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Top Etsy Tools & Apps to Manage Orders, Listings & Finances

While Etsy provides a built-in backend dashboard to manage shop tasks, an entire ecosystem of apps has emerged to help automate and streamline selling processes even further.

This comprehensive guide covers the best apps available for managing key facets of running an Etsy shop, including orders, listings, inventory, shipping, accounting, social media marketing and more. Integrating the right solutions can save sellers hours of tedious administrative work each week.

Order and Shipping Management Apps

Efficiently processing orders is essential for providing a stellar buying experience and managing cash flow. These apps optimize order workflows:

Etsy Shipping Labels

Etsy’s integrated postage solution offers discounted USPS Commercial Plus Pricing and seamlessly syncs tracking with orders.


Robust platform for managing multi-channel orders, creating labels, tracking shipments and refunding orders all in one dashboard.


Prints USPS and UPS labels at discounted commercial rates. Offers automation like custom branded packing slips and tracking emails.


Connects with all major carriers for discounted labels. Enables automating tracking emails, returns portal setup, and customs paperwork for international orders.

Pirate Ship

Discounted USPS Priority and First Class shipping rates. Fully integrates with Etsy, Shopify and other platforms. Offers branded tracking pages.


Suite combines SMS delivery updates, post-purchase surveys, customer support ticketing, and reviews generation to elevate post-purchase experience.

Etsy Tracking Uploader

Bulk upload order tracking numbers from any provider instead of manually typing in each Etsy order’s shipping field.

Seamless shipping processes get purchases delivered fast and affordably while keeping customers informed.

Inventory and Supply Chain Tools

Monitoring and optimizing inventory is crucial to ensure sought-after products remain consistently stocked. Helpful apps include:


Robust solution syncs inventory across Etsy, Shopify, Amazon and other sales channels. Provides purchase order and supplier management.


Inventory management for both manufacturers and resellers with insights on turnover rates, levels, and sales velocity plus Valet inventory service.


All-in-one solution includes inventory and order management, accounting, and connections to suppliers for easily managing supply chain.


Uses historical sales data to generate demand forecasts that determine optimal inventory quantities needed. Prevents costly stockouts or overages.


Scanner app tracks inventory counts easily by barcode as you receive wholesale orders or sell items. Data syncs across connected platforms.


Compares current listings and SKUs with latest supplier catalogs to find discrepancies that createavoidable out of stocks.


Centralizes product data including SKUs, photos, and order histories across all connected sales channels in one dashboard.

Proper inventory practices ensure supply keeps pace with sales demand so customers can buy popular offerings anytime.

Listing and Catalog Management Tools

Creating, managing and updating hundreds or thousands of product listings demands automation. Helpful apps include:


Analyzes your Etsy shop and competitors to generate keyword and trend optimized listing ideas tailored to your niche and products.


All-in-one dashboard provides deep shop analytics plus tools to create listings in bulk, manage inventory, track keywords, and optimize SEO.


List perfectly priced products by syncing inventory catalogs to auto-calculate prices based on customized formulas factoring in costs, margins and competition.

Listing Joy

Top-rated app for creating listings in bulk from spreadsheet templates or existing products. Manages inventory counts, photos, etc in one view.


Makes it easy to build professional listings by providing thousands of customizable templates, photos and marketing materials.


Finds duplicate and underperforming listings needing refreshing. Updates stale inventory counts and prices across variations.


Syncs entire product catalogs including inventory, variants, and images across Etsy, Shopify, Amazon, eBay and custom sites.

Robust catalog and listing management is foundational to maximizing exposure and sales.

Accounting and Financial Apps

Tracking income, expenses, profitability, and taxes is easier with accounting tools tailored for Etsy sellers:

QuickBooks Self-Employed

Tracks income, expenses, quarterly taxes and deductions. Optimized for service businesses and contractors. Integrates with bank accounts.


Free software includes invoicing, accounting, payroll and receipt scanning. Paid plans add features like accounting support.


Generates financial reports that calculate COGS, break even, and profitability by product based on your sales and costs data.

Receipt Bank

Scans and categorizes receipts and bills automatically to simplify expense and deduction tracking. Integrates with QuickBooks.


Logs mileage driven for business purposes via app to capture deductible costs. Auto-generates mileage reports.


Automates sales tax reporting and filing across channels. Provides tax savings insights and optimized sales tax settings.

Rigorous financial tracking provides real-time visibility into shop profitability while maximizing write-offs come tax season.

Email Marketing Apps

Email marketing generates sales by nurturing subscriber relationships. Helpful apps include:


The most popular email marketing platform. Flexible segments, automations, and integrations. Generous free plan available.


Powerful segmentation and behavioral email triggers make messages highly personalized. Tracks detailed analytics.


Great for ecommerce. Enables on-site behavioral triggers, SMS messaging, and omnichannel campaigns.


Easy sign up bars, referral programs and email capture forms integrate with Shopify and WordPress. Email and SMS capabilities.


Unique features include direct Etsy checkout links in emails and individual customer tracking to segment by behaviors and interests.


Very affordable and beginner friendly. Pre-designed templates, automation, and basic analytics.

Email marketing integration helps sellers nurture and convert subscribers into repeat customers with targeted communications.

Social Media Management Tools

Expanding your shop’s social media reach can hugely impact sales. Helpful apps include:


Helps manage multiple social profiles in one dashboard. Provides analytics, scheduling, and team collaboration features.


Enables easily scheduling posts in advance. Profiles analyze best posting times and suggestions for social media experiments to try.


Graphic-focused scheduling tailored for Instagram and Pinterest including batch uploading, post planning and auto-publishing.


Top-rated tool for Pinterest marketers features smart scheduling, collaboration, and content recommendations driven by trend data.


Creates eye-catching Instagram content from templates and user-generated posts. Includes analytics and planning calendar.


Great Instagram scheduler for prolific posters. Helps keep to optimal posting cadence and automatically adds relevant hashtags.

Expanding your social media reach helps attract followers who convert to shop visits and customers.

Photoshoot and Editing Tools

Engaging product photography is hugely important for Etsy conversions. Helpful apps include:


Removes busy backgrounds with one click to create clean white backgrounds and transparent images. Simple editing included.


Free browser-based Photoshop alternative with layers, filters, image editing tools and more. Great for simple photo editing needs.


Mobile app for quick edits like tuning color, sharpening details, applying filters and fixing perspective distortions.


Intuitive graphic design and collage creation tools to style product photos. Offers templates, fonts, graphics and effects.


Easy to use graphic design platform including thousands of templates, fonts, illustrations and editing capabilities.


Automates editing product photos at scale, fixing lighting, cropping, and removing backgrounds with AI tech.


Artificially generates additional unique product photos at scale by applying backgrounds, effects, angles etc.

Powerful photo editing and graphic design tools create eye-catching images that make products irresistible.

Feedback and Review Management

Customer reviews make or break conversion rates. These apps help:


Offers multiple review generation solutions including email and on-site prompts. Publishes reviews across channels automatically.


Imports reviews from everywhere to display on site. Sends review requests and surveyed feedback triggers. Analyzes performance.


Manages customer interactions end-to-end. Enables responding to reviews, collecting feedback via messaging, and generating leads.


Review plugin for Etsy and Shopify that displays ratings across multiple channels to build trust. Sends reminders to leave reviews.


Creates branded customer satisfaction surveys you email to recent purchasers. Syncs survey responses to analyze and improve.


Captures email, social media and reviews then displays key snippets dynamically on site to highlight positive feedback.

Proactive review generation and management improves star ratings and buyer confidence at checkout.

Market Research and Competitive Analysis

Monitoring your niche provides useful insights to inform strategies. Helpful tools include:

Google Trends

Displays interest over time in keywords, allowing you to gauge seasonal impacts and identify emerging related keywords based on correlations.


Etsy-specific tool provides competitors’ sales estimates, reverse ASIN lookup, shopper demographics, search analysis, and listing analytics.


Tracks your Etsy shop’s rankings for target keywords against competitors over time. Finds opportunities to move up in search positions.


Market intelligence providing traffic insights on competitors, industry keywords, top referral sites, geography analytics, and web and mobile app usage data.

Jungle Scout

View rating distributions, sales volume, opportunity scores, price analysis and other data points on Amazon competitors to inform your ecommerce strategies.


Reveals competitors’ top-performing keywords and search/paid ad strategies. Tracks keyword rankings across search engines over time.

Market research derived from data minimizes guesswork when evaluating opportunities and threats as you grow your Etsy shop.

Additional Etsy Management Tools

Misc. helpful apps cover other important aspects of running Etsy shops efficiently:

  • Placeit – Creates mockups for banners, social posts, product branding etc. using custom templates.
  • Printify – Drops ship merch like t-shirts, mugs and other printable products ordered from your Etsy shop.
  • Printful – Same as above but also integrates warehousing and order fulfillment.
  • Adobe Express – Quickly create branded marketing materials from templates.
  • Oberlo – Find products to import and resell while automating dropshipping order fulfillment.
  • Pattern – Builds polished Shopify stores integrated with Etsy that unify your brand across channels.
  • Veeqo – Manages inventory across brick and mortar store, Etsy, Amazon and more all in one dashboard.
  • Soldsie – Embeds shoppable badges and links on social media and emails that enable instant one click purchasing.

Explore category-specific solutions as your needs grow beyond core order and listing management. The right tools become force multipliers allowing small teams to operate at enterprise scale.

Tips for Evaluating and Choosing Etsy Tools

With so many apps available, focus on needs-based solutions that enhance efficiency in priority areas first.

  • Solve clear pain points – Opt for tools alleviating tedious tasks that drain your time.
  • Check reviews and testimonials – Verify tools deliver as promised for other Etsy sellers before integrating.
  • Request demos – Take tools for a test drive before committing to understand the usability and capabilities.
  • Evaluate support options – Factor in responsive customer service and resources like knowledge bases when deciding.
  • Assess costs – Weigh one-time fees versus recurring subscriptions in your budget. Some offer free plans.
  • Start small – Introduce solutions incrementally vs. all at once to evaluate impact before expanding further.

Choosing purpose-built apps with the right feature set allows your shop to operate much more efficiently as it scales. Don’t over invest in unnecessary tools offering little real utility. Target solutions delivering the most tangible time and money savings based on how you operate.

Tips for Integrating New Tools into Your Processes

Once you’ve selected tools to help manage key aspects of your Etsy shop, setting them up successfully takes some care:

  • Read instructions fully – Don’t skim. Take time to understand and properly set up tools to utilize them fully.
  • Watch tutorials – Many vendors provide useful video walkthroughs and onboarding training guides.
  • Map your workflows – Diagram how the new solutions fit with your existing systems and processes for clarity.
  • Start using immediately – Don’t let new tools languish after purchase. Apply them daily to form habits.
  • Personalize configurations – Tailor tools to your nomenclature, products, styles etc. so they integrate seamlessly.
  • Designate power users – Train staff who will use tools most as go-to resources if teammates have questions.
  • Measure results – Continuously evaluate whether tools are delivering the desired ROI and productivity boost.

Don’t underestimate the initial time investment required to successfully onboard new tech and embed it into your daily operations for the best payoff.

Best Practices for Managing Multiple Tools and Systems

As your Etsy shop’s tech stack grows, managing numerous solutions can become complex on its own. Some tips for preventing tool overload:

  • Audit what you already use – Eliminate redundant or little-used tools constantly to simplify your stack.
  • Cohesively organize logins – Use a password manager so all credentials stay accessible without hassle.
  • Designate tool owners – Assign team members to fully own specific solutions so everyone doesn’t need total familiarity with every platform.
  • Create cross-training programs – Document step-by-step standard operating procedures for critical tools so knowledge isn’t siloed.
  • Standardize workflows – Establish consistent naming conventions, folders, processes etc. across platforms for greater interoperability.
  • Connect tools where possible – Choose apps like order management and accounting that integrate to transfer data instead of manual exports/imports.
  • Build bridges for disparate tools – Use Zapier to automate workflows between platforms lacking native integration.

Efficient tool management ensures your tech stack remains streamlined and manageable over time, despite growth.


While Etsy provides great baseline ecommerce functionality, integrating complementary third-party apps tailored to your shop’s needs enables you to operate much more efficiently.

The right solutions automate repetitive tasks, provide valuable analytics, and help you manage the many moving parts of overseeing an Etsy shop as it scales.

Carefully evaluate new tools against your most pressing pain points before integrating broadly. Measure tangibly how much time and money apps help you save.

What Etsy tools have you found particularly helpful for better managing your shop? Please share your recommendations and integration tips in the comments below!

By Dani Davis

Dani Davis is the pen name of the writer of this blog with more 15 years of constant experience in Content marketing and informatics product, e-commerce niche.

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