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Marketing Your New Software App: Customer Acquisition Strategies


Developing an amazing software application is only the first step. The real challenge is getting customers to use your app. With millions of apps competing for attention, effectively marketing your software is crucial for adoption and revenue.

This comprehensive guide explores proven marketing strategies and promotion tactics to acquire users and drive growth for new apps. We’ll cover:

  • Researching your target customer audience
  • Crafting compelling positioning and messaging
  • Optimizing your website and app content
  • Leveraging social media and influencers
  • Promoting through paid channels like ads
  • Getting press coverage and reviews
  • Building word of mouth with referrals
  • Driving viral growth through sharing
  • Promoting across app marketplaces
  • Analyzing customer acquisition metrics

Follow these software app marketing best practices to connect with customers, demonstrate value, and build lasting adoption for your app. Let’s dive in!

Know Your Target Audience

Define the specific customer profiles you want to reach:

  • Demographic details like age, gender, income level
  • Geographic location
  • Job roles and industry verticals
  • Interests, behaviors and psychographic profile
  • Goals, challenges and pain points
  • Technographic qualities like platforms used

Match messaging and channels to resonate with your ideal buyer personas.

Craft Compelling Positioning and Messaging

Convey what makes your app special:

  • Highlight your differentiation and competitive advantages
  • Emphasize the tangible user benefits and outcomes
  • Use descriptive adjectives and superlatives
  • Share positive social proof through testimonials
  • Communicate using your audience’s terminology
  • Keep messaging consistent across channels
  • Register slogans and taglines as trademarks

Optimize Website and App Content

Ensure your site and in-app content convinces visitors to use your app:

  • Showcase features and user interface visually
  • Communicate benefits clearly with calls to action
  • Create help documentation, FAQs, and tutorials
  • Publish case studies demonstrating real-world results
  • Add customer testimonials and user reviews
  • Share tips and best practices on your blog
  • Highlight awards, rankings and press features

Leverage Influencers and Social Media

Seed your app with advocates who will share it:

  • Identify relevant influencers in your market to partner with
  • Send custom pitches asking influencers to share your app
  • Offer exclusive early access for influencers to try your app
  • Provide quotes and assets to make it easy to talk about your app
  • Highlight influencer posts about your app on social media
  • Run contests for users who share or post about your app

Promote Across Paid Channels

Paid advertising expands reach:

  • Create Facebook and Instagram ads showcasing your app
  • Retarget people who visit your site with ads across the web
  • Test paid search ads on Google, Bing and Amazon
  • Run install campaigns on ad networks promoting your app
  • Advertise across relevant niche sites your audience visits
  • Bid on branded and non-branded keywords on Google AdWords
  • Sponsor trade events, podcasts and publications your market follows

Earn Press Coverage and Reviews

Earned media validates quality:

  • Identify reporters and publications aligned to your industry
  • Distribute press releases announcing major app updates and news
  • Offer exclusive stories, data, or access to reporters
  • Send media kits with assets like images, logos, feature lists
  • Ask industry analysts and bloggers for reviews
  • Pitch your founder’s story and development journey

Build Word of Mouth Through Referrals

Satisfied users drive growth through referrals:

  • Track referral sources and incentivize through rewards
  • Make it easy to share via email, social media and messaging
  • Notify users when their referral signs up or takes an action
  • Highlight referral content and coupons on social media
  • Obtain quotes from happy referred users you can showcase

Drive Viral Growth Through Sharing

Apps that tap into social sharing see outsized growth:

  • Include social sharing buttons prominently in your app
  • Identify key sharable moments like milestones users will want to broadcast
  • Incentivize user referrals by giving away branded merchandise or status
  • Show users how their friends interact with the app to prompt sharing
  • Analyze sharing behavior to optimize sharable moments

Promote Across App Marketplaces

Optimizing listings helps users find you:

  • Write compelling titles, descriptions and highlights
  • Include relevant keywords people search to improve findability
  • Curate quality screenshots showcasing UI and app usage
  • Provide explanatory videos and previews demonstrating the experience
  • Monitor ratings and reviews across marketplaces
  • Submit updates frequently to leverage new marketplace features

Analyze Customer Acquisition Metrics

Key data points to monitor success:

  • Traffic to website and app listings
  • Increase in search rankings and visibility
  • Social shares, mentions and followers
  • Inbound leads and signups from all sources
  • Referral sign up rates
  • App install numbers by channel
  • Retention and churn after install
  • Cost per acquisition across channels
  • User lifecycle from install to purchase/renewal


Growing a user base requires ongoing optimization of marketing and messaging tailored to your target audience. Promote your software app through both paid advertising and earned media. Enable happy users to become advocates. Continuously track acquisition metrics across channels to double down on what works. With a comprehensive marketing strategy, your app can successfully scale usage and loyalty.

By Dani Davis

Dani Davis is the pen name of the writer of this blog with more 15 years of constant experience in Content marketing and informatics product, e-commerce niche.

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