Remote Consulting: Serving Clients Worldwide With Digital Products
Remote Consulting: Serving Clients Worldwide With Digital Products
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Remote Consulting: Serving Clients Worldwide With Digital Products


Location independence unlocks new opportunities for ambitious consultants. By leveraging digital products and virtual delivery, consultants gain flexibility to work when and where they want while serving clients across the globe.

This guide covers best practices for consultants to scale impact exponentially through online courses, coaching programs, ebooks, and other digital offerings. Let’s examine how to turn expertise into high-value products that attract clients and generate passive income remotely.

Benefits of Remote Consulting

Delivering consulting services virtually provides advantages including:

Flexible Lifestyle

With only a laptop and wifi needed, digital products enable consultants to work from anywhere with total autonomy. No commuting or fixed schedules.

Low Overhead Costs

Avoiding traditional office space and in-person expenses significantly reduces operating costs and maximizes profit margins.

Global Reach

Digital distribution allows serving customers worldwide rather than only a fixed geography. Tap into bigger market potential.

Passive Income Potential

Products like online courses deliver value 24/7. Make income while sleeping by monetizing knowledge.


Leverage automation and communities to multiply impact. Support more clients without proportional effort.

Higher Value Perception

Premium pricing applied to high quality digital content positions consultants as elite thought leaders.

Embracing virtual consulting maximizes lifestyle freedom while amplifying profitability.

Transitioning From In-Person to Digital

Evolve tactfully from analog to digital:

Start by Virtualizing Existing Services

Rather than entirely new offers, first adapt proven in-person workshops, coaching and other services for online delivery.

Bundle Physical Products

Package digital downloadables like templates, guides and assessments with ongoing live coaching for hybrid value.

Film Service Delivery

Get testimonials and footage delivering consulting that becomes marketing material for digital products promising similar results.

Repurpose Proven Approaches

Reformat successful in-person presentations, frameworks, and methodologies into online versions like video courses.

Provide Online Community

Compensate for lost in-person interactions via community options like exclusive social groups and direct message access.

Focus on Niche Audiences

Initially transition established clients to digital rather than attempting mass market appeal. Deliver familiar value.

Price Premium

Charge higher rates for digital services than in-person to account for increased overhead before. High value perceptions improve conversion.

Take time acclimating audiences while demonstrating consistent value across mediums.

crafting Compelling Digital Products

Whether online courses, coaching or info products, maximize perceived value:

Solve Costly Problems

Identify expensive, frustrating problems your niche faces then position digital products as the solution. Alleviate pains.

Explain Benefits Clearly

Don’t rely on vague, generic descriptions. Quantify tangible outcomes and ROI gained in concrete business terms.

Show Confidence

Back claims with guarantees, assessments, and credibility indicators (testimonials, credentials) that demonstrate certainty in delivering value.

Invest in High Quality

Hire pros to polish graphic design, sales copywriting, and production value. Initial investments pay off in perceived expertise.

Structure for Simplicity

Cut complexity. Guide users on a clear, logical path through content and interface. Steer clear of information overload.

Apply Scarcity

Limit product access through countdown timers, enrollment periods, or caps on customers to prompt action. Exclusivity builds desire.

Premium digital products command premium pricing when positioned strategically.

Optimizing Online Course monetization

Online courses provide scalable income through thoughtful optimization:

Outline the Transformation

Map out the complete learner’s journey from where they are now through mastery gained by course end. This scaffolds coaching.

Blend Learning Formats

Combine lessons, exercises, assessments, video, audio, digital downloads and community interactions for varied, stimulating delivery.

Release Modules Over Time

Rather than all upfront, drip feed course content across weeks to maintain student engagement and upsell coaching for answers between releases.

Make it Interactive

Insert knowledge checks, office hours, discussion forums, peer learning, and gamification to apply concepts. Boost retention.

Gather Testimonials

Show video testimonials detailing tangible outcomes past students achieved to build credibility. Strong social proof sells.

Upsell Coaching Packages

Offer personal coaching standalone or bundled with courses for hands-on support. One-on-one guidance boosts results.

Provide Payment Plans

Allow payment installments to lower initial barrier. Though overall paid stays equal, easier onboarding increases conversions.

Optimized digital curriculum combines education with community for true transformation.

Maximizing Coaching Program Value

For both individual and group coaching:

Outline a Clear Transformation Journey

Plot coaching as a journey from current challenges to mastery of tactics and mindsets that overcome those struggles.

Blend Self-Paced Content with Live Coaching

Allow clients to absorb foundational knowledge through pre-recorded content at their own pace, then apply learnings in live coaching sessions.

Structure Coaching Sessions

Ensure each session builds skills and accountability. End with recaps and prescribed actions until next meeting. Maintain progress between meetings.

Personalize Support

Get to know each client individually so coaching can be tailored to their unique situation, challenges and capabilities.

Provide Client Portal

Offer exclusive portal with resources, worksheets, Q&A forums. Give ongoing value beyond sessions.

Offer Different Coaching Tiers

Provide packages based on budget, group size, frequency, individual/team focus etc. Appeal to diverse needs.

Share Client Wins

With permission, feature client case studies and testimonials showcasing measurable progress made through coaching. Build credibility.

Coaching expands profits while forging lasting client bonds when structured for value.

Selling Informational Products

In addition to coaching and courses, informational products like eBooks, templates, downloadables and guides extend revenue opportunities:

Solve Pressing Problems

Target products to address costly issues or obstacles your audience currently faces. Position product benefits as the antidote.

Look Professional Yet Personable

Hire designers to craft covers, layouts and graphics that feel approachable yet visually polished. Quality design signifies premium value.

Structure Content Strategically

Frontload value by leading with most compelling insights. Sequence content for progressive revelation. End by summarizing key takeaways.

Make it Actionable

Include exercises, worksheets, checklists and other tactical tools readers can immediately apply. Boost perceptions of value.

Gate With Offers

Offer initial chapters free in exchange for opt-ins before presenting full product sales pitch. Gives a preview.

Insert Instructional Videos

Consider blending written instructions with embedded videos for key sections that benefit from demonstration. Multimedia strengthens retention.

Provide Downloads and Bonuses

Reinforce the value with downloadable slides, worksheets, spreadsheets and other supplements. Bonuses improve perceived program scope.

Informational products make money while you sleep by delivering value at scale 24/7.

Automating and Outsourcing

Leverage automation and delegation to minimize work required:

Simplify Payment Processing

Integrate payment systems like Stripe to instantly charge credit cards upon purchase and automatically deliver digital products without manual intervention.

Automate Onboarding

Use services like Infusionsoft, Drip or ConvertKit to automatically welcome new purchasers and send formatted onboarding checklists or course content dripped via triggers.

Streamline Community Management

For discussion forums and private groups, appoint community moderators and leverage delegated community management through tools like Hivebrite.

Outsource Customer Support

Hire remote virtual assistants through services like Upwork or Fiverr to handle customer emails, moderating comments and other support tasks as volume grows.

Automate Emails

Use marketing automation platforms to construct emails that deploy automatically based on triggers like purchases, course progress, abandoned carts etc.

Provide Self-Service Options

Build FAQ knowledge bases, tutorials, peer-to-peer community support to cover frequent questions and issues without direct services.

Targeted automation assists in multiplying impact exponentially while decreasing client acquisition costs.

Market Consulting Products Remotely

Get creative promoting digital services worldwide:

Optimize SEO

Research keywords prospects search for when looking for coaching and services in your niche. Optimizing pages and content for those keywords draws organic traffic.

Build Referral Programs

Satisfied past customers become excellent brand advocates who organically recommend your services. Create rewards and bonuses to incentivize referrals.

Target LinkedIn ads by profession, seniority, industry etc. for laser-focused reach to prospects actively on the platform.

Guest on Industry Podcasts

Reach new audiences by securing interviews on niche podcasts and web shows as subject matter experts. Convert listeners into clients.

Present on Livestreams or Webinars

Broadcast free presentations on your expertise through platforms like Facebook Live, Periscope, or hosted webinars. Offer limited promotional deals.

Write Guest Blog Posts

Contribute free, value-adding guest articles on reputable industry blogs read by your target audience. Include bio with link back.

Run Retargeting Ad Campaigns

Remarket to visitors who left your website through ads across social media and content networks to re-engage them.

With so many digital channels, innovating ongoing acquisition strategies is key, even without in-person events.

Pricing Digital Products

Factors for optimizing consulting product pricing include:

  • Perceived Value – Is exclusivity emphasized? How deeply does product satisfy needs?
  • Uniqueness – Are clear differentiators compared to competitors highlighted? Proprietary methods?
  • Customer Budgets – Research target customer willingness and ability to pay for value received.
  • Competitor Rates – How are comparable digital offerings in the niche priced?
  • Product Costs – Consider total overhead to calculate pricing minimum. Factor in develop + delivery costs.
  • Marketing Reach – Account for customer acquisition costs through channels used and conversion rates.
  • Profit Margin Goals – Determine markup required to achieve revenue goals. Expand margins through automation over time.
  • Customer Lifetime Value – Recurring products earn more long-term. Account for repeat purchases and referrals.

Pricing psychology also impacts perceived value. Avoid prices ending in 9. Set tiers ending in 7 or 0. Place volume discounts at psychological price points.

Premium digital products command premium value pricing when positioned strategically.

Measuring Consulting Results

Key metrics to quantify success include:

Product Sales

Track gross sales volumes, conversions rates, average order values and customer lifetime values. Optimize funnels based on data.

Client Satisfaction

Send post-engagement surveys and review sites to solicit product ratings and client feedback for future improvements.

Passive Income

Calculate total earnings from assets that deliver value without real-time involvement like courses. These demonstrate ROI on development time.

Client Success

Feature client case studies showing concrete before and after outcomes achieved through services. Prove you deliver results.

Traffic and Leads

Measure site visitors, email opt-ins and inbound queries to assess lead generation performance. Shows marketing traction.

Automation Cost Savings

Add up reductions in human hours required through automation and delegation. Highlights productivity benefits.

Time Freedom

Subjectively track how liberating the lifestyle feels long-term. Remember money maximizes autonomy to focus time on what matters.

Quantifying consulting success across metrics keeps strategies aligned to overarching business and lifestyle goals.


Transitioning consulting services to digital delivery unlocks exponential impact and lifestyle freedom while building assets earning income perpetually.

By crafting optimized online courses, coaching programs, and informational products then automating processes, consultants serve more clients in one month than previously served in a year or more. Digital consulting expands your influence while bringing joy of serving others on your own terms.

FAQ for “Remote Consulting: Serving Clients Worldwide With Digital Products”

1. What are the benefits of remote consulting with digital products?
Remote consulting with digital products offers benefits such as flexible lifestyle, low overhead costs, global reach, passive income potential, scalability, and higher value perception.

2. How can I transition from in-person to digital consulting?
You can transition from in-person to digital consulting by virtualizing existing services, bundling physical products, filming service delivery for marketing, repurposing successful approaches into online versions, providing online community, focusing on niche audiences, and pricing premium for digital services.

3. What are some tips for crafting compelling digital products?
Tips for crafting compelling digital products include solving costly problems, explaining benefits clearly with quantifiable outcomes, showing confidence with guarantees and credibility indicators, investing in high quality production, structuring for simplicity, applying scarcity to prompt action, and pricing strategically for premium value perception.

4. How can I optimize monetization of online courses?
You can optimize monetization of online courses by outlining the transformation journey, blending learning formats, releasing modules over time, making it interactive with knowledge checks and discussions, gathering testimonials, upselling coaching packages, providing payment plans, and combining education with community for true transformation.

5. What strategies can I use to market consulting products remotely?
Strategies to market consulting products remotely include optimizing SEO, building referral programs, advertising on LinkedIn, guesting on industry podcasts, presenting on livestreams or webinars, writing guest blog posts, running retargeting ad campaigns, and innovating ongoing acquisition strategies across digital channels.

6. How should I price digital consulting products?
Factors for optimizing pricing of digital consulting products include perceived value, uniqueness, customer budgets, competitor rates, product costs, marketing reach, profit margin goals, and customer lifetime value. Pricing psychology also impacts perceived value, such as avoiding prices ending in 9 and setting tiers at psychological price points.

7. What metrics should I measure to quantify consulting results?
Key metrics to quantify consulting results include product sales, client satisfaction, passive income, client success, traffic and leads, automation cost savings, and time freedom. Tracking these metrics helps align strategies with overarching business and lifestyle goals.


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