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How to Package an eBook for Maximum Sales and Impact

Just writing quality eBook content is not enough. Packaging that content effectively through polished design, compelling sales copy, and thoughtful formatting is equally important for sales. This comprehensive guide covers proven techniques to professionally package both digital and print eBooks to maximize perceived value, engagement, and conversions. Follow these best practices to make your eBook irresistible.

Why eBook Packaging Matters

Exceptional packaging:

  • Grabs attention quickly in an oversaturated market
  • Makes contents appear more authoritative and premium
  • Boosts engagement through slick interactive elements
  • Reduces reader churn through clear formatting
  • Includes bonuses and extras that increase perceived value
  • Uses sales copy tactics that drive conversions
  • Establishes you as an expert through polish and quality
  • Allows charging higher prices aligned with higher production value
  • Creates enjoyable user experience that delights readers

Packaged properly, eBooks feel like opening a desirable gift readers anxiously rip into. Presentation sets the stage for your content to shine.

Elements of High-Impact eBook Packaging

Key components:

Compelling Title and Subtitle

Spark interest while summarizing core promise and benefits.

High-Quality Cover Design

Visually appealing graphics and typography that look professional.

Persuasive Sales Copy

On both cover and sales pages, use tactics that sell.

Bonuses and Giveaways

Free extras like audio versions, workbooks, cheat sheets

Well-Formatted Interior

Organized content formatted for on-screen readability

Interactive Enrichments

Embedded video, audio, quizzes, templates and aids like glossaries


End by recapping value delivered and next steps to keep momentum

Each packaging element works together to make your eBook irresistible.

Creating an Attention-Grabbing eBook Title

Craft titles that captivate readers:

  • Communicate core promise or takeaway
  • Ask compelling question reader needs answer to
  • Make bold or controversial statement
  • Include numerical element like “5 Steps to…”
  • Use adjective-noun pairing like “Complete Guide”
  • Leverage format like “How To ____ in ____ Days”
  • Riff on familiar phrases and idioms
  • Target aspirational or emotional outcome
  • Inform while intriguing – give a taste but not the full meal

Search online title idea generators and competitive books for inspiration when brainstorming.

Writing a Compelling eBook Subtitle

Subtitles refine promise:

  • Expand on title detailing the “what” and “how”
  • Describe benefits readers get clearly
  • Common approaches: “A Guide To __”, “How To ___ in __ Days”, “The Complete Handbook for ___”, “Everything You Need To Know About ___”
  • Typically 5-20 words
  • Use key nouns and power words readers care about
  • Can include numbering like “5 Essential Steps”
  • End with strong noun/verb

Reinforce value with subtitle finishing the title’s compelling messaging equation.

Designing an Eye-Catching eBook Cover

Elements of effective covers:

Impactful Graphic

Relevant photo, illustration or graphic matching tone and message

Title and Subtitle

Prominently featured utilizing key principles

Author Name

Helps build personal brand and authority


Pull-quotes and reviews build credibility

Consistent Branding

Colors, style and fonts match your visual identity

Clear Genre/Category Indicators

Evident at a glance like a blueprint or apron for guides

Minimal Clutter

Avoid crowded, confusing covers. Keep focus on core elements.

Custom eBook covers outperform stock templates. Invest in pro design.

Formatting a Polished eBook Interior

Professionally format and style your eBook content using:

Style Template

Consistent fonts, colors, spacing for branding throughout

Page Numbers

List page numbers for convenient reference while reading

Template Format

Formal structured layout or more informal text-focused

Easy-to-Scan Text Density

Break up paragraphs. Use lists and highlights effectively.

Information Design Elements

Charts, graphs, flowcharts and diagrams explain concepts clearly

Photographs and Illustrations

Relevant visuals make textbook-style content more engaging

Interactive Enrichments

Embedded videos, quizzes, worksheets and exercises

Attractive design elements elevate drab dense text for more enjoyable and memorable reading experience.

Crafting Compelling eBook Sales Copy

Use persuasive copywriting to sell your eBook:


Establish core value proposition and reason to read quickly


Elaborate on pain points addressed and benefits offered

Key Takeaways/Features

List specific insights readers gain from purchasing

Addressed Objections

Proactively acknowledge and diffuse likely concerns and questions

Social Proof

Testimonials, expert opinions and research validating claims

Call To Action

Directly ask for the sale with clear step-by-step guidance


Final reassurances like money-back promises reduce risk

Savvy copy convinces readers your eBook is the solution they need right now.

Boosting Perceived Value With Free Bonuses

Sweeten the deal with giveaways:

  • Cheat sheets/checklists summarizing key info
  • Audio version of the eBook
  • Workbook supplements with extra activities
  • Discounts on related products like video courses
  • Entry into a contest or prize drawing
  • Access to a private Q&A webinar
  • Curated resource lists related to the topic
  • Invitation to a supporting Facebook group
  • Behind-the-scenes interviews and commentary

Free extras make purchases feel like “bundles” heightening perception of value.

Formatting eBooks for On-Screen Readability

Apply formatting best practices:

  • Use sans-serif fonts like Arial or Helvetica for body text
  • Avoid full justification. Left align or indent paragraphs.
  • Line spacing at minimum 1.5. Don’t cram lines tight.
  • Line length of 60-90 characters per line
  • New chapter begins on new page
  • Strategically bold key text and headers
  • Break up text with images, subheads and spacers
  • Link footnotes and references vs page numbers
  • Use page breaks to prevent widows and orphans

Enhance the reading experience through careful typographic formatting optimized for screens.

Packaging Physical Print Editions

Make print editions special:

Quality Binding

Methods like perfect binding, spiral coil, staple through spine

Premium Paper

Heavier matte paper prevents ink bleeding with book feel

Full Bleed Printing

Graphics and imagery print fully to edges vs whitespace

Textured Cover Finish

Linen, felt, embossing and spot gloss/matte effects

End Sheets

Custom graphical sheets glued to inside cover

Ribbon Page Marker

Luxury touch allowing readers to easily bookmark spot

Signed Copy

For special editions, signature adds exclusivity

Print upgrades make eBooks memorable keepsakes readers proudly display.

Checklist for Polishing eBook Packaging

Don’t forget:

  •  Compelling Title/Subtitle
  •  High-Quality Cover Design
  •  Persuasive Sales Copy
  •  Free Bonuses Adding Perceived Value
  •  Logical Structure and Outline
  •  Contents Page with Linked Chapters
  •  Numbered Pages
  •  Easy-to-Scan Text Formatting
  •  Interactive Enrichments
  •  Afterword/Conclusion
  •  Print Edition Formatted for Physical Medium

With every packaging element addressed, your eBook makes an exceptional first impression matched by the value delivered inside.

Avoiding Common eBook Packaging Mistakes

Sidestep pitfalls like:

  • Boring cover with clipart and weak typography
  • Overly dense blocks of text without formatting
  • Failure to highlight or summarize key takeaways
  • No table of contents or navigation links
  • Lack of custom eBook graphics and illustrations
  • Blank pages between sections or new chapters
  • Not previewing across devices like mobile
  • Forgetting digital distribution logistics and metadata
  • Neglecting sales page copy and messaging completely
  • Skipping bonus materials and extras

Shoddy presentation undercuts otherwise stellar content. Carefully polish the full experience.


While strong writing is the essential foundation, meticulously packaging your eBook transforms it into a high-value product readers eagerly anticipate diving into. A magnetizing title, subtitle and cover visually sells what’s inside. Savvy copy promising takeaways intrigues browsers to buy. Valuable free bonuses increase perceived worth. And concise, interactive and media-rich interior formatting engages readers fully once opened. By thoroughly addressing both external and internal eBook presentation and packaging, your content benefits from the heightened perceived value only exceptional execution can deliver.

By Dani Davis

Dani Davis is the pen name of the writer of this blog with more 15 years of constant experience in Content marketing and informatics product, e-commerce niche.

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