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Top Fonts Every Designer Needs for Professional Projects


One of a designer’s most vital creative assets is their font library. Selecting the ideal fonts can make or break the success of visual branding and projects.

Building a collection of versatile, high-quality fonts ensures you always have the perfect typography for every client deliverable. This comprehensive guide covers must-have fonts and categories every professional designer should have in their toolbox.

We’ll explore:

  • Serif, sans serif, script, display and novelty font types
  • How to legally source professional desktop and web fonts
  • Essential classic and modern fonts for branding and advertising
  • Best text and display fonts for conveying key emotions and styles
  • Perfect pairings and font combinations for complementary fonts
  • Tips for exploring new unique fonts to try

With these go-to font recommendations in your library, you can tackle any visual design confidently and efficiently. Let’s dive in!

Serif Fonts

Serif fonts have decorative “feet” at the ends of strokes. They convey tradition and elegance.


Refined and readable. Conveys classical beauty. Nice for branding and lengthy text.


Stylish and bold serifs. Invokes high-end sophistication for headlines and branding.

Times New Roman

Crisp and functional. Optimized for body text and newspapers but flexible for broad uses.


Thin, spindly serifs with dramatic contrast. Sophisticated for fashion and luxury brands. Elegant headlines.


Eye-catching horizontal serifs and strong verticals. High visual impact for big statements in posters and branding.

Sans Serif Fonts

Sans serifs lack serifs and project a clean, neutral modernity.


The classic Swiss font conveying refined dependability. Clean and legible with endless applications.


Geometric circles in sturdy strokes. Efficient for headlines requiring clarity and directness.


Rectangular shapes. Crisp and slightly condensed. Offers many weights for versatility.


Friendly roundness in minimalist style. Smooth and highly legible for any use.


Early sans serif with personality. Slight quirk conveys stripped-down authenticity.

Script and Handwritten Fonts

Scripts mimic cursive handwriting for elegance and casual expressiveness.


Elaborate calligraphy. Ornate letterforms embellished with curls and swashes for a dramatic, antique effect.

Edwardian Script

Refined cursive lettering. Formal script suitable for event invitations, certificates, and logos seeking traditional flourish.

Great Vibes

Casual, bouncey thick strokes. Fun, loose script with natural flow for upbeat branding.


Simpler flowing script. Warm and relaxed for approachable, humanized communications.

Alex Brush

Thin, rough brush pen strokes. Gives offhand, hand-crafted vibe for artistic flair.

Display and Novelty Fonts

Display fonts grab attention. Novelty fonts inject personality.


Thick, bubbly squared-off glyphs. Playful for headings. Mainstay display font for ecommerce and branding.

Bebas Neue

All-caps, extended letterforms. Ultra bold and clear. Headline hero font to make statements and drive visual hierarchy.


Geometric yet softened sans serif alternative. Adds understated character to body text.


Round, uneven handwriting. Quirky imperfection for branding wanting to convey approachability and fun.

Luckiest Guy

Chunky pixelated digital style. Adds 8-bit retro video game character for online and tech contexts.

Text Font Pairings

Combine complementary fonts for well-balanced typography. Recommended text font pairings:

Serif + Sans Serif

Timeless elegance. Ex: Baskerville + Helvetica

Serif + Serif

Double down on sophistication. Ex: Garamond + Didot

Sans Serif + Sans Serif

Modern and neutral. Ex: Futura + Avenir

Display + Text

Eye-catching header + readable body. Ex: Lobster + Open Sans

Script + Sans Serif

Elegance with simplicity. Ex: Zapfino + Akzidenz Grotesk

Handwritten + Serif

Approachable and friendly. Ex: Sacramento + Garamond

Fonts for Conveying Brand Personality

Certain fonts optimally project desired feelings and brand traits. Some examples:

Timeless: Garamond

Sophisticated: Didot

Elegant: Baskerville

Stylish: Futura

Friendly: Avenir

Playful: Pacifico

Bold: Impact

Modern: Gotham

Vintage: Rockwell

Feminine: Missy

Masculine: Roboto Slab

Trustworthy: Tahoma

Fonts for Visual Impact

Leverage display fonts strategically for bold statements and hiearchy. Use creatively in:




Magazine Covers



Social Media Graphics


Welcome Signs

App Home Screens

Video Animation

Sourcing Fonts for Projects

Stock up through quality sources:

Adobe Fonts

All-you-can-eat font subscription service with thousands of choices.

Google Fonts

Open-source fonts optimized for web use. Huge free selection.

Creative Market

Curated selection of premium fonts for purchase from independent creators.


Marketplace to browse and purchase font families and packages.

Font Squirrel

Carefully curated directory of high-quality free fonts to download.


Identify any font from an image sample. Great for inspiration browsing.


The right fonts elevate branding, websites, advertisements, social posts, presentations and more to the next level. Build your designer font toolbox with the versatile go-to serif, sans serif, script, display and novelty picks outlined above. Combine complementary pairings. Shop top sources. With a professional font arsenal, you can confidently tackle any design project.

By Dani Davis

Dani Davis is the pen name of the writer of this blog with more 15 years of constant experience in Content marketing and informatics product, e-commerce niche.

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