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Trending Printable Templates That Sell Like Hotcakes

Printable templates have become increasingly popular over the last few years. With more people working and schooling from home, printable templates provide an easy way to stay organized and productive. The printable templates niche is also lucrative – many templates can be sold on marketplaces like Etsy for passive income. This article will explore some of the most on-trend and best-selling printable templates today.

Planners and Organizers

Planners and organizers are perennially popular printables. With people busier than ever, having tools to stay on top of schedules, goals, and tasks is essential. Some of the most popular planners and organizers include:

Bullet Journals

Bullet journaling has become a major trend, with people decorating and customizing planners. Bullet journal printable templates allow people to print out sections of their bullet journal, like future logs, habit trackers, and more. This way people can print out just the pages they need versus buying a whole notebook.

Popular printable bullet journal elements include:

  • Decorative habit trackers to mark progress over time
  • Goal setting worksheets to sketch out plans and break down steps
  • Customizable future logs for scheduling across months
  • Dot grid and graph style templates to mimic bullet journal aesthetic
  • Trackers for moods, expenses, health data and more

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Planners

Planners broken down hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly remain a top seller. These help people schedule their tasks, appointments, and events in a simple grid format. Versions tailored to parents, students, teachers, and busy professionals are most popular.

Planner templates often include:

  • Month at a glance calendar pages
  • Weekly planning pages with space for daily details
  • To do lists, priority matrices, and schedule views
  • Meal planners and grocery lists for those that cook
  • Bill trackers, budget planners, and financial planners

Project Planners and Workflow Trackers

For business owners, entrepreneurs, and career-driven folks, project workflow planners are invaluable. These help outline long term goals, milestones, and daily tasks required to complete a project.

Effective project printable planners include:

  • Spaces for outlining goals, requirements, budgets, and timelines
  • Work breakdown structure templates to organize tasks
  • Due date and status trackers, often in table/spreadsheet format
  • Project checklists to drive progress and track completion
  • Time management templates for productivity

Wall Art and Decor

Printable wall art and decor is hugely popular. People love styling their homes into spaces that inspire them and reflect their personality and passions. Printables provide affordable, customizable art options. Some top sellers include:

Quotes, Mantras and Affirmations

Inspirational quotes, mantras, and affirmations use words and phrases to evoke feelings of motivation, peace, and affirm self-confidence. These uplifting messages look great framed as prints.

Most popular printable quote templates include spaces for:

  • Short inspirational quotes and positive affirmations
  • Uplifting mantras like “This too shall pass” and “Choose Joy”
  • Song lyrics and lines from famous works of literature
  • Customizing colors and fonts to fit personal style

Maps and Travel Prints

Maps make great decorative prints, invoking a sense of adventure. They are especially popular among travelers and those with wanderlust.

Top selling map templates include:

  • World maps marked with pins to denote visited or desired destinations
  • City maps featuring favorite sites, museums, restaurants and more
  • National park graphic prints and vintage-inspired maps
  • Maps with lyrics/quotes about travel and adventure overlaid

Florals and Botanical Prints

Florals are a classic decor choice with timeless appeal. Botanical inspired prints also remain stylish, creating a modern bohemian feel.

Best-selling floral and botanical templates feature:

  • Delicate wildflower and wreath graphics
  • Watercolor flower styles with paint drips and splatters
  • Tropical leaf prints, palms, and jungle botanicals
  • Succulents and cacti sketches
  • Frames, banners, and backgrounds to layer over prints

Seasonal and Holiday Prints

Prints tailored to seasonal events and holidays see predictable spikes. Christmas prints remain top sellers during the holidays.

Seasonal themes include:

  • Fall/autumn designs with pumpkins and wreaths
  • Winter templates with snowflakes and snowy scenes
  • Spring blossoms and blooming trees
  • Summer beach landscapes and ocean waves
  • Major holiday templates like Christmas trees, Easter eggs, hearts

Education and Learning Printables

Printables that aid learning and development are popular with parents and teachers alike. These printable games, activities, and manipulatives help teach everything from letters to science concepts in hands-on ways.

Early Learning Worksheets

Early learning worksheets help build foundational skills in math, science, literacy, motor skills, and more. These aid preschool through early elementary education.

Some top sellers include:

  • Alphabet worksheets to practice letter formation
  • Number and shape identification pages
  • Tracing and handwriting pages to develop fine motor skills
  • Phonics and sight word worksheets to improve reading skills

Flashcards and Memory Games

Flashcards remain a classroom staple. Printable template options allow teachers and parents to customize topics and content to each student’s needs.

Top educational flashcard templates cover:

  • Alphabet flashcards
  • Sight words and phonics flashcards
  • Multiplication and division math facts
  • U.S. geography and history dates/facts
  • Foreign language vocabulary flashcards
  • Science concepts like planets and animals
  • Custom sets for anything a student needs to memorize

Crafts, Activities and Sensory Play

Fun printables like craft templates, coloring pages, paper dolls, and sensory play tools engage kids in learning through play.

Best-selling education printables in this category include:

  • Science crafts like rock cycle models, water cycle wheels
  • Coloring pages for historical figures, landmarks, animals
  • Paper doll outfits to learn occupational uniforms
  • Dress up paper dolls with diverse skin tones and abilities
  • Felt boards with cut-out storytelling characters and scenes
  • DIY finger puppets, masks, crowns and other role-playing props

Worksheets and Study Aids

Worksheets allow students to practice skills and concepts independently. Study aids reinforce learning like flashcards and posters do.

Popular templates include:

  • Math worksheets covering counting, operations, word problems, and more
  • Grammar, spelling, reading comprehension practice pages
  • Vocabulary and reading response worksheets
  • Book report and essay outline templates
  • Timeline templates and study posters/guides

Papercrafting Printables

An incredibly popular category of printables is papercrafting. Paper is extremely versatile – it can be folded, cut, layered, and assembled into just about anything imaginable. Printed templates simplify complex designs.

Origami Templates

While origami may seem too advanced, printed templates make intricate folds achievable for beginners. Some top-selling origami templates include:

  • Traditional models like cranes, frogs, butterflies, and swans
  • Modular folders like Sonobe cubes that assemble into sculptures
  • Geometric/mathematical origami like masu boxes and snapology
  • Decorative items like origami boxes, star ornaments, and flowers
  • Holiday and seasonal origami like Halloween bats and Christmas trees

Papercut Light Boxes

Paper light boxes feature cut-out designs that illuminate when a light is placed inside. Popular themes include:

  • Silhouette art of city skylines, animals, hot air balloons
  • Night skies with custom constellations, planets, and astronauts
  • Winter village scenes with houses, trees, and skaters
  • Seasonal templates like Christmas trees, pumpkins, and hearts

Layered Paper Art

Layered paper art is created by stacking cut or punched shapes to form vibrant designs. Some top sellers include:

  • Geometric patterns, optical illusions, and mandalas
  • Flower and butterfly designs
  • Portraits of people, pets, and places
  • Quotes and inspirational words

Paper Dolls and Puppets

Paper dolls with mix-and-match outfits remain a beloved children’s activity. Printable templates allow endless outfit combinations. Also popular are printable puppets, finger puppets, and paper bag puppets.

Top selling designs include:

  • Paper doll character templates like princesses, superheroes, unicorns
  • Modern outfits and accessories for 21st century kids
  • Occupational uniforms like doctors, construction workers
  • Storytelling puppets and props for retelling classic tales
  • Holiday and seasonal costumes like Halloween witches

Gift Boxes, Packaging and Tags

Printable gift packaging like boxes, bags, and tags offers inexpensive options made with love.

Top selling packaging printables include:

  • Mini paper boxes suited for small gifts and treats
  • Favor boxes for weddings, baby showers, birthdays
  • Gift card and money holders
  • Drawer gift boxes that assemble into containers
  • Bottle wrappers and wine boxes for edible gifts
  • Coordinating gift tags, toppers, and labels

Paper Flowers and Decor

Paper is perfect for crafting gorgeous floral decor. Printable templates allow anyone to easily make professional looking paper flowers.

Popular templates include:

  • Tissue paper flowers like roses, peonies, dahlias and more
  • Crepe paper blooms mimicking real varieties
  • Flowers made using the kusudama paper folding technique
  • Pompoms and paper origami garlands
  • Leaf shapes, flower cut-outs, and printable flower patterns

Party Décor and Design Elements

Printable party decor spans from table settings to banners to games. Printables provide instant access to coordinated designs without store-bought kits.

Party Banners and Signs

Custom banners and signs allow DIY coordinated decorations. Top options include:

  • Happy birthday banners in various colors and fonts
  • Photo backdrop banners for special occasions
  • Welcome signs with spaces for party details
  • Thank you and goodbye banners for guests leaving
  • Bar and buffet signage like “Eat, Drink & Be Merry”

Games and Activities

Get the party started with printable games and activities. Popular templates include:

  • Customizable bingo boards and cards for baby showers, weddings, etc.
  • Trivia questionnaires and answer sheets on the guest of honor
  • Mad Libs templates for silly, customized stories
  • Fill-in award/prize certificates for superlatives
  • Cootie catchers/fortune tellers in different themes

Favor Tags and Toppers

Complete paper favors with matching tags or toppers. Some cute options:

  • Hang tags for bags of candy, cookies, candles, bath bombs, etc.
  • Adhesive candle topper rounds personalized for each guest
  • Mint flag toppers perfect for weddings and showers
  • Wine/beverage tags with “so glad you’re here!” messages

Table Settings and Decorations

Elevate table scapes with printable accents. Popular templates include:

  • Place cards displaying guest names or table assignments
  • Coordinated paper napkin rings
  • Fun trivia or bingo cards at each place setting
  • Custom bookmarks as favors doubling as decor
  • Paper cutlery wrappers for disposable utensils

Checklists and To Do Lists

Checklists help people stay organized in all areas of life. They help you remember tasks, pack efficiently, make goals achievable, and more. Here are some of the most useful checklists that sell well:

Packing Lists

Packing checklists ensure nothing gets forgotten for trips. Versions tailored to travel type are most helpful:

  • Master packing list template covering clothing, toiletries, documents, electronics
  • Lists for family trips, like those including baby care items
  • Camping and hiking packing lists with gear like bug spray and sunscreen
  • Beach vacation lists with swimwear and summer must-haves

Cleaning Checklists

Cleaning checklists outline cleaning tasks by room or household area. Having assigned tasks makes cleaning feel less overwhelming.

Helpful cleaning checklist templates:

  • Overall home cleaning checklist and schedule
  • Kitchen cleaning checklist for daily and deep cleaning tasks
  • Bathroom cleaning list for scrubbing, disinfecting, and shining
  • Outdoor cleaning list for patios, porches, windows and vehicles

Wedding Planning Checklists

Wedding checklists are a lifesaver for busy couples planning their big day. Important templates include:

  • Master wedding to-do checklist and timeline spanning 12+ months
  • Week-of wedding schedule outlining last minute tasks and details
  • Bridal shower and bachelorette party checklists
  • Wedding day checklist for the bride, groom, wedding party etc.

Maintenance Checklists

Handy checklists help keep appliances, vehicles, and home systems running smoothly. Popular maintenance templates include:

  • Seasonal home maintenance lists (spring cleaning, fall prep, etc.)
  • Monthly and annual home maintenance checklists
  • Car maintenance logs to track oil changes, tire rotations, etc.
  • Appliance service checklists for refrigerators, AC units, etc.

Moving Checklists

For house moves, printable moving checklists come in handy for an organized process. Helpful templates:

  • Overall moving checklist and timeline
  • Room-by-room packing checklist
  • Essentials to keep handy during the move, like utility numbers
  • Moving day checklist to keep things on track
  • Post-move checklist for change of address tasks

Budgeting and Finance Printables

Managing money is made easier with printable trackers, logs, and planning templates. These printables are must-haves for budget-conscious households.

Budget Planners

Budget planners allow people to allocate income minus expenses to work toward financial goals. Key templates include:

  • Monthly budget planners organizing income, bills, variable expenses
  • Annual budget overview for long-term planning
  • Budget templates with allocated spending by category like food, shopping, housing
  • Savings plan templates to build emergency funds

Bill Trackers and Payment Logs

Bill trackers help avoid late fees and keep finances organized. Helpful templates:

  • Monthly bill due date calendar to remember payment dates
  • Password keeper to safely store account logins in one place
  • Payment ledger to manually or digitally log when bills get paid
  • Bill tracker spreadsheets organizing payments by month and year

Debt Repayment Planners

Debt repayment templates motivate people chipping away at debt through structured planning and tracking.

Useful templates include:

  • Debt repayment plan setting total payoff target and timeline
  • Debt tracker spreadsheet listing balances, interest rates, minimums owed
  • Debt snowball calculator showing order of accounts to tackle
  • Debt freedom wall planner to color as debts get repaid

Savings Trackers

Savings challenges and tracking templates help build positive financial habits over time. Top templates:

  • 52 week savings challenge with weekly savings goals
  • Digitally fillable savings thermometer poster to color as you go
  • Rainy day fund tracker with monthly contribution targets
  • Progress charts for recurring savings like 401K contributions

Net Worth Trackers

Watching net worth grow over time is a key tracker. Helpful templates include:

  • Quarterly and annual net worth tracker spreadsheet
  • Graphic net worth bar chart showing assets vs. liabilities
  • Net worth tracker and graph to update monthly or yearly

Grocery Lists and Meal Planners

Plan affordable, healthful meals with printable meal planners and grocery lists. Popular options include:

  • Monthly meal plan calendar with space for weekly dinner ideas
  • Coordinated grocery list linked to meal plan ingredients
  • Weekly meal planner templates with room for dinners, sides and lunches
  • Low-cost meal plan and grocery list for those on tight budgets

Health and Wellness Printables

Supporting health and wellbeing demands organization. These templates make staying on top of fitness and nutrition simple.

Workout Planners and Trackers

Consistency is key when strength training or running. Helpful templates include:

  • Monthly workout schedule calendar to plan ahead
  • Daily/weekly workout planner and tracker
  • Weight lifting tracker logs to record reps, sets, weights
  • Run/walk logs to chart mileage and pace
  • Yoga and barretracker documenting classes or video workouts

Habit Trackers

Building healthy routines like drinking water, taking vitamins, and more benefit from habit trackers. Versatile templates allow tracking:

  • Hydration goals and daily water intake
  • Vitamins or medications taken
  • Hours slept
  • Daily steps/movement
  • Screen time
  • Just about any habit!

Meal Plans and Diet Trackers

Meal plan and diet trackers keep nutrition on point, especially when trying to reach specific health goals. Useful templates include:

  • Customizable meal plan templates for low-carb, plant-based, etc. eating
  • Food and symptom tracker for conditions like IBS or elimination diets
  • Weight loss meal planner tailored to calorie targets
  • Intermittent fasting schedule planner

Gratitude Journal and Mental Wellness Printables

Focusing on mental health and cultivating gratitude is just as important as diet and exercise. Helpful templates include:

  • Gratitude journal pages with daily prompts
  • Affirmation planner sheets
  • Acts of kindness tracker
  • Mood tracker templates
  • Self-care planner organizing relaxation activities

First Aid Charts and Reference Guides

Preparedness printables empower people to handle injuries and emergencies. Helpful templates include:

  • First aid quick reference guide
  • Choking first aid steps poster
  • CPR instructions sheet
  • Burn treatment infographic
  • List of emergency contacts and info

Holiday and Seasonal Printables

Seasonal and holiday printables never go out of style. They capture the joy and nostalgia of the most celebrated times of year.

Christmas Printables

Christmas templates may be the most ubiquitous seasonal prints. Timeless hits include:

  • Christmas activity books with puzzles, mazes, jokes
  • Letters to Santa stationery for wish lists
  • Reindeer food bag tags
  • Elf on the shelf planning templates & pose ideas
  • Customizable family photo holiday cards
  • Stocking stuffer tags and gift topper templates
  • Ornament designs ready for tracing
  • Candy bar gift tags styled like presents

Halloween Printables

Halloween printables range from decor to party props. Popular templates include:

  • Pumpkin carving stencils with scary, silly, and cute faces
  • Party invitations with fill-in-the-blank haunted house details
  • Skull temporary tattoos
  • “Poison” bottle labels for Halloween potions and punch
  • Halloween bingo cards for trick or treating games
  • Spooky silhouette wall art like ghosts and haunted houses
  • Halloween countdown calendars

Easter Printables

Easter printables include religious templates plus bunny and egg designs. Best sellers include:

  • Sunday school program templates
  • Egg dyeing instruction sheets by color
  • Blank eggs for coloring or hiding clues
  • Bunny ear headbands
  • Carrot treat bag toppers
  • Jesus tomb scene for Resurrection lessons
  • Egg hunt clues to fill plastic eggs

Valentine’s Day Printables

Valentine’s prints spread love and joy. Cute classroom ideas plus romantic themes.

  • Comic Valentine cards for kids’ classmates
  • Candy bar wrappers titled “You’re Sweet!” etc.
  • Anniversary and Valentine’s Day question cards
  • Love coupon books with fill-in-the-blank IOUs
  • Table tents folded into hearts or roses

Back to School Printables

Ease the transition back-to-school with organization printables. Helpful templates:

  • School year planner/calendar tracking holidays, events
  • Daily/weekly schedule visualizing classes and activities
  • Classroom supply and homework checklists
  • Locker organization templates like magnets and shelves
  • Reading log templates

Wedding and Anniversary Printables

Celebrate momentous occasions like engagements, weddings and anniversaries with printables. Top templates:

  • Save-the-Date postcards with details filled in
  • Wedding planning binder dividers and checklists
  • Anniversary timeline filling in memories year over year
  • Anniversary game printed with customized date questions
  • Wedding day timeline overview for the couple

This covers a wide selection of trending and top-selling printable templates spanning planners to holiday designs. With many free and paid templates available online today at sites like Etsy, printable marketplaces, and personal blogs, it’s easy to find templates matching your interests and needs. And creating your own templates using graphic design programs like Canva has never been simpler.

Printables make ideal crafts, gifts, lesson supplements and more. And they provide passive income opportunities for sellers looking to monetize their template design skills. With a little searching, you can find printables perfect for any purpose.


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