection. No rent, inventory or supplies needed.

Time Flexibility

With products hosted online, you can operate your digital business remotely anywhere in the world on your own schedule.

Selling digital products online means maximizing income potential while minimizing required resources and startup costs. But with low barriers to entry comes high competition. You need the right blueprint and execution strategy.

Let’s examine proven digital product models able to earn you passive income month after month.

Digital Product #1: Online Courses

Online courses represent one of the most lucrative digital products, especially for established experts.

You simply package your specialized knowledge into a structured learning program delivered through video lessons, written materials, exams and other digital formats. Students purchase lifetime access to your course hosted on your website or platforms like Udemy and Teachable.

For example, a marketer could record a 10+ hour online course teaching their proven process for content creation and search engine optimization success. A chef might film cooking tutorials teaching professional-level culinary techniques.

The beauty of online courses is earning passive income indefinitely from work performed once during initial course production. Your course continues selling to new students for years with minimal added effort.

Maximizing course success involves:

  • Pinpointing in-demand skills/niches to teach
  • Filming high-quality video lessons and lectures
  • Structuring courses for maximum learning retention
  • Pricing courses competitively but profitably
  • Heavily promoting through SEO, social media, affiliates

Online courses require significant upfront time investment but immense income potential exists long-term by transforming your expertise into perpetual student value.

Digital Product #2: Informational eBooks

Authoring and self-publishing educational ebooks represents a relatively low-effort digital product able to generate passive royalties.

Nearly any skills or knowledge you possess can be transformed into a valuable ebook teaching readers specialized information they’ll happily purchase access to.

For example, you could write an ebook sharing little-known tax loopholes for real estate investors. Or compile your best healthy baking recipes into a digital cookbook.

Once your ebook is finalized, you can self-publish through platforms like Amazon KDP, Apple Books, Google Play, and more. As readers purchase copies, you earn royalties on each sale.

Maximizing ebook passive income involves:

  • Researching popular searched topics in your niche
  • Outlining chapters to teach readers effectively
  • Following ebook genre structures and best practices
  • Hiring professional cover designers and editors
  • Pricing competitively below $10 per copy
  • Promoting heavily during launch periods

While requiring significant upfront writing time, successful ebooks can continue earning you royalties indefinitely with little maintenance. Writing once but profiting long-term makes ebooks a top passive income model.

Digital Product #3: Membership Sites

Membership sites allow collecting recurring revenue by charging members monthly or annual fees for access to premium, exclusive content.

For example, you could offer a photography site charging $20 monthly to access Lightroom preset packs, masterclasses, video tutorials, and monthly live Q&As.

Or build a membership community for divorcees providing virtual courses, coaching calls, meetups and a private forum.

The key is structuring exclusive, high-value benefits targeted members specifically need and offering new content consistently.

Maximizing membership site income involves:

  • Identifying a niche willing to pay for insider access
  • Outlining membership benefits tailored to audience needs
  • Consistently adding fresh, quality content to retain members
  • Building online community through discussions and networking
  • Sending promotional email campaigns highlighting new content

By delivering new value each month, a membership site can become an automated money-maker year after year.

Digital Product #4: Video Tutorial Packages

Bundling your step-by-step video tutorials into organized downloadable packages represents another scalable digital product model.

For example, a social media manager could sell access to abundle of tutorials covering content creation, Instagram growth tactics, influencer outreach pitches, ad management, and more.

A photographer might sell a collection of videos teaching posing techniques, editing tricks, lighting breakdowns, and other photography skills.

The benefit of comprehensive video packages is providing in-demand specialized knowledge you likely won’t find for free on YouTube. Especially skills that help people earn more income.

Maximizing video tutorial package income involves:

  • Filming professionally with excellent lighting/audio
  • Structuring tactical, outcome-focused lessons
  • Bundling niche skills difficult to learn elsewhere
  • Pricing bundle commensurate to collective value
  • Promoting as evergreen assets vs one-off launches

Helpful training content continues selling indefinitely. The more tutorials you can bundle together, the higher the lifetime value.

Digital Product #5: Software as a Service (SaaS)

Developing niche web or mobile apps powered by recurring subscription payments represents one of the most scalable digital models.

Rather than selling software outright, you charge an ongoing monthly/annual fee for users to access your app or platform. This results in predictable recurring revenue.

Businesses are increasingly willing to pay for well-designed software that saves them time or boosts productivity like data analytics tools, project management platforms, CRMs and more.

The keys to maximizing software income include:

  • Solving urgent business or consumer problems
  • Making software intuitive and easy-to-use
  • Offering tiered pricing plans
  • Focusing on retention and stellar support
  • Releasing continual feature enhancements

While SaaS requires significant upfront development work, tremendous passive income potential exists long-term by providing perpetual user value.

Digital Product #6: Stock Media Licensing

Earning royalties from stock photos, video, graphics, templates and more represents one of the most scalable digital models:

You simply contribute your media content like photos, video clips, fonts, templates etc. to stock licensing marketplaces like Adobe, Shutterstock, Envato and more.

When other businesses license your assets for projects, ads or content, you earn a commission. Top-selling stock media can drive substantial passive royalties at high margins, especially once portfolios scale.

Maximizing stock media income involves:

  • Creating diverse commercially-viable media content
  • Tagging and optimizing assets for searchability
  • Building large portfolios of assets over time
  • Adding fresh content continually to expand offerings

Stock media represents true set-it-and-forget passive income. Just a few pieces of viral content can earn residuals indefinitely without extra promotional effort.

Digital Product #7: Affiliate Marketing Assets

Turning affiliate promotions into more scalable passive assets through content upgrades and lead magnets leverages your existing audience:

For example, a beauty blogger could compile her best makeup & skincare affiliate recommendations into an ebook gated behind an email opt-in.

A product reviewer can produce videos demos of his favorite kitchen gadgets then promote the full video collection as a purchasable package.

Even simple assets like email templates promoting various affiliate offers sent out to your list on autopilot provide passive value.

Maximizing affiliate asset income involves:

  • Featuring only genuine recommendations you believe in
  • Repurposing content into paid products vs just one-off posts
  • Offering subscribers additional value beyond standalone links
  • Tracking conversion data to double down on what monetizes best

When designed effectively, affiliate marketing assets earn residual income from promotional work performed once while readers appreciate the helpful guidance.

Digital Product #8: Printables and Templates

Offering templates, planners, guides and printables targeted to in-demand niches like diy projects, fitness goals, budgeting, project management etc. can earn passive income.

For example, a designer could sell social media post templates through Etsy. Or a budgeting expert might offer printable financial goal tracking templates.

The benefit of templates and printables is they deliver immediate value digitally with no wait compared to physical shipped products. Users access files instantly.

Maximizing printable templates and downloads involves:

  • Identifying sought-after templates and documents
  • Crafting visually appealing, high-quality designs
  • Offering files instantly available digitally vs shipping
  • Building collection catalogs over time
  • Showcasing satisfied customer uses

While each individual sale may be low, volume across a comprehensive marketplace store or template club can drive meaningful revenue through ongoing perpetual sales.

Digital Product #9: Podcast Monetization

Podcasts themselves can be structured as passive income assets through sponsorships, affiliate links and premium subscription perks.

By hosting advertiser sponsorships, sharing select affiliate links, or offering access to exclusive additional content, podcasts can earn residual income through recurring opportunities like:

  • Sponsor Mid-Roll Ads – Popular podcasts can charge sponsors $10-$50+ CPM (per thousand downloads)
  • Affiliate Links in Show Notes – Include helpful product recommendations
  • Premium Episodes – Gate some episodes behind member paywall
  • Ad-Free Feeds – Offer ad-free experience for paying subscribers
  • Insider Bonuses – Provide transcripts, cheat sheets, discounts etc. for subscribers

Podcast audiences represent highly-engaged niche communities making them monetizable through creative means.

Digital Product #10: Music Streaming Royalties

Musicians can earn recurring music streaming royalties through sites like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and more:

Upload your songs to streaming platforms either directly or through an aggregator like CD Baby. They will then be added to playlists and radio streams.

Each stream pays fractional royalties that add up with volume. Top tracks across major streaming services can drive substantial passive income.

Maximizing streaming music income involves:

  • Distributing best work across all top streaming platforms
  • Engaging listeners to follow and share your artist profile
  • Analyzing streaming analytics to guide content decisions
  • Releasing fresh music consistently to provide more earners
  • Using passive playlist placements to gain new listeners

While requiring upfront creation of high-quality songs, streaming music earns totally passive global royalties at scale once your catalog is established.

Recap of Top Digital Passive Income Products

The most accessible and lucrative digital products for earning ongoing passive revenue include:

  • Online Courses
  • eBooks
  • Membership Sites
  • Video Tutorial Packages
  • Software as a Service
  • Stock Media Licensing
  • Affiliate Marketing Assets
  • Templates and Printables
  • Podcast Monetization
  • Music Streaming Royalties


Passive income opens doors to financial freedom and location independence. While many models exist, information-based digital products offer low barriers to entry allowing anyone to begin earning with minimal startup resources and costs.

Leveraging online platforms makes scalability infinite. For example, an ebook can continue selling for years with no inventory limitations. Apps can serve endless users without marginal costs per additional customer.

The key is identifying high-demand niche markets and crafting digital products skillfully with outstanding user experience. Automate as much as possible for hands-off income.

You now have a framework of profitable, accessible passive digital product models. It’s time to start executing. Even creating just one optimized online product today can secure your financial future indefinitely.

By Dani Davis

Dani Davis is the pen name of the writer of this blog with more 15 years of constant experience in Content marketing and informatics product, e-commerce niche.

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