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Top Digital Product Ideas That Will Sell in 2023

Coming up with lucrative digital product ideas positioned for success in 2023 requires closely tracking emerging trends and consumer shifts. While possibilities seem endless, focusing your efforts around hot niches primed for growth concentrates your impact for sales.

This guide explores 15+ digital product categories expected to thrive in 2023 based on rising popularity, high demand, and underserved needs. Follow this framework to brainstorm products you can create or adapt to capitalize on these high potential opportunities.

Benefits of Selling Digital Products Aligned to 2023 Trends

Developing digital products tightly tailored to rising 2023 consumer interests provides multiple advantages:

Targets Growth Areas

Optimizing offerings for accelerating trends and categories ensures you serve needs growing rather than declining.

Removes Guesswork

Validating ideas against data-driven trends provides confidence you’re pursuing profitable products versus following assumptions.

Aligns with Audience Interests

Providing in-demand solutions resonating right now increases perceived value and adoption urgency.

Positions You as Forward-Thinking

Leading trends makes your brand appear innovative, proactive and cutting-edge instead of dated.

Provides Competitive Edge

Seizing new opportunities first means less competition initially in these unsaturated, high-growth spaces.

Enables Premium Pricing

Brand new crowded solutions justify premium rates before competition drives prices downward.

Closely following macro consumer shifts ensures your digital products cater to highly monetizeable rising needs.

2023 Digital Product Trends and Opportunities

Based on observed changes in consumer behaviors and business priorities, digital products aligned to these 2023 trends promise strong sales and interest:

Remote and Hybrid Work Resources – Solutions facilitating remote collaboration, management, onboarding and team connectivity with workforces decentralizing.

Multi-platform Content Creation – Tools optimizing and automating content production for emerging platforms like TikTok, podcasts, apps etc.

Digital Health and Wellness Solutions – Products providing personalized insights, tracking and assistance for managing health and fitness goals digitally.

Podcast Production Services – Editing, transcription, graphics, hosting and other solutions for streamlining professional podcast creation.

Educational Apps and Games -Instructional interactive mobile apps making learning engaging for kids and adults through immersive formats.

Ecommerce Services – Done-for-you ecommerce store setup, branding, digital marketing and optimization services.

Cryptocurrency and Web3 Learning – Instructional courses, guides, analysis and data helping decipher crypto concepts.

Climate Tech Innovations – Technology-centric solutions supporting eco-friendly transitions, sustainability initiatives, energy alternatives etc.

Medical and Scientific Visualization – 3D medical anatomical models, molecular visuals etc. for education and research.

True Crime Content – Podcasts, guides, digital shows capitalizing on rising fascination with unsolved mysteries and crime histories.

Travel Products and Services – Tools for planning, guides, language learning, remote workspaces etc. catering to resurgent wanderlust and “living abroad” dreams.

Virtual and Augmented Reality Experiences – Immersive interactive VR/AR applications for gaming, business, healthcare, design etc.

Analyzing the most talked about emerging consumer themes provides invaluable direction for digital products primed for success. Use trends as idea springboards.

Digital Products to Sell Aligned with Remote and Hybrid Work

Remote and hybrid work models are here to stay. Useful products include:

Specialized Collaboration Tools

  • Apps and software improving remote team coordination, visibility and alignment

Remote Onboarding Solutions

  • Digital employee onboarding resources for distributed teams

Culture Building Activities

  • Virtual team building activities and asynchronous bonding experiences

Digital Watercooler Ideas

  • Tools for socializing, relationship building and replicating office camaraderie remotely

Team Management Training

  • Leadership development for effectively managing hybrid teams and workflows

Hybrid Event Solutions

  • Technology and platforms supporting hybrid in-person and virtual event formats

Remote Hiring Resources

  • Guides, templates and workflows optimized for remote hiring and onboarding

Self-Development for Remote Workers

  • Online courses, tools and advice helping individuals thrive working from home

Business models shifting to flexible work open doors for digital products solving pain points of managing decentralized teams, workflows and relationships.

Digital Products Aligned with Content Creation Trends

Surging content mediums present opportunities for helpful digital tools:

AI Writing Assistance

  • AI-powered writing aid for crafting all types of written content

Podcast Production Editors

  • Services optimizing podcast audio including editing, post production, transcripts etc.

AR/VR Content Creation

  • Stock 3D models, environments, fonts and assets for augmented and virtual reality development

YouTube Optimization Services

  • Channel auditing, keyword guidance, thumbnail design, metadata optimization etc. to gain more visibility

UGC Content Aggregation

  • Aggregating and distributing user generated content across brands

Vocal Cloning and Voice AI

  • Creating custom branded conversational audio and video content using synthesized voices

Interactive Content Production

  • Tools for developing interactive overlays, quizzes, graphics etc. for multimedia content

Multimedia Collaboration Platforms

  • Streamlining collaboration across creators producing podcasts, videos, blogs etc. together

The shift towards richer interactive and multimedia content unlocks needs for specialized creation tools.

Digital Health and Wellness Products

Surging interest in health fuels demand for:

Custom Meal Plans and Nutrition

  • Personalized diet and nutrition planning based on preferences, conditions and goals

Digital Fitness Instruction

  • On-demand virtual personal training and customized workout videos

Therapy and Medication Management

  • Apps assisting with scheduling, reminders and integration into wellness routines

Specialized Wellness Courses

  • Programs aligned to niche issues like sleep, anxiety, addiction, chronic conditions etc.

Health Tracking Dashboards

  • Platforms unifying data from wearables, appointments, journals etc. into shareable health timelines

AR/VR Surgical Training

  • Immersive extended reality simulations for surgical education and pre-op planning

Wellness Assessment Tools

  • Quizzes and evaluations benchmarking lifestyle factors like stress, nutrition, mood etc.

Health consciousness and digital-first care expands applications for convenient tools patients can use anywhere, anytime.

Digital Products for Podcasters

Podcasting’s growth opens doors for useful creation services:

Editing and Post Production

  • Audio editing, cleanup, transcription, subtitles and show notes documentation

Hosting and Distribution

  • Podcast media hosting, RSS feed setup, submitting to directories like Apple Podcasts

Artwork and Motion Graphics

  • Custom artwork for podcast cover art, marketing materials, channel branding etc.

Interactive Transcripts

  • Transcripts incorporating clickable links, photos etc. to publish alongside episodes

Production Collaboration Tools

  • Asset sharing, notes, interview scheduling, and project management platforms

Audience Growth Services

  • Consulting on formats, niches, SEO, monetization, booking guests etc.

Distribution Analytics and Monitoring

  • Dashboards tracking listening metrics across platforms to optimize

The boom in passionate hobbyist, professional and corporate podcasters opens doors for support services and tools.

Digital Educational Products

Digital learning remains hot. Helpful products include:

Educational Subscription Boxes

  • Monthly deliveries of themed activities, experiments, learning tools curated to different student age groups and skills

Interactive Learning Apps

  • Fun mobile games teaching core academic concepts through puzzles, quizzes and challenges

Adaptive Learning Programs

  • Software automatically adjusting lesson pacing, difficulty and focus based on individual progress indicators

Digital Flashcards and Study Aids

  • Mobile apps making studying and memorization engaging powered by digital tools like spaced repetition

AR/VR Learning Experiences

  • Immersive educational simulations and virtual field trips augmenting traditional teaching

Video Courses for Educational Settings

  • Video lessons, lectures, and manuals tailored for teachers, homeschooling parents, tutors etc.

Class and Assignment Gamification

  • Platforms adding gaming elements, personalization and choice into learning through educational tech

Creatively designed edtech products maintain learning momentum while optimizing study effectiveness from anywhere.

Useful Ecommerce Services

Recommended services catering to ecommerce businesses include:

Store Setup and Migration

  • Configuring, customizing and transferring ecommerce sites to new platforms and providers

Design and Branding

  • Tailored brand identity, logo design, color schemes, packaging etc.

CX Consulting

  • Assessing UX pain points, conversion bottlenecks, speed optimizations etc. and providing redesign recommendations

Online Listing Setups

  • Getting products indexed within Amazon, eBay, Walmart etc. marketplaces new to selling online

Paid Advertising Management

  • Comprehensive setup, execution and optimization of paid ads across platforms

Email Marketing Automation

  • Configuring effective email funnels, promotions, broadcasts and subscriber segmentation

Social Media Management

  • Daily social post scheduling, customer service, influencer outreach and ad management

Specialist knowledge required for ecommerce translates into services traditional small businesses need help with when expanding online.

Digital Products Explaining Crypto and Web3

Surging crypto and blockchain interest drives demand for:

Cryptocurrency Trackers and Data Analytics

  • Platforms providing historical performance data, price tracking, exchange listings etc. for researching crypto investments

NFT Portfolio Management

  • Apps for tracking, analyzing and optimizing NFT holdings across blockchain wallets and marketplaces

Blockchain Analysis Reports

  • Comparing technology, use cases and long-term outlooks for different blockchain protocols

Cryptocurrency Tax Guide and Reporting

  • Solutions for tracking gains/losses across exchanges and optimizing taxes on trades

NFT Creation and Marketing Services

  • Full-service NFT production including art,metadata, listings etc. plus promoting to drive bids

DAO Management Tools

  • Utilities facilitating decentralized autonomous organization governance, collaboration and funding

Web3 Brand Integration Guides

  • Resources helping traditional companies capitalize on blockchain-powered experiences like VR spaces and NFTs

Cryptocurrency’s steep learning curve spurs demand for guides demystifying blockchain technologies for mainstream audiences.

Climate Tech Digital Products

Sustainability awareness enables:

Renewable Energy Simulators

  • Interactive models demonstrating feasibility of solar, wind, geothermal etc. based on home/business parameters

Carbon Footprint Tracking

  • Calculators totaling household and activity emissions based on inputs like utilities, travel etc. to inform offsets

EV Infrastructure Planning

  • Tools modeling electric vehicle charging needs based on building or community parameters to size investments

Green Supply Chain Optimization

  • Simulations and data supporting corporate environmental impact reduction through logistics planning

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

  • Custom renewable, compostable and eco-friendly product packaging design services

Energy Efficiency Retrofit Modeling

  • Apps exploring cost/benefit analysis of green building upgrades like solar, insulation, HVAC etc. tailored to specific buildings

Smart Home Energy Management

  • Monitoring usage from smart appliances and optimizing household energy efficiency in real time

Mainstream eco-consciousness creates rising demand for digital solutions assessing, modeling, and minimizing environmental footprints.

Medical Visualization Digital Products

Useful medical visualizations include:

3D Anatomical Models

  • Detailed 3D printable organs and anatomical structures for patient education and medical training

Surgical Planning 3D Renders

  • Patient-specific 3D models helping surgeons prepare and simulate upcoming procedures

Molecular Modeling

  • Dynamic digital molecular models for explaining pharmaceuticals, chemistry etc. interactively

Biological Data Visualizations

  • Tools for translating complex microbiome, DNA, cell etc. data into intuitive visuals, graphs and dynamics

Medical Animation Video Production

  • Producing 3D medical animations illustrating biological processes and health concepts clearly

AR/VR Surgical Training Apps

  • Immersive virtual reality simulations for surgical residents to develop skills through practice

Bioprinted Organ Models

  • Using 3D bioprinting technology to output detailed anatomical replicas for education and pre-testing

Advancing medical visualization technology expands possibilities for dynamic 3D anatomy learning, planning and training.

True Crime Related Digital Products

Surging true crime interest enables products like:

Unsolved Case Investigations

  • Crowdsourcing digital investigation platforms for Requesting public information and theories to help crack challenging unsolved criminal cases

Crime Scene AR Recreations

  • Apps allowing users to view and explore forensic AR models of key crime scenes, evidence analysis etc.

Famous Cases Guidebooks

  • Productions chronicling intriguing unsolved mysteries and infamous crimes through illustrated narrated history ebooks

Forensics Simulation Apps

  • AR/VR apps placing users in simulated CSI-style crime scene investigation and forensic analysis scenarios.

Criminal Psychology Insights

  • Downloadable criminal profiling guides and personality assessments analyzing motivations and patterns

Mystery Escape Rooms

  • Multi-player games challenging users to solve puzzles and riddles to jointly crack challenging virtual escape room mysteries

True Crime Tours

  • Apps,AR experiences and interactive maps guiding visits to key historical crime story locations.

Spotlighting intriguing mysteries and crime histories through digital experiences satisfies public fascination while, ideally, ultimately helping uncover truth.

Digital Products for Travelers

Pent-up travel demand enables products like:

Itinerary Optimization Tools

  • Apps and sites designing efficient travel itineraries personalized to interests, budgets and schedules

Language Learning Apps

  • Fun digital lessons preparing travelers with basic foreign language abilities for trips abroad

Global Remote Worker Directories

  • Listings of ideal destinations tailored to remote worker needs like internet speeds, affordability, visas etc.

AR Translation Devices

  • Mobile apps leveraging AR and voice recognition to translate foreign languages in real time while traveling

Authentic Food Finding Apps

  • Platforms locating authentic hidden local eateries based on dish photos and reviews from fellow travelers

Digital Nomad Community Platforms

  • Online portals helping remote workers connect, find housing and meetups in destinations worldwide

Travel Safety Resources

  • Downloadable guides on safety, scams, travel insurance, health risks, laws etc. when traveling unfamiliar international regions

Wanderlust’s resurgence provides no shortage of digital product opportunities catering to modern travelers’ planning, language, remote work and local experience needs.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Digital Products

Immersive technologies present product possibilities including:

Custom Branded AR Filters

  • Unique branded augmented reality photo filters, objects and worlds enriched through contextual data

Multiplayer VR Gaming

  • Social virtual reality games allowing collaborative play remotely through headsets

VR Navigation Apps

  • Phone-based VR applications leveraging spatial data to provide navigational assistance in unfamiliar environments

Interactive VR Shopping

  • Virtually “trying on”, customizing and evaluating products from home through interactive VR ecommerce apps

VR Instructional Content

  • Educational virtual reality experiences replacing textbooks with immersive learning across topics

Enterprise VR Training

  • Immersive employee onboarding, technical product usage tutorials and soft skills development simulations

VR Therapy

  • Virtual reality mobile apps guiding relaxation, mindfulness, exposure therapy etc. with specialized licensed practitioners

3D Model Viewing

  • Apps for interacting with 3D models by manipulating, annotating and collaborating in shared virtual environments

VR/AR technologies enable revolutionary extensions of real world experiences, interactions and environments – if aligned tightly to practical use cases.

Digital Products for Health and Fitness

Preventative health prioritization enables products like:

Custom Meal Planning Apps

  • Personalized diet recommendations and recipes based on individual health goals, biometrics, preferences etc.

AR Fitness Coaching Apps

  • Live feedback on form, posture and technique from virtual trainers appearing in space via mobile AR

Wearable Integration Platforms

  • Consolidated dashboards synchronizing health and activity data from multiple wearables into shareable timelines

Chronic Conditions Management

  • Apps combining reminders, journals, community forums etc. to improve chronic disease self-management

At-Home Diagnostic Tests

  • Mail-order test kits allowing affordable and private diagnosis of key biomarkers from home

Preventative Care Recommendations

  • Apps providing individually tailored health screening and testing routines based on risk factors

Personalized Vitamins and Supplements

  • Custom vitamin packs formulated from quizzes assessing lifestyle, goals, deficiencies etc.

Self-directed digital health solutions place proactive wellness management into individuals’ hands.

Cryptocurrency Management Digital Products

Mainstream crypto adoption drives demand for:

Wallet Tracking

  • Apps managing diverse asset holdings across various wallets and blockchain protocols from one place

Automated Trading Bots

  • AI-powered bots executing automated trades 24/7 based on technical indicator configurations

Portfolio Trackers

  • Platforms where users link exchange accounts to consolidate portfolio performance monitoring and tax reporting

NFT Management

  • Apps tracking NFT holdings, upcoming mints and rarity tools to optimize collections

Decentralized Storage Networks

  • Encrypted peer-to-peer cloud storage networks removing intermediaries using blockchain incentivization

DeFi Lending Markets

  • Platforms enabling use of cryptocurrency holdings as collateral to secure lending

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