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What Are Some Types of Digital Products?

Digital products are non-physical items sold online delivering value through digital files and access. The low overhead and global reach make digital products an appealing opportunity for entrepreneurs, creators, and niche experts to monetize knowledge and skills.

But with near endless possibilities, what specific digital products should you create? This comprehensive guide explores 50+ proven digital product examples across diverse categories and niches so you can identify potential ideas matching your unique interests and abilities.

Benefits of Selling Digital Products

Some key advantages that make digital products enticing business models include:

  • Low start-up costs – No inventory or manufacturing needed.
  • Easy to reproduce and share – Products delivered through downloads. Unlimited scalability.
  • Global reach – Sell products to customers anywhere 24/7. No geographic limitations.
  • Passive income potential – Make money from work already completed upfront.
  • Higher margins – No per-unit production or shipping costs, increasing profitability.
  • Flexibility – Operate business remotely. No fixed location required.
  • Accessible entry point – Begin offering digital products with minimal experience. Learn and refine over time.
  • Recurring revenue streams – Sell services, subscriptions and memberships for ongoing earnings.

The combination of lucrative income potential plus low barriers to entry make digital products a compelling path for monetizing knowledge online.

10 Main Categories of Digital Products

Digital products span a vast range of formats, topics, and business models. Major digital product categories include:

1. Digital Downloads

Instant access products like ebooks, photography, printables, graphics packs, fonts, website templates etc.

2. Software

Developing and licensing software applications, plugins, web apps and mobile apps.

3. Online Courses

Video lessons teaching skills through structured learning pathways and downloadable extras.

4. Memberships

Paid access to premium content, communities, tools and services via recurring subscriptions.

5. Services

Selling specialized digital services for business needs like graphic design, social media management, and web development.

6. Subscription Boxes

Boxes of digital assets like stock media, textures, graphics etc. delivered on fixed regular schedules.

7. Website Assets

Turnkey solutions like WordPress themes, templates, and plugins for sites and blogs.

8. Stock Media

Your own photographs, videos, animations and audio files licensed via stock agencies and sites.

9. Virtual Events

Paid online classes, workshops, conferences with live streaming and interaction.

10. Informational Products

Reports, guides, tip sheets and books sharing valuable niche insights digitally.

Many creative hybrid models combine these categories into holistic digital product businesses with diverse recurring revenue streams.

20 Examples of Digital Download Products

Instant access digital files represent some of the most popular online products due to their accessibility for creators. Types of in-demand digital downloads include:

1. Printables

  • Home decor templates like wall signs, art prints, calendars etc. buyers customize and print themselves.

2. Coloring Books

  • Digital adult coloring books with intricate pages designed to print for coloring offline.

3. Graphic Design Assets

  • Icons, design templates, backgrounds, custom brushes, social media templates, logo files etc.

4. 3D Models

  • 3D-printable model files like figures, architectural models, props etc. for printing on 3D printers.

5. Planner Templates

  • Styled planner pages, calendars, goal trackers, habit trackers etc. people print to create custom planners.

6. Recipe eBooks

  • Culinary ebooks with beautifully designed recipe pages readers can print and add to recipe boxes.

7. Sewing Patterns

  • Digital clothing and crafting sewing patterns tailored for printing out and using for DIY projects.

8. Technical Specs and Manuals

  • Spec sheets, wiring diagrams, user manuals etc. for electronics, devices, tools and machinery.

9. Cookbooks/Recipe Packs

  • Packaged recipes delivered digitally as ebooks/PDFs without print requirements.

10. Lookbooks

  • Collection lookbooks for designers and photographers presenting photos and details digitally.

11. Colouring Books

  • Digital colouring in books with pages of illustrations, characters and scenes tailored for all ages.

12. Supply Lists/Inventories

  • Project supply lists, inventory sheets etc. formatted for easy customization and digital access.

13. Checklists

  • Reusable checklist templates for tasks, processes and operations available in a range of formats.

14. Employee Handbooks

  • Customizable employee onboarding materials, workplace policies, handbooks and training docs.

15. Budget Spreadsheets

  • Reusable household budget, wedding planning, trip planning and project budget templates.

16. Business Proposal Templates

  • Fill-in-the-blank templates for creating polished, branded proposals, pitch decks etc.

17. Menu Templates

  • Professionally designed menu templates restaurants customize for their own digital or print use.

18. real estate Flyer Templates

  • Customizable real estate agent flyer templates featuring property photos, listings and branding.

19. Event Planning Guides

  • Digital packs of event planning templates, calculators, checklists, and how-to’s.

20. Invoice and Receipt Templates

  • Customizable invoice, receipt and billing templates for digital download and offline use.

Nearly any documents, artworks or assets with reusable value can be packaged as ready-to-go customizable digital downloads.

15 Examples of Digital Services You Can Sell

Service-based digital products let buyers conveniently purchase specialized expertise online “a la carte” on demand. Examples include:

1. Graphic Design Services

  • Designing logos, marketing materials, presentations, signage, merchandise etc. remotely.

2. Web Design Services

  • Custom website design and development services delivered completely online.

3. IT Support and Computer Services

  • Remote IT assistance, troubleshooting and technical support accessible globally.

4. Bookkeeping

  • Online accounting, payroll, expense processing and financial record management.

5. Social Media Management

  • Handling social media, posts scheduling, and ad management for brands and businesses.

6. Digital Marketing

  • Data-driven paid ad management, email marketing and campaign execution.

7. Writing and Translation

  • Article writing, copywriting, editing, proofreading and document translation.

8. Data Processing and Administrative

  • Data entry, research, reporting, email and calendar management.

9. 3D Modeling and CAD Drafting

  • 3D modeling, 3D renders, floorplans, technical drawings and architectural visuals.

10. Animation and Motion Graphics

  • Producing animations, kinetic text, 2D motion graphics and illustrated logo reveals.

11. Voiceover Services

  • Professional voiceover recording and audio editing services for commercial use.

12. Online Coaching and Lessons

  • One-on-one learning tailored to individual student goals and pacing.

13. Mixing and Mastering

  • Music track mixing, mastering, restoration and track work.

14. SEO and Analytics Services

  • Optimizing websites for search rankings, configuring analytics and tracking ROI.

15. Slideshow Production

  • Collaborative slideshow, presentation and pitch deck creation services.

Professional services conveniently ordered online let buyers access specialized expertise anywhere in the world.

10 Examples of Software as Digital Products

Developing and selling software apps represents lucrative digital products for tech-savvy creators. Proven software digital products include:

1. SaaS Platforms

  • All-in-one software solutions for business needs like project management, accounting, sales etc.

2. Plugins and Extensions

  • Add-on tools to enhance and add capabilities to existing software programs.

3. Mobile Apps

  • iOS and Android utility and game apps addressing consumer and business needs.

4. Browser Extensions

  • Tools adding helpful functionality when browsing like ad blocking etc.

5. Dashboard Software

  • Web apps offering unified views of analytics, data, workflows etc.

6. Database Software

  • Solutions for centralized data management, access and reporting.

7. CRMs

  • Platforms for managing sales pipelines, leads and customers.

8. Form Builders

  • Tools streamlining online form creation for data collection.

9. Automation Software

  • Apps that simplify automating repetitive tasks and workflows.

10. Subscription Management

  • Solutions for managing recurring customer subscriptions and payments.

Technology and software-centric digital products remain in perpetual demand, especially from business users, making this a reliably profitable niche.

15 Examples of Informational Digital Products

Packaging expertise into reports, guides, templates and books presents accessible opportunities for niche experts to monetize knowledge digitally. Examples include:

1. Industry Insight Reports

  • Valuable market research, competitive intelligence and trend forecasts for industries.

2. Strategy Guides

  • Comprehensive strategic planning blueprints related to marketing, leadership, product development etc.

3. Business Templates

  • Customizable presentation decks, spreadsheets, documented processes etc.

4. Growth Studies

  • Case studies and stories documenting successful customer acquisition, expansion and optimization tactics.

5. Interview Summaries

  • Downloadable summaries of insights learned from interviews with industry leaders and experts.

6. Directory Lists

  • Useful business and consumer directories like local service provider lists, restaurant guides etc.

7. Resource Libraries

  • Expansive collections of materials like blog posts, checklists, worksheets and templates aggregated into comprehensive sets.

8. Instructional Manuals

  • How-to guides for mastering software and technical processes through text and screenshots.

9. Templates and Examples

  • Complete sample marketing plans, business plans, proposals, budgets etc. readers can reference.

10. Tip Compilations

  • Aggregated tip sheets covering 100+ bite-sized strategic recommendations on focused topics.

11. Cheat Sheets

  • Quick cheat sheet summaries distilling complex essential knowledge into simple shareable formats.

12. Workbooks

  • Structured fill-in workbooks guiding readers through exercises and implementation steps.

13. Infographics

  • Value-packed informational visual graphics and presentations on wide ranging business and consumer topics.

14. Generated Reports

  • Data-driven custom reports tailored to buyers answering specific business questions.

15. Research Summaries

  • Distilled key findings from surveys, scientific studies, investigations etc. for quick digestion.

Thought leaders, analysts and skilled researchers can package expertise into various digital information products with appeal for both business and consumer audiences.

10 Examples of Memberships and Subscription Sites

Memberships and subscriptions provide predictable recurring revenue, valuable member benefits and engaged user communities. Samples include:

1. Premium Content Sites

  • “Behind the scenes” articles, stories, resources etc. accessible to paying subscribers.

2. Virtual Trade Groups

  • Message boards, networking events, discounts etc. for professionals in a niche industry seeking connections.

3. Online Learning Memberships

  • Continually updated curriculum of online courses, classes and mentorship on focused skills.

4. Subscription Learning Boxes

  • Monthly packages with courses, workbooks, tools etc. delivered around focused self-improvement topics.

5. Community Forums

  • Vibrant member discussion forums centered around shared interests and goals.

6. Perks Programs

  • Discounts, gifts, early access etc. exclusively for paid tiered membership levels.

7. Subscriber Newsletters

  • Subscriptions providing ongoing delivery of newsletters with value-added analysis, insights and tools.

8. Networking Organizations

  • Facilitating networking, special events, mastermind groups and relationship building between peers.

9. Marketplaces

  • Providing ongoing buyer/seller access to closed specialized ecommerce marketplaces.

10. Virtual Events Access

  • Membership providing access to archives and replays of live webinars, workshops, conferences etc.

Subscriptions and member communities deepen customer relationships over time through ongoing value delivery tailored to niche audiences.

15 Examples of Website Theme and Design Assets

Savvy digital entrepreneurs design turnkey website assets that empower business owners to elevate their sites easily. Examples include:

1. WordPress Themes

  • Professionally designed WordPress themes with relevant page layouts, elements and design options buyers can customize.

2. Landing Page Packs

  • Sets of tailored landing page templates focused on specific lead gen goals – webinars, ebooks etc.

3. Website Templates

  • Complete website templates and kits for specific niches – photography, nonprofit, restaurant etc.

4. Page Templates

  • Optimized page templates for key site pages – home, contact, about us, blog etc.

5. Element Libraries

  • Downloadable sets of buttons, icons, dividers, animations etc. to style sites.

6. Stock Photos

  • Large libraries of professional site photography across categories and needs.

7. Background Images

  • Photo backgrounds tailored to professions, interests and industries.

8. Graphic Design Assets

  • Logos, illustrations, icons, typography etc. to reinforce branding.

9. Color Palettes

  • Professionally designed color palette kits – brand palettes, holiday palettes etc.

10. Font Bundles

  • Collections of complementary Google fonts and font pairings.

11. CSS Themes and Snippets

  • Packs of CSS code templates for styling and animating designed elements.

12. Mockups

  • Resources for visually displaying digital designs in realistic context like device screens.

13. Tutorials and Guides

  • Step-by-step courses on web design, WordPress setup, CSS etc.

14. Website Analytics Dashboards

  • Customizable dashboards and reports for tracking site analytics.

15. CDN Services

  • Content delivery networks and tools to speed up site load times.

Complete digital asset libraries empower business owners to quickly elevate websites with flexible professionally designed elements.

10 Examples of Virtual Event Products

Hosting virtual events represents a scalable digital product category perfect for expanding audience reach. Virtual event examples include:

1. Online Courses

  • Structured multi-lesson class curriculum accessed through on-demand videos and course materials.

2. Webinars

  • Expert-led presentations, lectures and workshops viewed through live video streaming.

3. Virtual Conferences

  • Multi-day virtual event replacing in-person conferences through live video sessions and interaction.

4. Hybrid Events

  • Offering combined virtual and in-person event access and options.

5. Online Panels

  • Hosting panel discussions between multiple experts streaming live to virtual attendees.

6. Virtual Networking

  • Facilitating attendee networking through group video breakouts, messaging and profiles.

7. Workshops

  • Interactive lessons teaching hands-on tangible skills like art, music, fitness etc.

8. Virtual Trade Shows

  • Digital expo events connecting industry professionals through live chats, on-demand videos and more.

9. Live Masterminds

  • Hosting intimate coaching and strategy roundtables streaming discussions.

10. Digital Summits

  • Presenting keynotes, workshops and networking digitally over multiple days.

The convenience of virtual events expands reach to global audiences interested in niche topics at lower overhead than physical events.

15 Examples of Ecommerce Subscriptions and Boxes

Recurring deliveries of digital goods provide predictable residual income perfect for ecommerce brands wanting deeper buyer relationships. Options include:

1. Media Subscriptions

  • Monthly packages with updated selections of stock photos, video clips, graphics templates etc.

2. Font and Design Asset Clubs

  • New fonts, templates, elements etc. delivered monthly or quarterly.

3. Book Clubs

  • Monthly books or book summaries focused on specific topics like self-improvement or business success.

4. Educational Tool Kits

  • Monthly STEM or homeschooling project boxes with activities and tools tailored to different age groups.

5. Crafting Subscription Boxes

  • Recurring packages of DIY supplies, tools and tutorials catered to various crafts like knitting, jewelry-making etc.

6. Collectible Trading Card Packs

  • Special edition digital packs of collectible gaming or sports trading cards delivered regularly.

7. Comic and Coloring Book Subscriptions

  • New digital comic books, manga installments and adult coloring pages delivered periodically.

8. Young Adult Book Boxes

  • Monthly YA fantasy/sci-fi book selections and literary merchandise/memorabilia.

9. Lifestyle Sample Boxes

  • Trial size products, accessories and literature introducing new brands and products.

10. Snack Boxes

  • Monthly selections of popular regional and international candy, chips and snacks.

11. Clothing Style Crates

  • Seasonal crates with apparel, accessories and style tips tailored to personal style profiles.

12. Food of the Month Clubs

  • Monthly food extras and recipes themed around different international cuisines.

13. Book of the Month Clubs

  • New Kindle ebook or audio book release delivered monthly focused on genres like mystery, romance, sci-fi etc.

14. Health and Wellness Boxes

  • Monthly supplements, devices, videos and items supporting goals like sleep, anxiety, fitness etc.

15. Candle Subscription Boxes


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