Creating Timeless Instrumentals vs. Trendy Beats: Approaches to Composition
Creating Timeless Instrumentals vs. Trendy Beats: Approaches to Composition
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Creating Timeless Instrumentals vs. Trendy Beats: Approaches to Composition


One of the big creative choices instrumentalists, producers and composers face is whether to focus on crafting timeless musical works with longevity or capitalizing on current trends and sounds, though the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Understanding the nuanced differences between goals of creating enduring instrumental music that stands the test of time versus catchy beats that tap into what’s hot right now can help guide your creative process and career.

Characteristics of Timeless Instrumentals

Instrumental music that retains relevance, emotional resonance and audience appeal across decades and styles often shares these traits:

Memorable Melodic Hooks

A catchy, hummable melodic motif instantly sticks in listeners’ minds.

Harmonic Complexity

Sophisticated chords and progressions reveal new layers over repeated listens.

Meticulous Composition

Every element deliberately crafted for maximum impact.

Novel Song Structures

Ability to still surprise listeners on the hundredth play.

Organic Instrumentation

Avoiding overly technological sounds tied to moments in time.

Universal Themes

Emotionally potent subject matter that connects directly to the human experience.

Captivating Improvisation

Live instrumental spontaneity and interplay that compels attention.

The greatest works aim for resonance over trends.

Pursuing Musical Timelessness

Some mindsets and practices instrumentalists use to create music that stands the test of time include:

Studying the Classics

Veteran composers intimately learned foundations of Western music.

Focusing on Songwriting Craft

Meticulously honing arrangements and progressive structures.

Mastering Your Instrument

Developing the technical skill to execute sophisticated musical ideas.

Composing Beyond Current Genres

Avoiding rigid tropes and cliches of any one style.

Drawing From Diverse Influences

Letting wide-ranging inspirations distill into your own personal sound.

Performing Live Extensively

Capturing the spontaneity and imperfection of live instrumentation.

Recording Organically

Opting for warm, rich production that won’t sound dated later.

Visiting Themes Universally Relatable

Love, loss, desire, struggle – the essence of human experience.

Signs of Trend-Driven Instrumental Music

On the other end of the spectrum, instrumental music created to capitalize on current fads tends to exhibit these traits:

Following Proven Formulas

Mimicking compositions that are hot at the moment.

Relying on Clichés

Overused beats, sounds and patterns tied to genres.

Prioritizing Technology

Focused on the latest gear, plugins and production techniques.

Quick Creation

Emphasis on volume over refinement.

Hyper-Specialized Sound

Pigeonholed in a narrow stylistic lane.

Topical Subject Matter

Lyrics about fleeting moments unlikely to endure.

Response to Data

Designed to game metrics and algorithms.

Made for Playlists

Grating hooks aimed for passive listening.

Chasing trends rarely leads to resonance.

Evaluating Composition Goals

As you undertake new instrumental projects, assess these factors:

Do you aim for widespread acclaim and legacy?

Or quick engagement and streams?

Will this hold meaning in 10+ years?

Or just capitalize on a sound of the moment?

Are you breaking new ground?

Or reproducing familiar tropes?

Does it showcase virtuosity?

Or rely on pure technology?

Does it capture the universality of human experience?

Or narrowly target a specific audience?

Will it reveal new depths over time?

Or be instantly disposable?

Consider your aspirations and how to best craft enduring works.

Benefits of Timeless Instrumentals

Pieces that stand the test of time offer unique advantages, like:

Ongoing Cultural Relevance

Ability to resonate with listeners for generations, not just temporarily capture zeitgeist.

Evergreens for Synchronization

Highly licenseable for use in films, commercials, trailers. Vintage yet fresh.

Perennial Performance Value

Bands continue covering and learning material decades later.

Expanded Listening Demographics

Appeal to both older and younger audiences.

Catalog Viability

Labels retain interest in compiling anniversary editions and vault releases.

Long-Term Income

Lifelong back-end royalty potential from lasting audience appeal.

Creative Fulfillment

Pride in creating meaningful works that shape culture.

Cons of Trend-Chasing

While sometimes lucrative in the moment, capitalizing on fleeting trends has downsides like:

Limited Shelf Life

Fades quickly once styles evolve. Difficult to sustain career on.

Disposable Content

Low likelihood of building a substantive catalog.

Constraints Creativity

Compromising vision to fit formulas hampers artistic growth.

Diminished Credibility

Dismissed as derivative by serious instrumentalists.

Reduced Synchronization & Cover Value

Dated niche styles limit lucrative licensing and cover recording potential.

Algorithms Overtake Tastes

Speculating on metrics leads composition astray.

left Chasing the Next Big Thing

Constant pressure to reinvent your sound scrambles musical identity.

Fame and success can prove fleeting without musicianship grounded in timeless instrumental principles.

Combining Approaches

The two philosophies don’t need to be mutually exclusive. Ways producers can balance both include:

Experiment With Trends Thoughtfully

Engage modern styles and sounds on your own terms through a timeless musical lens.

Integrate Updated Production

Blend contemporary techniques like distortion, glitch and textural effects into solid instrumental foundations.

Feature Classic Instruments

Prominently spotlight instruments like piano, guitar and brass sections while subtly incorporating modern influences.

Reimagine Vintage Styles

Give retro genres like jazz, rock and funk a fresh spin instead of pure rehash.

Separate Projects

Dedicate some compositions to chasing trends, while reserving others for timelessness.

Assess Viability

Occasionally stepping back objectively to evaluate if current works will age well.

The key is selectively, artfully bridging past and present.


Most instrumentalists want to create music that impacts culture broadly and for the long haul. But the allure of capitalizing on popular trends is powerful as well. Finding the right balance requires honest creative introspection, evaluating your core aspirations as a composer, and deciding thoughtfully where your true passions lie. If crafted skillfully with substance beyond style alone, it’s possible to resonate both immediately and for eons. But never lose sight of which forms of instrumental music stand the greatest chance of bearing your unique creative voice to future generations.

FAQ for “Creating Timeless Instrumentals vs. Trendy Beats: Approaches to Composition”

1. What are the characteristics of timeless instrumentals?

  • Timeless instrumentals often feature memorable melodic hooks, harmonic complexity, meticulous composition, novel song structures, organic instrumentation, universal themes, and captivating improvisation.

2. What mindsets and practices can instrumentalists use to create timeless music?

  • Instrumentalists can create timeless music by studying the classics, focusing on songwriting craft, mastering their instruments, composing beyond current genres, drawing from diverse influences, performing live extensively, and recording organically.

3. What are the signs of trend-driven instrumental music?

  • Trend-driven instrumental music tends to follow proven formulas, rely on clichés, prioritize technology, involve quick creation, have hyper-specialized sounds, feature topical subject matter, respond to data, and target playlists.

4. How can composers evaluate their composition goals?

  • Composers can evaluate their composition goals by considering whether they aim for widespread acclaim and legacy or quick engagement and streams, if their music will hold meaning in the long term or just capitalize on current trends, whether they are breaking new ground or reproducing familiar tropes, among other factors.

5. What are the benefits of creating timeless instrumentals?

  • Creating timeless instrumentals offers benefits such as ongoing cultural relevance, evergreens for synchronization, perennial performance value, expanded listening demographics, catalog viability, long-term income potential, and creative fulfillment.

6. What are the drawbacks of trend-chasing in instrumental music?

  • Trend-chasing in instrumental music can lead to limited shelf life, disposable content, constrained creativity, diminished credibility, reduced synchronization and cover value, susceptibility to algorithms overtaking tastes, and constant pressure to chase the next big thing.

7. How can producers balance timeless composition with engaging current trends?

  • Producers can balance timeless composition with engaging current trends by experimenting with trends thoughtfully, integrating updated production techniques, featuring classic instruments while incorporating modern influences, reimagining vintage styles, separating projects for different purposes, and periodically assessing the viability of their works.


Finding the right balance between creating timeless instrumentals and engaging with current trends requires introspection, evaluation of core aspirations, and thoughtful decision-making as a composer. By skillfully crafting music with substance beyond style alone, composers can resonate both immediately and for generations to come.


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