Printable Planning Packs: Tips for Bundling and Upselling
Printable Planning Packs: Tips for Bundling and Upselling
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Printable Planning Packs: Tips for Bundling and Upselling


Planning packs represent one of the most popular and lucrative printable products. These curated bundles include diverse pages, stickers, guides and more for planning and organizing.

This comprehensive guide explores strategies for profitably creating and selling planning printables. We’ll cover:

  • Selecting planner pages and accessories based on audience interests
  • Sourcing and licensing attractive illustrations
  • Developing cohesive decorative themes and branding elements
  • Grouping content into bundles that maximize value
  • Pricing packs advantageously through tiered options
  • Promoting effectively to planner fans on social media
  • Collaborating with planner authorities to tap their reach
  • Automating and delivering bundles instantly
  • Continuous development releasing new complementary packs
  • Avoiding saturated niches and dated content

Follow these tips to profitably produce printable planners and planning bundles your audience will love. Let’s dive in!

Selecting Pages Based on Planning Interests

Align planner page content with target audience needs:

Goal Setting

Vision boards, bucket lists, intention writing prompts, goal trackers.

Time Management

Schedules, to-do lists, project planners, focus timers, prioritization matrices.

Health and Wellness

Self-care checklists, mood trackers, nutrition plans, fitness logs.

Personal Growth

Affirmations, gratitude journals, daily reflections, mindfulness pages.

Organization and Productivity

Chore lists, menu planners, bill trackers, phone directories, password keepers.


Itineraries, packing checklists, budget worksheets, memory captured, trip diaries.


Routines, milestones trackers, medical records, school calendars, family command center.

Sourcing Appealing Illustrations

Whimsical designs draw buyers. Find quality printable art through:

Stock Sites

Curate selections from large marketplaces like Adobe Stock, iStock, Shutterstock.

Artist Collaborations

Commission designers and illustrators to create exclusive custom art for packs.

Your Own Designs

Produce original drawings and hand-lettering if you have artistic abilities.

Public Domain

Leverage classics like botanical drawings and cultural images with expired copyrights.

Fonts and Icons

Incorporate decorative icon suites and display fonts into pages.

Design Subscription Sites

Use membership plans from services like Design Cuts and Creative Market for commercial prints.

Develop Cohesive Themes and Branding

Tie pages together into a unified experience:

Color Palettes

Use consistent color schemes across all pages and elements.

Repetitive Design Motifs

Integrate repeating visual themes like florals, geometric patterns and holiday motifs.

Custom Typography

Develop branded typography like hand lettering logo and titles used across pages.

Pack Mascots

Introduce original characters, critters or mascots that appear throughout.

Textures and Borders

Repeat design touches like wood grain, glitter, polka dots and borders to unify.

Style Tile Inspiration Boards

Curate visual style boards with colors, fonts and imagery encapsulating vibe.

Bundling Contents Strategically

Group printables to demonstrate wide utility justifying premium pricing:

Variety of Page Types

Include diverse templates – to-do lists, habit trackers, calendars, budget worksheets etc.

Months and Durations

Provide dated and 12-month pages so planners span full year.

Supplemental Stickers

Include decorative stickers for layering onto pages. Coordinate themes.

Bonus Extras

Add unique elements like recipe cards, shopping lists and DIY project planners as value boosters.

Alternate Sizes and Styles

Consider multiple planner sizes and page designs – hourly, vertical, horizontal etc.

Digital Delivery

Package as instantly downloadable PDFs rather than physical products requiring shipping.

Tiered Pricing and Upsell Opportunities

Entice buyers through smart bundling:

Good-Better-Best Packs

Offer entry level, mid-tier and premium planner bundles with ascending pricing based on value.

Bulk Discounts

Provide multi-quantity tiered pricing like 5 for $20, 10 for $35. Incentivizes larger purchases.

Premium Editions

Release deluxe limited editions with bonus materials, mock leather covers and keepsake packaging at higher price points.

Add-Ons and Accessories

Offer supplemental trackers, shopping lists etc as individual add-on purchases to core planner purchase.

Master Digital Files

Upsell editing access through additional purchase of layered master creative files.

Printed Copies

Sell professionally printed planners at premium pricing in addition to basic digital downloads.

Promoting Through Social Media

Market to passionate planner communities:

Optimize Hashtags

Leverage hashtags like #PlannerAddict #PlannerCommunity. Create branded hashtags.

Showcase Spreads

Share photos and videos flipping through planner interior pages.

Spotlight Reviews

Repost happy customer uses of your planners and testimonials.

Instagram and Pinterest

Show lifestyle scenes decorating planners and planning together.

Run targeted ads to customer personas during peak planner season.

Influencer Partnerships

Collaborate with planner influencers on custom designs for their followers.

Automating Instant Delivery

Streamline fulfillment through automation:

Digital Downloaders

Tools like SendOwl, FetchApp and Gumroad handle automated delivery of protected files upon purchase.

Shopping Carts

Platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce natively support instant digital fulfillment.

Membership Access

Let members access bundles directly from gated online account dashboards.

Licensing and Tracking

Integrate licenses and download limit tracking to protect IP.

Develop Evergreen and Complementary Releases

Keep revenue consistent year-round:

Undated Templates

Introduce planner templates and art without calendar dates for year-round sales.

Complementary Verticals

Expand into fitness trackers, finance bundles, meal planning kits etc. with crossover appeal to planners.

Everyday Add-Ons

Supplement seasonal planners with releases like grocery lists, habit trackers and DIY projects.

New Holiday Bundles

Develop special editions around occasions like back-to-school and holidays.

Avoiding Saturated Niches

Find unique niches to stand out:

Trend Analysis

Research planning items like vision boards surging in downloads and interest.

Customer Surveys

Ask followers what underserved needs they would buy printables around.

Competition Evaluation

Identify crowded planner styles with high competition and redundant designs.

Testing New Offerings

Release small test batches of niche planners to gauge demand before bigger production.


Bundled planning printable packs represent a lucrative opportunity for artists, designers and content creators. Curate pages aligned to your audience’s needs and interests. Tier and price offerings to balance perceived value. Promote intelligently and streamline delivery. Refresh content continuously to rise above competition. With the right combination of creative preparation and strategic commercialization, your planning printables can yield a consistent passive income stream.

FAQ: Printable Planning Packs: Tips for Bundling and Upselling


This guide provides strategies for creating and selling planning printable packs, focusing on selecting planner pages, sourcing illustrations, developing cohesive themes, strategic bundling, pricing, promoting, and automating delivery.

General Questions

Q1: What are planning packs?

A1: Planning packs are curated bundles of printable pages, stickers, guides, and more, designed to help users with planning and organizing various aspects of their lives.

Selecting Pages Based on Planning Interests

Q2: How do I choose planner pages for my audience?

A2: Align your planner page content with your target audience’s needs, such as:

  • Goal Setting: Vision boards, goal trackers.
  • Time Management: Schedules, to-do lists.
  • Health and Wellness: Mood trackers, fitness logs.
  • Personal Growth: Gratitude journals, affirmations.
  • Organization: Chore lists, bill trackers.
  • Travel: Itineraries, packing checklists.
  • Parenting: Routines, medical records.

Sourcing Appealing Illustrations

Q3: Where can I find quality illustrations for my planning packs?

A3: Source illustrations from:

  • Stock Sites: Adobe Stock, iStock, Shutterstock.
  • Artist Collaborations: Commission exclusive designs.
  • Your Own Designs: Create original artwork.
  • Public Domain: Use classic, expired copyright images.
  • Fonts and Icons: Incorporate decorative elements.
  • Design Subscription Sites: Use services like Design Cuts, Creative Market.

Developing Cohesive Themes and Branding

Q4: How can I create a cohesive theme for my planning packs?

A4: Develop a unified experience by:

  • Using consistent color palettes.
  • Integrating repetitive design motifs.
  • Developing custom typography.
  • Introducing mascots or characters.
  • Applying textures and borders consistently.
  • Curating style boards for visual inspiration.

Bundling Contents Strategically

Q5: How should I bundle my planning printables?

A5: Group content to demonstrate value by including:

  • A variety of page types (to-do lists, habit trackers).
  • Full-year dated and undated pages.
  • Coordinated stickers.
  • Bonus extras like recipe cards.
  • Multiple sizes and styles.
  • Digital delivery as instantly downloadable PDFs.

Tiered Pricing and Upsell Opportunities

Q6: How can I price and upsell my planning packs effectively?

A6: Use tiered pricing and upselling by:

  • Offering good-better-best packs.
  • Providing bulk discounts.
  • Creating premium editions with bonus materials.
  • Selling add-ons and accessories separately.
  • Offering master digital files for editing.
  • Selling printed copies at a premium.

Promoting Through Social Media

Q7: How can I promote my planning packs on social media?

A7: Market effectively by:

  • Optimizing hashtags (#PlannerAddict, #PlannerCommunity).
  • Showcasing planner spreads.
  • Spotlighting reviews and testimonials.
  • Using Instagram and Pinterest for visual content.
  • Running targeted ads during peak seasons.
  • Collaborating with planner influencers.

Automating Instant Delivery

Q8: How can I automate the delivery of my planning packs?

A8: Automate delivery using:

  • Digital download services like SendOwl, FetchApp, Gumroad.
  • Shopping cart platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce.
  • Membership access for direct bundle delivery.
  • Licensing and download limit tracking.

Developing Evergreen and Complementary Releases

Q9: How can I keep my planning packs relevant year-round?

A9: Maintain consistent revenue by:

  • Creating undated templates for year-round sales.
  • Expanding into complementary verticals (fitness, finance).
  • Releasing everyday add-ons (grocery lists, DIY projects).
  • Developing holiday-themed special editions.

Avoiding Saturated Niches

Q10: How can I stand out in the crowded market of planning printables?

A10: Find unique niches by:

  • Analyzing trends for surging interest items.
  • Conducting customer surveys for underserved needs.
  • Evaluating competition for crowded styles.
  • Testing small batches of niche planners to gauge demand.


Q11: What are the key strategies for success with planning printable packs?

A11: To succeed, curate pages based on audience needs, price and bundle strategically, promote effectively on social media, automate delivery, and continuously develop new content to stay ahead of competition.


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